YBN Nahmir “Rubbin Off The Paint” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

At the end of the day it’s all about making
money, you feel me? Like if you got the opportunity to do something
with your life and instead of still being in the field 24/7, gotta worry about who looking
for you, gotta have a gun 24/7. What’s the point of doing that if you could
skip states and make some money? I was just searching for beats on YouTube
and I found it and I went crazy. I put everything that was going on in my life
in that song. You can’t compare it to shit like it’s
authentic. I got my own type of sound. If you listen to it you gon’ fuck with it. And if you say you don’t fuck with it, then
I don’t know you probably lying. I ain’t have hunnids on my neck right then. Like, you feel me? Diamonds on my neck. But I wanted it. I always had Trues. And True Religion like my favorite brand. My brother had just got locked up on a gun
charge so that’s why I was like “Free Lil’ Tay/Know he keep a ‘K/but he not Tay-K”
and Tay-K was poppin’ at the time so I was like, “They probably gon’ think I’m
talkin ‘bout Tay-K.” In Birmingham they call it “yiggies.” I think in Oakland or somewhere they call
it “yickies.” It’s a baby with a gun, like a lil’ nigga with
a gun. The twins I used to be cool with, well I’m
cool with but they locked up now. They name Corey and Lil’ Christian so you,
get it throwin’ C’s like they crippin’ ‘cause they names start with C’s. Like mostly everybody that seen the song first
thought I was Crip. “One up top” mean like, one in the chamber. You feel me? Like a bullet always in the head. You know Mozzy made that “New Era King.” That shit was hard. He was like, “we don’t do no boxing we gon’
one up top him.” So, you feel me? I was like that nigga Mozzy keep one up top
so I said I keep one up top too. Like I was talking about it at school the
day before I wrote the song. And they was just talking about, “Nick you
need to watch ‘Rick and Morty.’” I’m like nah I ain’t finna watch that shit. But then, I don’t know what happened. I was just feeling it. I was like, “Cookin’ up in the lab like
I’m Rick and Morty” ‘cause I seen it. Valley one of my homies that passed away. He had a bad heart so, yeah he had a heart
attack and he died in his sleep. That was one of my close friends. Everybody know I got hands. Like I ain’t never…well I lost a fight
when I was younger but niggas know not to fight me right now. I will really beat a nigga ass. Why would I fight with you if I just bought
a gun my nigga like, be forreal. You feel me? I’ll beat yo’ ass but if I’m feeling
good I’ma probably just shoot you in yo’ shit. You feel me? A long time ago, when I was younger police
used to always be at my crib ‘cause of my stepdad. It was like a good 10 cars out in front of
my driveway so they just almost arrested everybody. So I was like, “Police always at my fuckin’


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