Workbench Quickie – Alclad II Klear Kotes

Hey guys, this is Jim and
while I wait for my top coat to dry on some of my pieces, I thought I
just make a “Quickie” video Now I wanted to introduce the line
of Alclad lacquer Klear Kotes I just tested out the Flat and
it is pretty good so I’ll show you the final results
later on RX-78-2 ver Ka. This is the entire line of Alclad
Klear Kote lacquers You have your Gloss Klear Kote Light Sheen Semi-Matte Matte and Flat so you have quite a variety of Klear Kotes These bottles right here, very handy,
you just load them in your airbrush and you’re good to go, there’s
no de-canting or anything so that’s pretty cool So you might ask, ok, what’s the
difference between Light Sheen and Semi-Matte? or what’s the difference between Matte and Flat? Well actually is, I guess, the “flatness” or
“shininess” of the finish and from shiny to flat, I put them in order so The glossier are the Gloss and
the flatter are the Flat Flat is flatter than Matte Matte is flatter than Semi-Matte and Light Sheen is glossier than Semi-Matte and the glossiest is of course, the Gloss Now, another way you can tell is by looking
at the amount of flat material that they add to these Klear Kotes If you can look at the level of flattening
material, it gradually goes up so this one is glossier than this one and you look at the Alclad Klear Kote Flat,
it has the highest amount of flatting agent than the Matte, and then the Matte has a
little bit more than the Semi-Matte Semi-Matte has a little bit
more than Light Sheen and Gloss does not have any at all So there you go, that’s pretty much what I
wanted to show you in this “Quickie” and I hope to test these out and get some different finishes I’ll mostly use Gloss Kote for stuff like
before decals and before doing panel lining and I’ll do Flat for most of my final (coat) But I will use these from time to time to
give a little bit of variety to my finish Thank you guys for watching and I’ll talk to you soon, bye!


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