Wisteria Willow Tree Q Tip Painting Technique for BEGINNERS EASY Acrylic Painting

[Opening music] I’m the Art Sherpa, and I wanna show you how you can paint this with just a few Q-tips So get those ear buds, meet me back at the easel, and let’s get started This is a nine by twelve canvas board its pre-gessoed, you dont need to do another thing to start painting on this We have Phthalo Blue, Dioxazine Purple Quinacridone Magenta, Titanium White, Cad Yellow Medium, and some Black I have bunches of Q-tips in different sizes of bunches that are tied together with hair rubber bands, and a few loose ones. Brushes for acrylic painting, jars of water Let’s get started laying in the background. I’m gonna grab my big brush here, this is a number 30 bright, really you’re looking for a brush that’s bigger than one inch wide and is made for acrylic paint, with a firm filament. I’m gonna get it wet, I’m gonna drag off the extra water, ’cause I don’t want it to be sopping wet, and I’m gonna come get just a smidge of white and yellow and I’m gonna make a beam of sunlight coming in off-center so if this is the center of the canvas, just a little bit to the left pull it down. Let it be streaky. This is a special beam of sunlight. And you’re a special beam of sunlight [laughing], so have some fun doing this. Let it be streaky and when you have a nice wide band of that you can come over and grab a little of your blue paint I don’t actually take out the yellow because I like a bit of an aqua tone to my sky I’m gonna pull some white into the brush you can see that on either side and I’m going to just start… going up and down letting this light filter through the leaves that are going to be there. Just brushing that in. I might grab a little more water dip the brush, drag off the extra pull out the blue pull out the white and keep going. What’s nice is that you can be very relaxed about this You just wanna make sure that your lines are vertical and that you’re covering this background canvas with paint. I’m going to even get a little darker right here and paint this outer edge here. By doing this I’ve created a little drama in the center. I’m gonna bring some of my blue over the yellow ’cause I want it to just be a light beam of light. Not too obvious, something mellow. A little yellow a little blue [shew shew shew] There we go. Water if you need it for flow Come right here There you go Just painting that all in This is so easy. Alright. A little bit of white Make sure you’re keeping that light happening right here in the center and we are almost done with our background. You take it ’til you’re really happy with it “Til you’re feeling good and like its streaky-like coming down When my canvas is completely dry I’m going to start laying in the background leaves and flowers that are draping down. With my Q-tips bundled together this is a medium-sized bunch It looks like I’ve got about six in this bunch So I’m gonna come over hereand I’m gonna pull a little of my Dioxazine Purple [shew shew shew shew] See, I’ts loaded on there like that And a little of my Phthalo Blue [shew shew shew] Pretty dark, this whole bit, right? And I’m going to come back here And I’m going to be tapping this down And what I like to do is kind of plan to make some looong distant tendrils these come back here I’m gonna take this past the halfway point a little bit but not all the way down I need to leave room for the ground and everything that I’m going to be painting in I’ll be getting this. On occasion, if you want to create a little drama you can add a smidge, but you don’t wanna add too much white. Lets go along and make sure we have a nice little draping background Just dabbing them in. The Q-tips are doing all the work. Let’s take this one and let’s make this one shorter than its friend and then you can fill that all in There’s a lot of layers on here so just take advantage of that Enjoy this. If you need a little white, grab it. I’m gonna grab a little blue here A little more purple come here just dabbing these It’s a lot of fun. I love doing this. Anyone can do this, you can do this. Now let’s take this one and let’s go longer again Now maybe this one’s going to be a little wide coming up like this Now let’s fill that all in… See? With our paint. When I need to change up my patterns I can spin my Q-tips, it’s not that hard They’re a really fun tool Alright I like that Maybe a little more purple Come a little bit higher Back here Come down maybe over here And then it could be like, “Oh no, no, I’m gonna come down here.” And so when I’m not sure I can just go light and then when I’m like “Oh, yeah, I like that,” just come back up. Come back up. I used a little more white on that one so it’s a little brighter over here Get some more purple. Take this tendril way down. Gonna take it way down. Way down. And when I get down to the end of the tendrils I like to go lighter as if they’re disappearing so even though I’m painting Q-tips I’m having fun and I’m thinking about my art in that way and that’s super enjoyable. Come in here Then okay we have one maybe medium length one back there Fill in the whole space with this dark color and that’s gonna help your brighter colors of your tree when they pop forward. It’ll help a lot. All the way to the top of the canvas I’m holding mine to steady it because I’m on the easel so if you’re on a table easel you might need to do that Just dabbing that in, isn’t that fun I grab a little white on occasion Gives me a little color drama in my tree makes it kind of fun. Here’s some more purple Just enjoying this Look at that, just painting this beautiful pattern We’re almost done. Please notice, I’m not worried that little bits of the background canvas are showing through. That’s not concerning me. So that’s dry, and I can start putting in where my tree is going to be growing up out of the earth up into these beautiful flowering branches You’re going to have so much fun doing this Follow along with me, you’re gonna love the result. So I’m going to grab This is actually a number six bright but what you’re just looking for is a small square brush that you have control over. This is for acrylic painting and I’m gonna do a very easy thing. I’m gonna put in a little mass of land. Just a little bit. I’m gonna come about a quarter of an inch up from the side I’m gonna make a soft arc. I try not to make anything too symmetrical, but really honestly just have fun with it And so that’s gonna be the big mass And I’m going to just paint that in all black ‘Cause this is in shadow right Just painting it all in not worrying about it just paint it all in All the detail’s gonna be super easy to put in once we have this in. Alright now we have some land for our tree to grow out of the hard part’s all done I’m gonna take my number 4 round here I’m gonna go ahead and get it a little bit wet but drag off the extra water I’m going to load up my brush with a little bit of my black paint If you’re very nervous about painting with black paint right on a canvas remember that you can always use kids’ chalk to sketch in your idea because it can be erased with just a little bit of a damp cloth but I’m pretty confident in this I’ve been painting a while and so I’m going to put in my little tree trunk. aned I feel like he’s gotta be like crookedy See this crazy line I’m making? and he’s gonna go wind here and then maybe a strong branch up here Now I know where that is I know that he’s old, so he’s going to be thick at the bottom Old trees are thick at the bottom So I’m gonna bring this up here and I’m gonna join off in the branches here Just paint that all in black. Just tell a beautiful crookedy old ancient story in black Super easy So once I have that in like that he needs to have another little branch holding up this side so see this bend here and up there I’m going to come right there to that bend and I’m going to grow a crookedy little branch up that way It’s believable that can hold some stuff, isn’t it? And I want that branch to be thick where it is at the trunk and get thinner as it goes out up into the flowers I’m just using the round of my brush to determine all of that just joining that in and then a little branch wandering here and maybe these are little fun branches that can be coming out and I feel like it’d be fun to have a third little branch going up so I’m gonna come up here and wander one that way ’cause it makes me happy some of this may go away under my painting so im going to give a nice interesting little branch that maybe ventured away from the main tree just using the round of my brush to make that happen Try to make it interesting. That’s interesting. Alright. Now I’m gonna make some little grasses. and that’s just gonna be just dancing the edge of this little round brush. Look how that just makes grass. I’m not even really doing anything. See? I just, on the edge of the brush, look. and what i’m gonna do is I’m gonna make sure that Maybe some of these will be longer some of them will be shorter …blow wind through them, have fun with it. These are unruly hardy little grasses growing under a tree, aren’t they? So just have fun with it. Thicken them where you feel like, let little areas for mice and stuff to run through Have fun It’s your world. Your canvas. Just on the edge. This is just real soft on the edge of this If I pressed real hard I would get a big line like that but by going light It makes that super light brush stroke and that is really easy for me and I want to put some character in the trunk so I’m gonna get a little bit of my white from over here just right on the edge and I’m gonna imagine that this bark is twisted and… see that? Look at that, twisting old ancient tree. Just a little bit of highlight on there. It doesn’t take a lot just have a little bit of fun. Ya know? Little bit of that. Just enjoy aging up your little tree Okay. That’s super fun But now, we get to get back into more Q-tips, which is the best part of this so let’s get our Q-tips I’ve got a couple small bunches here I’m gonna make sure you know, that they’re all lined up and ready to make some interesting little patterns and this one is gonna be more in my pinks maybe my purples, a little purple and a lot of my white Then I’m going to come here at the top And I’m going to make this forward facing layer. Oh, look at that. That’s so pretty. …A little pink. Now maybe this tendril comes down between these first two See? Look at that. It’s layers. Maybe there’s a little bit that is wandering down here. Over the first or like that Now, I get purple and pink Purple and the magenta So maybe that’s a little dark but then that’s coming in the dark red. Get some white If you get any of the black in it like I just did I would definitely change out your Q-tips a little bit I’m gonna switch to this Q-tip because I don’t want any black in my flowers Stuff happens when you’re painting don’t stress on it. That’s why I like to put out several bunches of Q-tips so if I have a problem I don’t feel like I’m stuck persevering if it isn’t going to be how I want it to be Now, I want another couple little tendrils happening here bring one down here. We want it to be more pink so let’s grab some more pink. It’s fun, isn’t this a beautiful little tree? Just putting little patterns down just like what you did there Hanging down, coming down If you feel like you need some pink, grab some pink Just trying not to make all the same lengths and lines and trying to make interesting patterns Have some these be just dark and mysterious Flip your Q-tips over if you’re having trouble on one end you can always switch to the other side That’s what’s interesting, these are a two-edged tool See that? That’s when you might get a painty hand but that’s how you know you arted. Let’s come down here maybe with this line …Adventurous. Fun bits of Ah, what a beautiful tree. We’re almost done. Grab purple there and make a little shadow A little white, so you just have highlights and shadows And that’s what’s super fun And now You can get an individual Q-tip and put a little paint on there and if there’s anywhere that you felt that you wanted to help define or make more interesting you can use a single Q-tip to do that This is interesting, I got a little paint on my hand, that happens. Maybe that happens to you. I always like to post pictures of my hands after I work. a little white here and just… make it more interesting how you want to be how you’re excited It’s all you gotta do You have a lot of creative control here even though it’s Q-tips. That was so much fun, thank you for your time, I love sharing this with you If you had fun on this project, be sure and hit that subscribe button, comment below and tell me what you thought I wanna see you at some of my other tutorials Be good to yourselves, be good to others, and see you at the easel really soon.


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