Winter Elf Makeup Tutorial

Hi everyone, my name is Ema Problema and today
we are going to create a Winter Elf! I don’t know about your winter, but Winter
in Lithuania is just sad. We have nearly no snow, and it’s actually
way warmer than it should be, as it used to drop to minus 20 degrees here during winter! But I still wanted to create something cold
and winter like. By the way – HAPPY NEW YEAR! Okay so today I’m going to share all the tips
about the products and techniques I’ve used to create this look. So I’m starting off from priming my lids with
Inglot eyeshadow keeper. If you want your eyeshadows to last you should
probably NOT skip this step. Also because I’m over the top I didn’t just
stop with just a primer. I wanted all the colours to be very clear
to see, so I mixed maybelline fit me concealer with white NYX SFX cream base, because the
concealer itself wasnt white enough, and white base is super important, because I’m going
to be using blue eyeshadows which can be pain to use if you accidentally mix it with other
colors. So first of all I’m picking my Weekend festival
palette by BH Cosmetics, it has this absolutely gorgeous shade called spirit, which is this
whitish/blueish duochrome and works out amazingly as a browbone and inner corner highlight. In general I love this palette. Then I’m picking up my Morphe 35N palette,
which I only used for the grey transition shade this time, just because all the warm
shades would mess up the blue yet again. And I’m probably one of the kind, but I really
don’t understand the hype of morphe eyeshadows. I really don’t like this palette, pretty much
never use it. Pls no hate
And for the blue I’m heading back to Weekend festival palette and just blending blending
and once again blending! I’m taking this blue outwards, and it doesnt
really matter how the base looks like at first, because mine looks like a hot mess, as you
can see. Now I’m taking this neon pigment that I got
myself from AliExpress, actually a lot of things I used for this look are from AliExpress,
I’m going to link everything in my description box! And with this blue pigment I’m just darkening
my outter corner. It does have a little bit of fallout, but
I’m not worried as I started to do my makeup from my eyes. All of you who start doing makeup from your
face I don’t know if I should be scared of you or like worship you
Like dude HOW? And now the most important part is to create
a perfect cut crease. For that you must have a clean base. So I’m cleaning all the eyeshadows off so
that it wouldnt mix with the white base that I want to apply, because I want my cut crease
to be SUPER white. Then I’m picking this white shimmery shade
from Revolution Makeup love conquers all palette that I totally got for free some time ago
and applying it all over my new crease to set it and make it pop even more. And then with a blue eyeshadow and a detail
brush, because we do want to be very precise, I’m fixing all areas that clumsily got glitter
on. So finally, when I’m already out of breath
doing this voiceover, we finished ONE EYE, WoOo! and finally can clean all the fallouts
and start working on the lower lid. For that I wanted to have white base yet again,
so I mixed my white nyx sfx base with smashbox primer, and I’m going to explain why in just
a second. But now I want to share this tip of how great
this base is to sort of make a sketch on your face. You don’t need any pencils or anything, you
can just create a shadow of what you imagine in your head if you see things, or hear them,
in your head like I do, you know, and see how it looks like beforehand. If you don’t like it – just blend it out and
you’ll be good to start over. I wish it would be that easy to start things
over in real life… saad So when I started to think of this elf in
my head I saw only colors, which were pink and blue. I knew that I want these two colours to go
together really nicely, and just blend into each other. So that’s what I did on my lower lid. I smoked out the pink, smoked out the blue,
and blended the blue into the pink, and pink into the blue. Once we’re done with eyes we shall head to
brows. As I have quite dark brow hair first of all
I needed to whiten them, so I’m picking the same white base and brushing it into my brows
with a spoolie and only then start filling it in with colour. Also it’s the first time that I used this
NYX can’t stop won’t stop pink brow kit, and I can say that it totally doesn’t work on
my dark brows. It nearly did nothing, but you can kind of
see it on a white base. Still not so much. Then I picked the same blue pigment for the
beginning my brows, and then, before heading any further, I decided to shape them. And only then I continued with my brows, don’t
ask me why I did it, I don’t know lol So I got these three liners from aliexpress,
and that’s the main thing I used on my brows. These liners are like super glue, you will
take them off only with some sort of oils and a bit of rubbing. Maybe a lot of rubbing. You could use these as a brow wax, I swear,
it works really well. From the allergic reactions perspective – I
didn’t notice any weird effect on me, but it does have a veeery strong smell, like veeery. So people who are sensitive to any perfume
in makeup – this is not for you guys. Okay, so now let’s go back to the part of
why I was mixing white base with a primer, and actually I added moisturiser as well as
I will use this mixture on my entire face, not just underneath my eyes. And I do this just because NYX bases don’t
really work out nicely without any foundation underneath it. And primers aren’t enough. So that’s why I’m creating something similar
to foundation. I can’t use actual foundation just because
my face wouldnt be as white anymore, as the colours would mix, right? So that’s why I’m sort of prepping my face
with this mixture, applying everything with a nyx sponge for more even finish, and only
then heading to a brush and applying an actual layer of that base. This will make the base look so much more
even, because these nyx bases can be quite tough on your skin, especially if your skin
is dehydrated AF just like mine. Also – don’t forget your ears, even if it’s
not going to be very visible, don’t forget them! So now as we’re done with the base we must
set it, because the plan is to blend dry eyeshadows on top of this base. So the base must be super dry for eyeshadows
not to stick anywhere and not to become patchy. Unless you want to be a patchy Elf. I don’t, so That’s why I’m taking this kinda
transparent Revolution Bake And Finish powder, uuuh, which does lighten your face a little
bit and I’m applying quiiite a bit of it, being generous here, we want those eyeshadows
to blend out perfectly! I’m obviously using the same colour combo
for my contour and the blush. Starting of from a lighter blue just to mark
myself the territory.. Khm, marking territory sounds like I’m about
to pee on my face. In blue. From a brush. Yeah, let’s keep going.. And only when I’m sure that I’m not going
to mess anything up I pee in darker blue.. Wait wat? I also contoured my forehead, the other side
of my face, of course, and nose, which I think I messed up, I didn’t really like how it turned
out in the end. But what I can tell you – the best way to
soften any harsh lines you created with eyeshadows or with just a casual dry contour is picking
up some powder and applying it on those areas that you want to fix, and just blend out for
a bit. For my lips I created this ombre effect, and
I made them a bit shorter than they actually are, so that they would look a bit rounder
and fuller. I used NYX matte lip liner in colour little
denim dress, and some random pink pencil I can’t even recall. Sorreh. And now let’s finally head to the accessories
which actually are what ties this whole look together. So I’m starting with falsies, which I painted,
because I guess you agree with me that black falsies wouldn’t look good here. These falsies are from AliExpress, I buy all
of my falsies from there, so I’m not even worried of ruining them because they were
that cheap. And I painted them with the same liners I
used on my brows, that also works like super glue so here you can watch me struggling to
put the painted falsies on my eye. Lovely. HAIR TIME! I have this wig from AliExpress which cost
me coins, I even made a video about wigs from aliexpress if you’re interested, if you’re
not I fully get ya and just a reminder that all the links will be in the description box. It’s quite a heavy wig, so it’s sometimes
hard to deal with it, but looks very elf-ish like. Elfish sounds like selfish. Yeah so now we have to finish every other
visible parts of our bodies, because otherwise it’ll look very funny, and I know I am funny,
but even I don’t go this far. So I’m just creating this shimmery frosty
effect using silver NYX SFX base, which blends out amazingly juuust using fingers, though
it is quite messy. And then I’m just using some shimmery blue
eyeshadows and blending them in with my fingers, like I noticed how many things I’m blending
out with fingers, but it works! Also add some shimmery whites and blues again
with a brush using NYX love you so mochi palette. And now let’s head to the very casual everyday
highlight – some pearls. Which are also from AliExpress. I’m cheap. Can you blame me? They are so beautiful though, so shiny and
changes colour depending on light and angle. And they go so well with this look because
the colors of these pearls are blue-ish, pink-ish white. And I didn’t even plan this look when I ordered
these pearls! Just thought they look pretty. And these elf ears are also from AliExpress,
I just painted them in white and put them on. But they don’t look good if they’re not hidden
with a lot of hair, so keep that in mind. And finally, the last thing I could think
of – white, icy eyes to really give a sense of something cold. These lenses are also from aliexpress and
I swear to God, I saw nothing with them, and it was a super dfficult task to take a picture
of myself as I do everything all alone, so in many pictures all you could see is only
half of my face. But I got a few good ones. Thank you so much for watching, I hope you
are enjoying your Winter, and your holidays went great. Find me on instagram, I upload more interesting
looks there, and in general I’m more active in instagram than here. If you think that this makeup does look winter
press like aaand see you soon! ByEeEeEEEeeeee


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