Why your graphic design sucks! A funny video tutorial for students.

WARNING this video contains potentially
offensive material; not really… however overly sensitive people should NOT watch! As this video is probably too cool for you. However haters are always welcome though… Yes I did it in the time I needed to ! 😛 What’s going on it’s Liam Zed The
Designer. And you’re watching this is why your design sucks! So on today’s this is why your
design sucks I’m gonna go over book covers. If you’re a graphic designer and
illustrator you probably designed a book cover before; and you’re probably in the
design lab again. So it’s good to know what to avoid. (gagging sound) OH my god. This first one is so bad it’s actually making me want to puke. Oh my god ok I’m good now.
So this first one I don’t know what they did it… looks like the Photoshop a girl from a
porno video and took some dog and was like you know and said lets make a book
cover out of this. Use stock photography much. You know what I almost see some guy being… like you know some desperate art director being like I
need to get laid. I’m gonna hire a hot model and find a weird ass husky and be like hey you wanna do a book cover, and suck my D. (chuckles) Just terrible I mean let’s just
take a look at the colors here for a second. I mean like first of all right
and yes I’m wearing one of Don Cherry’s lesser you suits got a bunch of them
you’re going to see more of them as these videos go along to get ready for
that. So first of all I mean look at this background like this purple magenta
background with the clouds and everything like that. One you’re not
gonna take that design seriously I mean like if i saw this on a bookshelf it in
the garbage, and the tag line which they have above the title. I don’t know who
was a tagline above the brand you’re trying to do is try to represent but
that’s just stupid. The tag line is white and you can’t even read it. Cause half of it is like in
the moon, so I mean and they have like yellow letters which I’m assuming to grab your attention. But have so much drop shadow behind here comes again not good. Bad design just gets me wanting to puke. But I mean
come on man. Like this is garbage… this is just garbage! I would want to
meet the designer and say you should quit. you quit your job. As you suck so bad.
This next design that we got going on bad wolf; is actually is pretty well put
together. Like from a design ” standpoint” you’re probably wondering
well than. Why is it bad design? Because it is so overwhelmingly cliche! It is so overwhelmingly cliche. That I would love
to meet the guy who obviously lives in his mother’s basement did this. It is a
girl holding a Katana in like in has red lipstick it is so overwhelmingly cliche. That I just don’t know what to make of it. You’re obviously a talented when it comes to photoshop. So it’s probably not exactly
your fault. The client wanted to so my my my recommendation is don’t get
clients with the downs. The next one is is almost as bad as the first one. The
only saving grace for this design is the illustrator. The illustrator has got
some serious skills. But the type on this is like I’m gonna shit my
pants so bad. In fact they probably already did and I gotta get some
Huggies or depends up in here because this is that so bad this this type on
this design is. The graphic designer distorted the type so much. That the drop shadow garbage, the
lettering garbage, you know even added like white lines I guess to assume
highlights onto the fonts. They they intentionally like this is a
cool font. I would like to see if we can play around and make it look cooler. This is crap, your design is crap sir. I don’t know who Dodge Winston
is… but you have put his book to shame. Alright and the last one right here by a
book by ND. Richmond. Brothers bullies and bad guys. first in the Boulton Quest series. Like this
this this image is just terribly Photoshoped together. The type is like so in your face, you can’t even really read it because of how hard it is on the eyes. The photography is good. But it
is just a garbage design. Your Photoshop skills need a little bit of
work. It’s really busy and typically I’m a fan of busy design. But how you executed it (sounds of disgust) I don’t know what Hollywood Book Festival is but I’m guessing that people read
this have no taste (in design). and you got an AIA award so honestly good for you so I mean like I gets the
story is pretty decent. But fire your cover designer. I don’t know who your cover
graphic designer is but you just got to fire them. the fire and go to his house and say… Hey
you know I wrote this book. I spent spent five years my life writing this
book. You just took me out back like a prison yard [email protected]& and just bent me over and gave it to me with that design. So you’re you’re fired you’re fired and I’m going to sue you
for liabel damages. Because it is so bad. Thanks you’re great day now. Right anyways that’s it for your design sucks. If you got a really sucky design that you feel like
needs to be covered, send it on down. I’ll tear it apart and
check out my other videos one less harsh. I’ll give you more constructive feedback
on what good design is. But expect this for you design sucks because these these
are terrible disgraces the industry. Alright peace
guys remember to post your bad designs down below. and I’ll comment on them
on my next video. Later you wonderful people I need to know that you guys are
watching so I can keep making videos so click the image subscribe comment and
check out some of my other films out on here and I’ll see you guys next week


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