Why is Drawing Important?

The very first things we know are made by
human beings on the planet are drawings. They’re not writing, they’re not buildings, they’re
drawings. Learning how to draw is a very important part of becoming a fully rounded human being.
So, if you can’t draw, you have very little visual sense. You have much less visual sense.
So you’re educating your visual sense, you’re educating yourself to understand the dance
of colours and shapes all around you. If we look around us at beautifully made buildings.
Great signs, great advertising – we are completely surrounded by drawn, or things that were once
drawn, once sketched out by a human hand and a human mind, and human heart. I hate to put
things in economistic terms, because drawing is about being more alive. being more human,
having a richer sense of yourself, ultimately. But if you’re asking, does it affect the economy,
does it affect the wider society? Absolutely it does. It’s central and not peripheral. I would say drawing is an essential part of
our everyday toolkit. We use drawing for communication primarily. So, me and my partner when we are
talking to one another, we’ll use drawings, like these ones here. Just really casual drawings
just to get the point across. What are you talking about? – This. And in a quick drawing,
you can resolve a question that might have taken half an hour to talk through. This is
a 3D model which is based on a sketch in a sketchbook and refined through drawing 3D
modelling, printing out, redrawing in this kind of loop system. The drawing there becomes
an iterative part of the design process for us as architects. The whole of biochemistry is really about
form and shape and the way things connect together. The only way really to understand
biochemistry is through visual/spatial awareness in the way that the molecules and chemicals
interact with each other. It’s an incredibly sculptural science, really. The wonderful
thing about drawing is there’s no physical rules within it. You can do whatever you want,
you can make things fly, and be able to just experiment and play, is freedom. There are
different types of drawing, there’s very free drawing which frees up your imagination. There’s
also drawing to help you understand seeing, which is an amazing thing. It really trains
your eye, trains your hand coordination. Trains your understanding of form and shape and light. With us it’s interesting because we have a
unique team of 80 people, and we have graphic designers, industrial designers, architects,
textile designers and all of them… draw. That team has the ability to bring alive all
kinds of projects. We had this idea of a magic diamond and the idea was quite simple. That
you take the diamond, and you look within the diamond for something magic. It’s the
largest digital floating experience. It’s kind of a 3D hologram that is in this space,
and you can spin it around with your hands. So that simple idea of that diamond informed
the way the product looked, set like it should be. Larger than human beings… so this is
how we do it. And actually, next thing we know, we’re building… The Big Draw is about giving everyone an opportunity
to get back to the drawing board. It gets all of us working together whatever our age,
whatever our ability, whatever our inhibitions, drawing is less and less valued in schools,
and we campaign to make sure that it continues and becomes valued once more. So help us,
by joining our campaign for drawing, and help more people discover the pleasures, the joy
and the absolute importance of drawing.


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