Why and How to Doodle – 5 Sketches

Hello my friends and welcome
to another Tuesday of tutorial! I am Leonardo Pereznieto and
today we will just doodle and have fun! In the tutorial about two weeks
ago, in which I gave different techniques for shading with ink, many of you told me in the comments
that the one that you liked the most was this doodle technique. So, we will do more of that today, with the addition of this spray bottle,
to give a special effect. You know that I always like
to do be experimenting. If we spray some water on the ink,
it will run a little bit. And it may create nice effects! Or it may destroy the drawing [laughter]. I leave it that up to you, to decide. And it´s ready! That was really fun to do! I will be making about 5 sketches today. Next, let´s do an elephant! By the way, this is an excellent exercise
to losen the hand, and any serious art school will have you doodle. However, in recent times, many
researches have shown that it make if, great benefits. And there´s even a successful
book, called “The Doodle Revolution”. And some big companies, are even
hiring specialists, to help their staff doodle, as described in the book, it turns out that doodling can free up memory, both short term and long term. It can also improve your general
retention of ideas and concepts and increase your attentions span. It can give you more a creative insight. And generally, it expands your mind. Of course it is also very helpful
in working out new ideas. Ok so in regards of how you
should doodle, there are not really a lot of laws on how you need to do it
because doodling should be very free. And you should really do what to do [laughter]. But generally speaking the idea
is to do it very losely… with not a lot of thought to do it; with no worries;
trying to do a continuos flow, so not lifting the pen or pencil off
the paper too much, and without regard to detail. It looks pretty simple and that is because it IS pretty simple! [laughter]. I think that´s the easiest way of sketching. It is so simple that we all did it
when we were about three [laughter]. This is really fun! Let´s do another one. This time, I will do it a little bit
differently and start with some mood lines or action lines. That´s a ballerina and now
we doodle on top of them. We construct the shape on top
of our lines. As opposed to the other examples
where I started just doodling out and building the shape and volume
as I went. If you spray the water from
one side of the paper, you may control the direction of the splash, to
give more movement to the drawing. Ok, let´s do a last one! I can doodle all day, but let´s wrap it up with this one. I want to do a dancer, a sort
of hip hopper, who is really enjoying his dance. As we said, the doodling
has no detail. But we should be able to capture
the essence, the personality and the mood, of our subject. We started doing it a bit even,
a bit flat and now we go over some areas again, to create the shadows
and volume. It´s ready! If you enjoyed it, please give it a
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