When you trick or treat as an adult I Halloween Sketch Comedy

Trick or treat! Where are your kids? I don’t have kids! I can barely take care of myself. That’s why I need some candy. You’re a little old to be trick or treating. Are you saying I look bad? Because I’ve been using Gwenyth Paltrow’s
skincare routine for the last eight months. It’s working. No, you look fine. It’s just that the cut off age for trick or
treating is like ten. Oh, so you hate people older than ten. No! I’m saying candy is for children. Not twenty-seven year old Stranger Things
fans. I am twenty-six. Twenty-six years old! Trick or treat! Are you kidding? You were just here. How could I just be here? I just got back from a tour of Afghanistan. That is extremely offensive. My brother’s a vet. I’m a vet. All I’ve gotten since I’ve come home is scorn
and no butterfingers. You didn’t serve the country! You changed costumes! Oh, I served my country. My leg got blasted off with an IED. God bless you. You should be ashamed! God bless! Trick or treat! I’m not stupid. You’re that woman from before. What? No! I’m not a woman. I’m only 17. Put that down, put that down. You need to go do something else. Well, all the neighborhood kids, they said
you’re giving out full size candy bars. If you just give me one Kit Kat, we’ll leave
you alone. You do realize you can go to the store and
buy one. It’s like 2 bucks. It’s the spirit of the thing. I want to trick or treat! I don’t want to go to Albertsons! Get off my lawn! Okay, We’re leaving. Does this mean that you’re not buying me booze? I’ll buy you booze. I’m gunna get a For Loco, okay? Fine. Are we just going to leave the ladder here
or… Just leave it! Are you kidding me? Are you kidding ME? You only have fun size! How did you get into my house?


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