When You Forget Someone’s Name

(doorbell ring) – (whispering) Annie? Shit. Abigail? – Sarah! – Hi! Babe! (laughter) – Sarah, you remember, – Daniel, yes, of course! Oh, it’s so good to see you again. – And how are you? – I’m good. It’s just crazy, I remember that this one here was just so smitten with
you on the first date, and now you’re living together? – Four months? – Nice, that’s beautiful. – Yeah, well I’ve got
to get this to Agnes. You know what she’s like! (laughter) It’s a problem. (laughter) – Emma! – Sorry, that Uber took a weird turn. – That’s okay! – Um, so whose birthday is it? – Darling? This is Emma, my
girlfriend from university. – Nice to meet you, Emma. – You too! Um, babe, you gonna introduce us? Or, are you gonna leave me hanging? – Oh, yes! (laughing) Sorry, ah! (laughing) Emma, this, ah, Oh I have to take an enormous shit. Where is your toilet? – Oh, down the hall, to the right. – Thanks so much! Um, you silly old bitch! (laughter) – Come grab a drink, Emma. (sneaky music) – Fuck! Couldn’t you have used
your name, you shit? (playful music) (paper ripping) – [Male Narrator] Happy birthday, babe! (paper ripping) – [Female Narrator] Happy birthday, lady! – [Male Narrator] Happy birthday, mate. – (all narrators talking over
each other) Princess, girl, girlfriend, lady, bud, pal,
girlfriend, sweetie, buddy, gorgeous! – Gah! – What are you doing? – Uh, just, I forgot to put
her, forgot to put my name on my card. – You’ve forgotten her name, haven’t you? – What? (scoffing) Excuse me! – What’s her fucking name? – I don’t know! I don’t know her name. – I don’t know it either, okay? – Hey, look, maybe we can,
maybe we can, you know, help each other out! – Yes! (sighing) – [Both] Yes! – Cindy! – Sarah. – [Both] Cindy, Sarah! – Got it, okay. – I have a plan. (tire skidding) (doorbell ring) Cocaine, I’ve got some! – Hello! – Babe, can we use your driver’s license to cut it up? – I’ve only got Daniel’s bank card. You first. – Oh! Yay! (snorting) Instagram! Why don’t we follow
each other on Instagram? Crazy! – There you go, I’m following you now. – Great, okay! Okay! (phone beep) Oh, fuck! Darling, you’ve got a
huge hole in your top! Right there, if you just look right there, it’s right there, it’s
huge, you can’ miss it! Oh, it’s actually gone. (laughing) Just disappeared! Silly me. (computer dinging) – Sarah! I got it! I got the name! – Cindy! (muffled screaming) Cindy! Cindy! Stay with me, you’re okay. You’re okay. Hey, stay with me, stay with me. Come on, what was the name? Please, what’s the name? What’s the goddamn name? (sobbing) ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ ♪ Happy birthday dear (mumbling) ♪ ♪ Happy birthday to you! ♪ (cheering) Are you fucking kidding me? None of you know this bitch’s name? Even you? – After I moved in, it
just got pretty awkward, I just didn’t want to bring it up. – Please, please, for the love of God, what the fuck is your name? – Sarah, I can’t! – I need to know, okay? I need to know, or Mindy died for nothing! – Who’s Mindy? – Fuck! Cindy! – Cindy’s dead? – Irrelevant! Just tell me your name! – This is inappro– – Now! – Fine! It’s… (loud bellowing) (retching) – Ah! – You know, I knew it
was something like that.

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