When Reddit Helps Design A Gaming Mouse…..

hello good people I’m Dimitri and we’re fifth try I don’t know hey what’s up
guys I’m Dimitri visiting Coolermaster at CES but no no no no they have their
own CMS let’s go and check out some amazing peripherals
but first huge thanks to Thermaltake Razer Phanteks and be quiet for sponsoring
our CES trip alright so the first thing I want to cover here are the new mm7 11
gaming mice as you guys know my gaming mouse of the year is the MM710
absolutely love the shape fantastic cable nice switches great sensor
everything is perfect this is something really interesting because they’re
experimenting with different color variations not just single matte tones
but dual tonalities we have metallic colors we have math we have gloss so
these are special edition they’re still undecided on what color they should
actually run these will cost $10 over the $59 price point of the original mm711 so $69 for a beautiful color and
obviously RGB illumination I feel like that’s a pretty good deal and based on
all these color options what is your favorite because it because it will be
based on community it will be based on what people actually want to see I love
this beautiful like almost dark teal I love this beautiful green as well all
have this metallic surface absolutely gorgeous and something different now the
star of the show here at cool master in terms of gaming peripherals in my
opinion aside from the MM711 stuff would be a new Mouse that they’re
calling the MM720 it is based on the 10 year old CM storm spawn Mouse they’re
reviving it based on a reddit community post so they like post it on reddit it
blew up and they were like yep we got to launch it they are of course redesigning
a few things like the sensor the bottom will be centered instead of being offset
on the original the DPI switch will also be at the bottom we have massive 100%
PTFE skates so the mouse should glide very nicely obviously the whole shape is
with holes the Coolermaster holes this is not the final design it will be a bit
more clean and following the actual shape which I appreciate the cool thing
about this new one-twenty is the wait so he’s guys
recall the mm710 was a 53 grand mouse the mm720 is going to be 45 grams
without the cable which is awesome so the 45 gram is actually pretty
impressive bringing the old shape with the new it’s a really good cool balance
for me as you guys can see it is fairly wide and that’s why I love the MM710 it
fits my my hand very well and its really good for fingertip and claw style grip
if you have smaller hands you could potentially palm this as well it has
really nice like ring finger location without it feeling like chunky which is
probably because the length of the mouse is pretty short of course this will come
with RGB inside so just like butts are with the MM711 and the price point is
going to be $59 so they’re continuing with this little budget options that is
very impressive from Coolermaster to dominate in the mouse space really
excited for them when this thing finally launches sometime later this year
alright so three more things about the MM720 it will come with the 3389 sensor
best in class it’s awesome it will have the new paracord cable the pair of flex
or whatever that ku master is doing with the seven-eleven it’s awesome and the
color options for the MM720 will be black and white glossy and matte and
potentially something to throw back in the roots of the original design in
terms of black and red like a more maroon color so really hoping to see
what they do with this to be a little bit more exciting in the mouth space
perhaps the most surprising thing coming from Coolermaster regards to peripherals
are the new SK series of keyboards in the past we have complained about the
flat key caps which were not pleasant to use but it seems like coolermaster is
redeeming themselves with the new SK622 and SK650 so the first thing you notice
are the new key caps thank you gone are the flat key caps now we have half
height proper contoured key caps so it’s much easier to type on much easier to
know where your fingers land and just navigate around so for anyone who has
bought on SK series keyboards in the past may request this key cap set from
Cooler master for free you don’t even have to pay shipping Kumar
making things right we appreciate it that’s when the keyboard itself it is
wireless we have three different sources that you can choose from PC smartphone
MacBook it’s awesome battery life is up to 30 days without any RGB and after
four to five days with full brightness RGB we have a type C cable over here the
keyboard goes to sleep after 5 minutes of inactivity and another major change
are the actual switches they’re no longer using MX cherry now they’re using
TTC that allows them to reduce the price we will have blue brown and red
combinations of switches with 50 million keystrokes and this 65 % layout will be
under $99 which is awesome and the full-size the SK652 will be under $130
if we have one small critique about the actual body of the keyboard they still
have not added height adjustment which is kind of unfortunate and the actual
like format of the body it could be more low-profile and one more thing from
Coolermaster we tried to see if there’s any interest from our community on
colorways this is a key cap sent from Coolermaster teal and blue full set
between 20 and 29 dollars double shot PBT and if this is something
that people in North America are interested in let us know and
Coolermaster is thinking of doing multiple colors to like a blue set pink
set yeah let us know if this is something you’d buy for that price point
look at this a little surprise from Coolermaster before we left they were
like you get a mouse you get a mouse we got some MM711’s
in the house really excited to actually start using the RGB on them but really
excited to see what they do in terms of color options for the MM711 special
edition and when that 720 launches that should be a fun one as well all right
guys I’m Dimitri thanks so much for watching and yeah we’ll talk to you in
the next week


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