Whatever You Draw, I’ll Buy It – Challenge

Hey guys Anything you draw, I’ll pay for videos have been very popular. So I thought why not give it a go. Look at these They’re all drawing Lamborghinis Ferraris all kinds of sports cars $250,000 $300,000 and even 2.5 million dollars. Look at these great drawings in the thumbnail Obviously hand-drawn very nice. Very clean. I can’t do anything close to that And if you actually click the video and look at their drawings Look how nice these cars are that’s attention to detail right there. That is spot-on Look at the rims on that car now take a look at this one, even though they traced it off of the computer It’s very very nice and stylized. Look it’s even abstract. It has squiggly lines everywhere It makes me feel like an amateur now that I’ve proven all of this is 100% legit. None of this is clickbait I’m gonna try to do the same and draw myself a new sweet ride I’m done drawing my Lamborghini and obviously it’s nothing compared to what we saw earlier. Those guys are professionals Okay guys and truth is I watch some of the videos all of them didn’t actually get the Lambo guys It wasn’t even in the video. I know you guys are tired of getting click baited So let’s actually go get myself a Lamborghini. We just got back from the dealership. Here is the Lamborghini Oh, yeah, the classic Lamborghini blow go we have the 8 cylinder v8 engine goes very fast Come to the back just for more proof. It says Lamborghini right here the Lamborghini MDX it’s the newest model. We’ve got an old fashioned antique look very expensive we can ask the model here What are your thoughts on the Lamborghini? it’s Okay, I’m sorry I quit baited you guys it’s gray not green we couldn’t find the green Lamborghini But anyways, we still have the grey Lamborghini To see these things makes it go extra fast you like the spoilers on these There’s even an antenna for signal in case we come across aliens. Very nice rims. I drew these rims solid Take a look inside fully automatic here it Cheer that engine sort of v8 engine sounds like The best car Well, I drove for million dollars on my Lamborghini. So now we’re gonna start the actual challenge All right, guys, we’re at the mall anything you draw. I’ll pay for here’s your sketchbook Here’s this sketchbook. Here. Is your sketchbook All right, let’s do this waste my money on three one two three, wait slam money hi I’m joy I’m Zach sister and I’m really excited to go on the shopping spree because I really want to spend my brilliant money I’m Steve and I am a bad artist that I can draw quick. So I got that going for me. Hey guys, I’m faith I’m Zach sister. I’m really excited because I get to spend my brother’s money Yeah ready to draw my goal of this video is to spend as much of that money as I can So it turns out I ran into some fans at the Lego store and I had to do the only logical Thing to do buy something for them Hey guys, so we’re at the Lego store. Pretty much we’re gonna find some random people whatever they draw This is one of my fans And it looks like they said we could film here so hey alright so what are you planning to draw Damn dude Pretty sure, it’s expert level, dude All right, so what are you working on oh this one you see it that’s pretty good All right, keep it up. Once you finish drawing it will buy it for you. Okay? You know one looks pretty dope No, no do your best draw what you can and we’ll get it for you Got a challenge yourself, dude No pressure everyone’s watching you he arraigned the same color See you later. Hey Did it after you went to the Lego store? We’re all kinda tired Frank what the heck? Are you guys staring at? I? Really like cinnamon buns and it looks so good. Well, I guess if you guys draw I’ll pay for it Start drawing first person to finish gets it. I’m always down for us to enroll Looks like the competition for the cinnamon bun has begun Right go order your Cinnabon. I was so hungry. So order your Cinnabon faith. You’re the last one Right go get it go get it. Okay. That looks pretty good Take a bite in one bite first snapshot are you’re not gonna eat yours Come what are you gonna get now? I really want to go to it sugar because I really like candy My drawings are really bad, but I still got the candy. Hey Joey show me what you drew so you got the liquor is she got the Nerds he got the Nasty beans. Hey, John, you have to try one now. Close your eyes to get one Michelle take one Lucky Michelle spitting it out Squishy’s are we What are you gonna do with them other than like and squishin I? Saw this jumbo lemon, and it was really cute. So I wanted to get it Next up we went to buy the shoes. I drew myself a nice pair of Travis Scott Forest Well those shoes they’re worth a lot of money. So I went to the back of the mall and I sold them all Tell me am I decided to participate and buy myself a pair of Yeezys and I do this Now you guys get to fight anything from Sephora Well, I wait but before you guys doing you guys had to draw it You have to draw it everything and if it’s not good you don’t get it I thought plenty went in to Sephora and We just grabbed fast get I’ve honestly never been supported just like being able to get whatever I want So just like throwing things into the basket I never really got a chance to buy a lot and they go so I went crazy I went to every single aisle and got something from each aisle The cashier that helped us all was so sweet helped us put everything into massive I have never seen a support bag that big I Was Lukey getting kind of scared at the makeup store because they were filling up the bag so fast cuz I wanted to get so Much I had to draw a lot, but it was all worth it because now my face looks amazing cuz of Zack When I start to draw stuff I realized they were all in my boxes So to take him out like some of them and drawing them separately. It was great free makeup three thousand dollars That’s a lot of money. Oh, the girls are at Sephora Zack and I went off to Best Buy to get some stuff Well Best Buy, we came across some gift cards and you know next to cash. They’re the second best in the Drawing there’s some steam cards with the hook 13 years of school finally came in handy my geometry skills add me to draw like 16 squares or something So I got around a thousand bucks of steam gift cards If you draw it I’ll pay for it dude dude, I am not paying for that Mr. Bumpers right Oh much better. Yeah, of course. I’ll pay for that and then I came across some earbuds I don’t even know if I want them, but I got them because I’m just that rich now All right. Steve told me what you bought fourteen hundred in Steam cards a Nintendo switch and these babies I’m gonna go broke ma’am. Make sure you subscribe to that girl still go broke All right. Now show me your drawings for each thing You draw, you can put it in the bag if you don’t draw it, you don’t get it All right, you drew those put those in the bag Okay Alright, let’s see what this is nice. Okay, put it in show me the package. Okay, put it in So we had drawn a lot of stuff and we picked up a lot of different things So I was kind of nervous not like maybe I missed something. I did draw it Like I wouldn’t be able to get it like those do your palates gotta get him in. You know, that’s actually pretty good Okay, see whites high-skilled and I must be pretty expensive. Alright, put it in Okay, that’s pretty good put it in We that’s what you really good those lashes actually look really good I Was nervous the sack wouldn’t like the drawings that we gave him But he was really nice about it. And we got everything he wanted after that. I was getting kind of bored So I went to Balenciaga and drew a ton of stuff But I wasn’t allowed to film in there which was why we don’t have any footage Which iPhone are you gonna get? So then at that point we stopped by the Apple Store and we picked up a new iPhone, oh my goodness, they’re inside it They’re actually gonna buy it just bought a new phone, so I don’t really need a new one. So instead I got ear pods Ooh, thanks for breaking my wallet Looks pretty nice. Are you gonna get that job? I Remembered that I needed some new shoes. So when we wanted to do this, I found a black and white pair of shoes Which is what I needed I drew it and my drawing was really bad, but I still got it You’re outside Dita’s store and Joe is picking up her shoes and I just saw like that’s really good shirt. So I drew it All right, we bought the stuff what you laughing at So then we stopped by American Eagle American Eagle is the best yeah, you should get like one or two things But this time I just like crud everything that is so much Honestly, it was a struggle dry. Yeah, all these things. I am NOT my brother so I cannot draw Boom Barrett target I saw some food that I really wanted. So I got some snacks and I also got some earbuds I don’t know. What the heck this is. Oh five gum and Reese’s Pieces No Do is the drawing all right, you’re getting that one over there and I also got this Trying feet. So what are you drawing right now? Dos you’re gonna get those. Okay, they better be good All right, let’s get it I just threw an Amazon box and rode times 100. So I pretty much just bought everything I wanted on Amazon. I Mean it was fun ordering that stuff But a lot of the things honestly, I don’t need just the Gucci the Balenciaga and a lot of the stuff I don’t need I’ll probably return and maybe give them to the homeless give them to you guys I don’t know what I’m gonna do yet But I kind of want to help people with it instead cuz it’s just a lot of things I don’t need thanks bags for letting me spend your money Thank you Subscribe to my brother so that you can take me on more shopping spree. I really enjoy making these kinds of videos They’re really fun to do and if you subscribe I might buy you something


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