What makes BELLA+CANVAS T-shirts so soft?

We’ve perfected every stage of our
fabric development process to engineer the highest quality combed and ring-spun
cotton on the market. The result is called Airlume. It starts with clean
cotton about 25 to 30 percent of the cotton we start with is combed out
during our unique refining process. Because it contains impurities or does
not meet our standards. It’s a common practice for manufacturers to dump some
of that inferior cotton back in before spinning the yarn. But for us when it’s
combed out it stays out. We only use long staple cotton in our Airlume process.
The staple length refers to the length of the cotton fiber. And this determines
the ultimate feel of the final yarn. By using only long staple cotton there are
less stray fibers which keeps our yarn smoother on the microscopic level. This
makes for a tight even knit ideal for screen printing. We continue to innovate
through the dyeing process. Using seven times less water than the industry
average and only using the most eco-friendly dyes. There’s a right way to
do combed in ring-spun and it’s through our Airlume process that we’re able to
make the industry softest cotton. At Bella+Canvas were committed to using 100%
Airlume combed and ring spun cotton. Be Different.


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