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Hey everyone, it’s Deysi
from Design Squad. Sketching is a really cool
engineering tool because it lets you visualize. That means to see a design
before you build it. I want to talk about
a really cool technique called isometric sketching. An isometric sketch is
a 3-D drawing of an object where you can see
all three views– the front, the side,
and the top– all in one drawing. Most sketches of 3-D objects show you only one view
of the object, like the front of a house. But an isometric drawing
shows you all three views: the front, the side,
and the top. We’ll draw an isometric sketch
of coolguy753’s fan car. In response to coolguy753, seaslug sent us this nifty
sketch of a futuristic car that is good for the environment since it’s powered by wind
rather than gas. This sketch of the fan car
is from a top view angle. Our isometric sketch will show some of the front,
side, and top of the fan car. This view is helpful. It’ll appear three dimensional,
sticking out of the page. It’ll give you a better idea of
what your design will look like before you build it
in real life. You’re gonna need an isometric
grid to help guide you. You can print one out
by searching for “isometric grid”
on your computer, or you can also draw one. Ta-da! But I’m gonna use a printed one. Our fan car’s base
is a rectangular prism. Drawing a rectangular prism
on an isometric grid is easy. Just follow the lines
on the grid and make sure your parallel
sides are the same lengths. Now I’m going to make an
isometric sketch of the fan car. These vertical lines
are three centimeters and are all the same length. These diagonals
are all five centimeters, and these long diagonals
are all ten centimeters. Now you can see the front,
the top, and the side view all in one drawing. Now let’s try to draw
some wheels. To draw circular objects, you
kind of have to draw an ellipse. And here are two partial
ellipses. Take a look at this quarter. When you look at it straight on,
it’s a circle. But if you hold it at an angle, like the angle we see objects
in an isometric drawing, the quarter looks like
an ellipse. You see that? The wheels look like they’re
coming out of the page. Now let’s draw
the rest of the fan car. First, I’m gonna draw
the blades, which will catch the wind. Well, that looks great. Now it’s time to draw our fan. The wind from the fan is going
to blow against the blades, which are gonna rotate
our wheels. Now see, the front, the top,
and the side all in one drawing. These kind of sketches
take a lot of practice. Sometimes, it takes a few tries,
but that’s okay. Keep practicing;
they’ll get easier. And there you have it. Send your own isometric sketches
of things you want to build to the Design Squad website. I can’t wait to see them.

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