What is Communication Design?

Meet Sam. He’s a creative guy; he has many interests
and likes designing cool things. But he doesn’t know how to develop his interests
and turn them into skills. Hey, I’m Anu; a creative professional just
like you! Why don’t you take a course in communication
design? Communication design is everywhere. Be it a mobile app or an advertisement, a
book cover or a film poster, a website or a video game; all of these are examples of
communication design. Learning communication design equips you with
technical, creative and professional skillsand grooms you into a well-rounded design professional. With a degree in communication design, you
can look forward to a career in graphic design, animation, web design, print media design,
filmmaking, UX/UI design, digital marketing and mass media. The list is endless!! You can also learn how to create an awesome
communication strategy using different media platforms! So Sam, do you feel better informed
and ready to make a decision?

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