What is a Design Sprint? Get an OVERVIEW and SUMMARY of the process

Hey I’m Thorsten from Neon Sprints And this is a super fast overview of the Design Sprint process So what is a Design Sprint? A Design Sprint is a time constraint 5 day process To create user tested products Its been used by AirBnB, Medium, Slack and Google Ventures To validate ideas early Originally invented for startup teams we’ve updated the process for the corporate world Our sprints also take 4-5 days, but we need the key stakeholders, only for 2 days So how does it work? Every sprint starts on Monday We invite stakeholders & experts to create a map of the challenge and then align the stakeholders towards one task for the sprint In the afternoon we create tons of ideas But we won’t brainstorm them we work together alone to create more detailed and focused solutions On Tuesday we pick the best solution for the problem But instead of debate we use a structured decision making process that also works a filter to uncover first improvement potentials In the afternoon we create a detailed storyboard of the prototype we are going to test On Wednesday NEON takes over prepares the usertest and builds your prototype A prototype is like a facade or fast forward into the future that allows your users to experience your idea before you actually build it On Thursday we test the prototype with 5 users of the intended target group we will discover obvious patters some things work some won’t either way we will know what to do next Depending on the outcome of Thursday we either use Friday to rework the prototype and start into a 2nd Sprint or we prepare a pitchdeck for your stakeholders and define a clear roadmap on whats next Are you intrigued? Then contact us for further details Hey Do you want to find out how to develop successful products, faster? SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube Channel

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