What do I need to know about Canvas?

In my opinion, Canvas is the number one priority you have to
familiar with when you’re starting to your studies here.because that’s your point of contact with teachersand thats where you get your assignments,
deadlines, and everything.So, that’s the first thing you need to learn about.I think it’s a very, very powerful tool.When I go to Canvas and everything was organized in a timely mannerit really helped me so I know what is coming upand what I need to prepare to get the task done.The interface is really friendly,
everything is well organizedand everything is in the right place
and it’s really easy to find allWhen you login to Canvasthere are a few things you should pay attention to.One is the homepage.where you can get the skeleton of the course.Second, is the Getting Started.So, when you’re in the Getting Started moduleit will help you navigate through the courseor it will help you to seek for help
and where to go to get the help you needed.You can also manage you assignments and deadlinesand integrate it with your calender.So, you have all of your work and your deadlines
so you don’t mix it up together.Having an app on your phone is like
the most convenient thing you can use.If your marks are released, just click on the link
and the app will appearand you can see the teacher’s comments and the marks you getand that’s it, you don’t need to open your laptop
and login again for Canvas.So, it’s very, very convenient.If I don’t check my Canvas account everydayI feel like I’m going to miss a deadline,I’m going to miss one of my teacher’s announcements,or any discussions thay my peers were tagging me in.So, that’s the feeling that I have if I don’t check it.

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