Web4Realty Services: Order a design online

Branding matters. And in a competitive industry like real estate,
it’s important that you’re standing out from the crowd. That’s exactly why at Web4Realty we have an
in-house team of graphic artists that have helped brand thousands of REALTORS®. And we wanted to make it easy for our clients
to get access to these awesome design services. Today, I am going to give you a tour on how
to access that! So what you are going to do is login to the
back-end of your website, known as the AgentPanel. Now I want you to look at the top navigation;
where you’ll notice an option for Design Services. You are going to click on that and you are
going to enter the Design Services Portal! Now, we offer three tiers of design services. We have Packaged Deals, Website Services,
and Print Services. Whenever you click on any of the tiers, you’ll
see all the associated services that we offer. Which you can order a-la-carte! Now if you need clarification about a particular
service, or you just want to get some ideas on what we can do to take your brand to the
next level – we have an option here to Schedule a Call with a Services Manager. Also, if you have access to a promo code for
special promotions, you can easily apply it by clicking on the Apply Promo Code option
here. Let’s say we want to begin by entering the
promo code “20 percent off”. So we enter the promo code, we hit apply,
and automatically it will adjust all the pricing on all relevant services! Now we are going to go through some services
and let’s say you’re interested for example, in the pre-construction pages – and you’re
not sure exactly what’s offered here. You are going to click on the details and
you are going to get a full scope of exactly what is offered! If you are ready to order, you are going to
click the order button and confirm your order. The moment you confirm your order, the Design
Services Manager will reach out to you by email to provide you with the next steps. It really is that easy! Are you still paying for virtual tours!? On your next listing learn how to create a
beautiful virtual tour in minutes! Just click on the video link below.

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