WE FAILED!!!!!! | Pancake Challenge

Hey guys! We are doing the pancake art, art challenge. OK. So first we are doing a Pac-man, so instead
of having those squeeze bottles we have those shots so we are going to come get you. Ok that’s creepy. I’ve never done this. Oh wait that the green. This is the blue. We are using cups so we can just like, like
go like that. So… Oh shoot I did it the wrong way. Rea. Ahhh Olivia! What are you doing. How do I make a pac-man? I’m terrible at that. Oh I messed up. Make a curvy one. You know its suppose to be filled in? I’m scared I’m going to like burn myself. Do I have to flip it already? Yeah… Ready? That actually looks like…no this
looks like a moon. Haaaaa Its like blue. Mine looks like a moon its hard though because
your like rushing we’re probably going to have to do this again. Later like on some… oh shoot we need plates! Haaa Ok I think.. oh wait I thinks it time
to flip. Oh shoot Its not time to flip like this part
is but like, but like the middle part is not ready. I’m going to make a baby dot. Noo!! it fell! No this part is going to burn. Burn baby burn! Wow isn’t that so nice? Look at my pancake. Food coloring. Did you flip it? Not yet. Olivia, mom Stop! So my pac-man is obviously the best. I kinda ate some of this but that’s my pac-man. Actually we are just going to call these our
moons because…Mmmmm these are good with food coloring. Rea! what the heck? So this is mine but I ate some of it. And this is mine. Ok comment down below who you think won. I think she won. Shoot where did I get that? You can use another. This taste kinda weird. Well really this is suppose to be a pac-man
but its my moon now. You need to flip it. Yeah I am going to. Geezal son of a daddy…cracker. Ok. That’s my raindrop slash Easter egg. I can’t get it. Ok well I am going to do slops of every color
we have. So there is my raindrop. Oh my gosh ok. Oh my sweatshirt is hot! Oh I drop it! That’s my raindrop. Ok, if you want to unsubscribe to our channel…Rea!!! Wow! This is what we do for a living, we don’t
go to school. Olivia you didn’t flip it over! What! Oh. There we go your going to be a nice, nice… Oh no!! Ohhh. Yeah, Yeah. Yeah, Yeah, yeah! We are so stupid. Yeah! IS this really going on youtube! Shoot! I forgot about my R. No No oh Rea!! I’m so sorry… I hate you!! My R. GOOD!! You can see that smoking. I can see you smoking. My sweatshirt is dirty. This is my blob of colors. This could be a rock. You know… wait wait what else.. oh we were
going to do a ghost. Moving on to a ghost. Shoot I forgot about that! But I’m doing like a…Olivia why are you
lying to them. I am just kidding! So like Ria you used all the blue, butthole! Beiber take that out! Well I can definitely use this. We should just say that we stink at this. We do. Comment down below if you think we stink that
this. Comment if we stink. Ria I think you are doing the ghost thing
wrong. Owww did I just burn myself? No I’m just kidding. I though I did. You are a brat! Oh no oh no! NOOO! Olivia NOOO! That’s for the end! Alright lets flip it. I’m going to start making the big blob. My ghost! Ria! Ria! Look at my ghost. You like it? I guess. Ok that’s good. Yeah we are making one big blob, remember? I’m sorry- but I want to do it. I’m starting on it because you are being a
fat slowpoke. I’m just gonna start right here. No Olivia you are suppose to do it over here. This is…pancake challenge gone wrong. Hallelujah. I mean hallelujah. Wow! Wow? Hang on I’m just gonna do this. Hey! Put it back down. Its gonna burn! Ok. Well that’s the end of the video. That’s my pancakes. My ghost. Is this. That’s the end of this video. So see you next time. On Dacrazykidz website.

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