We Describe Each Other To A Sketch Artist While Drunk • Ladylike

I know Freddie I like really taken the people I love I’m a creep if I love you I’m gonna take in every single inch of your face I’m gonna memorize it hi I’m Mary and I’m a portrait artist I’ve actually been making art since I was 9 years old and I’ve been doing it on this side my entire life it’ll be fun to be around some drunk folks I can do some sketches hi Mary hi how’s it going good how about you Mary I have been drinking I got there work this morning and there was just a bottle of champagne my dad just won this is my second little mini bottle of Prosecco I’ve had one of these so I’ve had two and a half my Moses and I am ready to party so I am describing young Fred tell me tell me tell me oh yeah though you’re gonna be describing your friend Kristen to me I’m gonna be describing Chantel I’m gonna be doing my best oh we’re off to the races mmm so I’ll just begin by asking you about what you think Jen’s facial structure looks like Fred I feel like has a diamond shaped face she doesn’t like a very perfectly olive shaped face which is great because she loves olives she’s a dimple on her chin she definitely the forehead definitely has a chin I feel like her face is small good more european-looking than I am so in my opinion I have a pretty balanced head I think Jen’s is a little bit more angular down in the jaw line she is kind of like a heart-shaped face Devin would you say heart shape okay no let me show you a photo beautiful cheekbones it’s just the cutest chin like you just want to go like this to it I would never do that to her though because I don’t think she’d like you so much her cheekbones are like they’re in her face they’re pretty present they’re like baby apples it’s all small everything is small Chantelle like does have resting face I will say that she said that too so it’s okay she has like facing a cat you know you don’t really know what she’s feeling just by looking at her face I mean she has pretty soft cheekbones they’re low-key I think you have a nice chin you wouldn’t have some merchants she has big eyes can you tell me then maybe a little bit about her eyebrows I guess I’m kind of like your eyebrows like they have the same shape because she fills them in they’re very similar to your eyebrows actually can you describe her small eyes for you I think Jen and I have the same eyes okay her eyes are hooded I would say she’s got a perfect almond shape I Jen is an eyeliner lady similar shape of eyes what she still is half Japanese so she has glasses I don’t really know how to describe I shape I think if I ever witnessed a crime would be incredibly useless I’d be like mm he like wasn’t high Shanta actually has like somewhat large forehead I would say like she had like light of a three head she has a forehead I don’t know the size before I said she has a little bangs she has a wispy big still dark put a petite brow now in terms of shape they’re not arched really they’re just kind of like her eyebrows are like and this is gonna sound weird do you remember in Little Mermaid Prince Eric’s eyebrows yes so they are kind of straight across and then they have this like gentle slope here do you want to tell me about her nose it’s kind of like a heart I don’t know I’m a little tipsy right now I’m not gonna be the best at describing something this is not a true showing of my character this is a sham her nose is like mine you’re convincing yourself that y’all yeah I am I think it’s more like like straight here I’m trying to like rabbit in front of your face it’s right there she has a really button nose so she is kind of like a little curve right here but only when she smiles she does have a septum you’re seen she usually has a red lip on they have like a pronounced Cupid’s bow her lips are a little bit thinner I think she has little teeth everything’s just a little anyway what were we talking I would say like her lips were like of a medium thickness with like one side of it just slightly more thick than the other should we draw a sash diamond or shall we draw a smiley Devin we can do smile she does have a good keep it spell it’s got a little bit more instead of a point it’s got a little bit more of a plateau I think sometimes there can be little freckles just like under the eyes but like very very light Jen’s energy when I look at her face is like I am woke but I will also make you laugh your ass off can you draw her not with the like a big smile but maybe with a tiny smile and more of like a smile she is bisexual so if you wanted to break that on the paper and then also write loves Disney femininity and I think of just like like this is what I feel like her essence is one of the first videos I produced with Fred in it was a Lisa Frank video and since then whenever I think of Fred I just think is this a Frank he’s got like bright colors to her she’s like ethereal and magical person is just such a kind person that like the funniness is just like it’s like the funniest and the kindness like are so tied together that it is hard to not feel like really happy when you’re around her I think like a sunshine yellow when you first look at sunshine yellow you think no one should wear this color and then people start putting it on and then you’re like everyone should wear this color that’s not helpful at all you either be glitter or a pink probably red can we make her glasses red her glasses are red teal magenta and a gold um are we at Harriet I’m really gonna do good at her yeah sure why not her hair probably goes to like about here the [Laughter] it’s like what 11:30 on a Wednesday recently she had this hairstyle that I was obsessed with she had like a cute straight across bang and then like curly short Bob she has like long luscious to kind of say like curliness is yours like kind of wavy curly her hair line isn’t like straight across that it’s like a little bit like Jen’s hair her hair is truly magnificent one of the best types of hair but it’s thick it’s dark it moves with the wind but also has structure how the goldfish because they make you laugh but they’re really good he would be a hot cheeto are you kidding me yes this is a Terence the vegetables are a part of her cheese yogurt all the time I think she’s Greek yogurt if it gets messed up then it’s not gonna it’s not gonna be good it’s got to be a proper yogurt and that makes sense yeah or chicken or drumstick maybe an apple bread is obviously a snack they should be a New York slice does this look like Kristen yeah I think that looks like Kristen I’m shocked actually at how good this looks it’s perfect yes great I mean I didn’t do anything I just sat here and talked about was drugs Mary did all the work I think she’ll hone in more on the snacks on the side than chef Mary is like genuinely very talented I just know that your look you are so welcome but I just know that I cannot describe people that well so some of you might be thinking wait mary has already seen all the gals and lady like true yeah but Mary’s drawing based off of what I’m saying well I think she’ll love it and I think this video just brought us all together thank you Mary yeah all right we’re hungover now let’s see what we did I’m afraid you wanna start I will say before I turn this around I’m sure that mine was like a little bit hard cuz I changed my hair so much like I’m curious to know which hairstyle was chosen oh my weak also I just got new round glasses and so this person is super like on-trend and understands what’s happening in the now I love the texture in the hair I feel like my eyes are pretty accurate I love this honestly like I want to hang this up who do I think did it I’m gonna say Kristen yep I think this person is remembering 2017 me when my eyebrows were a little too soon I think the snacks are the best part because this person understands that like see if those things are like tied to me who did this based on the sides I would guess maybe Freddy because she really likes that I always did sides in the midst of me describing what Jen looks like I was like wait am I just describing myself yea it’s Emily Moore your jawline I think this is cute I like it wait okay mine hasn’t no sexual cover yes then I’m gay slash Jen wait time did you write that it was supposed to be a surprise I was very drunk I would say my nose shape is right my mouth is not that big but I appreciate I think it’s really beautiful should i guess who it is is it the person who signed I’m gay Jen my turn oh I like my wavy hair I think that eyebrows are perfect I love the cat eye yeah I feel like my nose might be a little bit larger Oh like in real life yeah this is really good Chris it was me how did you know that I mean they’re like oh yeah the person that did your portrait was really accurate I was like oh it was Kristen yeah no you did a great job Kristen all right here we go oh so like I saw this obviously I was behind the camera drunk Chantal I was like just everything is small I was looking nose is good but smaller kitchens smaller I think your hair is a little bit more is the I do think that the forehead could be smaller for someone who is doing a description of you like I know that’s Devin I’d be like Devin committed a crime local woman just ran off with sandwich why was she naked there you get a great job talented artist you put up with their drunken antics and we appreciate her for that he’s so manly yeah very thank you describing ourselves to a sketch artist well drunk lady tested ladies session [Music] you

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