Watch Jennifer Garner Sing a Sound of Music Song — with a Twist! — at Save the Children Gala

 Jennifer Garner offered a spirited rendition of The Sound of Music’s classic song “Do-Re-Mi” — with a twist!  The Peppermint actress, 47, altered the lyrics to honor the 100th anniversary of Save the Children at the “Centennial Celebration: Once in a Lifetime” gala held in Los Angeles on Wednesday night  “Save the Children, one hundred years. We have three lofty goals: A healthy start for kids, the opportunity to learn and always protect the young from harm,” Garner sang  Garner shared a video of the moment on her Instagram account on Friday.  “If these commercials were your last interactions with @savethechildren, I’m guessing it is because we work where no one else wants to go—on purpose,” the actress wrote  She continued, “Where conflict, humanitarian crises, natural disasters or poverty have stacked odds against children, where gender inequality puts girls’ childhoods, lives and futures at risk, #SaveTheChildrenis the first organization in and the last one to leave ”  “This week we celebrated 1 Billion children served in our 100 year history. ♥️ We cheered for champion for kids #BobIger, we hung on @oprah’s every word, we swooned over @jamestaylor_com, and dried our eyes for @chefwolfgangpuck, @amanichildrenschoir, #MidCitiesYouthChoir, @[email protected] and the stories from Aya, Justin (Phillipines) and Estephany (El Salvador)— representing kids in our programs around the world It was kind of major,” she wrote.  “Thank you for the warm reception for our first ever West Coast gala, LA Thank you for showing up, Seattle,” Garner added. “Thanks for the swanky shindig, #JoeRoth #investinkids #celebrate100years#haveagreatweekend!”  Garner has been a longtime advocate for children and frequently travels with Save the Children as a trustee to visit kids in need  In June, the actress traveled to New Mexico to visit thousands of displaced immigrants and their children  “I get to see the beauty of kids in the worst of circumstances,” Garner said in a video by NBC Image zoom  “They’ve gone without baths, without food, without medical care,” she continued “They’re here, happy to hear my butcher Goodnight Moon because they’re children.”  Amid an influx of migrant families seeking asylum in the U S. from violence and instability in their home countries, Save the Children has launched its first humanitarian mission in America, according to NBC  “They are a group that has been out here probably a little over two weeks now They set up the kids’ safe zone/play zone. They have a lot of volunteers that come in and do arts and crafts with the kids and stuff like that,” Chris Brice, the county official overseeing operations, said of their work, according to the Deming Headlight

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