Vital Information Ft. Lori Beth Denberg ?All That’s Behind the Sketch | #AllThatTuesday

It’s a pretty noisy world
backstage at “All That”. Get set for a deep dive
into the comedy skits that defined your childhood. On “All That’s” behind the sketch. “All That’s” behind the sketch! And now, Lori Beth Denberg
with Vital Information for your everyday life. This is no way to treat the world. [crowd laughing] Ah yes. Vital Information
for your everyday life. “All That’s” quintessential sketch
that taught a generation of children that total nonsense is totally awesome. 10 million years ago,
dinosaurs ruled the Earth 10 minutes ago
I ruled the women’s restroom. [crowd laughing] I guess it’s called
the Vital Information lady. Vital Information
for your everyday life is just wacky, cooky stuff. And they’ll run throughout
the shows I’ve been told. Vital Information made its debut
in the premier episode of “All That’s” first season, hosted by now legendary cast member,
Lori Beth Denberg. Just 17 years old when the show premiered,
Lori Beth was discovered by the show’s creators
at a high school drama festival during a nationwide talent search.
Yes Lori Beth! This is actually the first audition
that I ever went on for anything professional. So, to be here doing a show,
I never dreamed of anything like this. Show creators actively avoided
finding kids with too much show business experience
to give “All That” a more authentic feel. They wanted to make a show
that represented kids’ voices, not some older person’s view
of what kid’s comedy should be. And Lori Beth was all that,
and a bag of crispy potato chips. [crowd laughing] One potato, two potato,
three potato, four. I rode a bike that had no seat
and now my butt is sore. Let’s now look at the typical format
of a Vital Information sketch. Typical format! Our host begins by whimsically interacting
with a prop on her desk. Then she notices the camera
and it’s go time. Setup! It’s good to make a sandwich. While maintaining her signature
straight face, she’d follow
with a hilariously ridiculous punch line. Knockout! It’s weird to make out with a sandwich. Then, Lori turned to address a second
camera for another one, two punch of comedy gold. Treasure! Some would say this glass is half-empty.
Some would say it’s half-full. I say… [crowd laughing] And finally a turn back to the first
camera to bring the sketch home. Lori is home! If your dad’s a monkey,
and your mom’s an elephant, Then congratulations,
you’re a monkey-phant! [crowd laughing] Sadly, Lori Beth left “All That”
at the end of season four. And would be missed dearly
by cast members, fans, and big ears of corn alike. Now the question begged, who would be wacky enough
to pick up the torch? Who could continue a comedic legacy
of such unprecedented greatness? The answer? Nick legend, Danny Tamberelli.
Roll the clip. We’re mutants! Wrong show.
Again, wrong show. Okay, closer.
Right show, wrong sketch. Oh! There it is! Danny took over hosting duties
for seasons five & six. He was so nervous to take on the role because of how perfect Lori Beth
had been for the part. However, the writers thought
he could not only nail it, but should add his own spin. And like a true red-head,
that’s exactly what he did. When it rains it pours!
When there’s a nail in your eye, you go– [screaming] [crowd laughing] My eye! Danny’s version was much louder. Baby you’re gonna dance!
You do look like a hyena. [screaming] More physical. [crowd laughing] [screaming] And included 100%
more dancing monkeys. The dancing monkey boy! [crowd laughing] But then, Vital Information
was dropped after season six. [sighing] Only to triumphantly return
for season 10 featuring a brand new host. Lil J.J.
Yeah! It’s important
to eat a well-balanced meal. It’s dangerous to eat a well-balanced
nuclear missile. Continuing the legacy
and making Vital Information the longest-running sketch
in “All That’s” history. That means more sketches
than Pierre Escargot, Ask Ashley, more than Good Burger, combined. Just don’t check the math on that.
Because we’re not– We didn’t do it. And now you know all that there is
to know about Vital Information. Get it? All that there is to know?
Okay, I’m done. Go like, comment, subscribe
you know the drill. And if there’s a sketch
that you’d love to learn the history of, then let us know
in the comments below. If your telephone rings, answer it.
If your butt rings, see a doctor. [crowd laughing]


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