Unboxing Great Packaging Design from Ernest Packaging Solutions

We have a pretty small marketing team,
but we get a lot done. Our flagship product is
the Pitts 21 system. The Pitts 21 system is a
self-ligating bracket. We know that a precise product
is going to be the best product for our orthodontists. So we
needed a package that kind of reflected how unique and interesting and modern
and forward-thinking that our product was. So how do we find a material
and/or a style of packaging to be able to maximize the
marketing and the branding? We’re small compared
to a lot of the big boys. And while we’ve got big-budget ideas,
we’ve got small-budget pockets. What can we do to make it different
so that it does have a uniqueness when this is standing on its own
that says “world-class technology”? It’s got all the brackets, the wires,
the tools. We included a USB stick on there that has educational videos and literature. When other companies sell kits,
they don’t necessarily put it in a kit. It may come in a plastic bag because
that was never important to them. Now that we have this, our competition
is almost replicating some of the things we do. I’m also thinking about
the production process, how much manual labor is going
to have to go into the production. And the answer is: It has
to be economically feasible. This is a 24-point SBS board. When it comes
down to a singular substrate such as SBS and its malleability, formability, machinability
and printability, it’s a very sound solution. Once they are assembled and
filled with the product, we needed them to be small enough
because we ship worldwide. There can’t be any shake, rattle and roll.
We need to make certain that all of those components stay
within the same position so that they are received
in that same pristine condition. There’s this visceral feeling before they even open it,
and you can feel it. You can feel the matte finish. You can see the glossy outlines.
But when you have the right aesthetic, people automatically know
something’s going on. We want an impact and
an impression so that there is a repeatability
within the business. You can go online at
pretty much any moment, type in Pitts 21 and find someone from some
country showing off their box.

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