Unboxing & Drawing with EXPENSIVE drawing models

Hello, hello and welcome to my glorious channel, my name is echo Gillette just in case you’re New here and today i’m gonna be unboxing and testing out some really expensive Drawing models i paid so much money for these now we’re gonna find out if it was worth it so through the glorious power of? the internet i have purchased These two drawing models in grey one is like a feminine kind of small body type and then one is kind of like a slightly Larger masculine, body, type it’s gonna, mess with, my, white balance isn’t it god Generally, these things come in two three colors you can buy Them in like pitch black Peach or grey i feel like on the pitch black figurines the highlights are really easy to see and on the really Like peach ones the shadows are easy to see whereas the grey is like a solid middle ground granted that could just be following on Personal preference but i think that the grey ones are gonna work the best for me you’ll have To, pick the ones that work the best for you and your budget, because the grey ones are more expensive if i’m gonna Be honest i’m pretty sure that they’ve stopped, making this line, but there are a lot out there that you can Buy i took a shot in the dark and got mine from ebay, which i very much don’t recommend Because ebay, is like the single most Unreliable online store platform i have ever used in my, life but i got it to work, these things are so expensive They’re, so expensive, now i’ve had those like ridiculous, like wooden figurines that you can get from ikea for like Five dollars those are good for getting like a very basic Understanding of human form these ones are so much more in depth these ones have a much more accurate depiction of like Muscle curvature they have like individual hands they’re, way more poseable And i’m very excited to play with them i have one of these things for so long there are some versions of these that seem To, be a bit more geared towards the american style of drawing but, these ones are a bit more anime esque which if i’m honest i kind of prefer Which is another reason, why i got these they’re so expensive they Also have tons of exchangeable parts and body stands, and i’m just really excited to play with. These, okay, let’s go ahead and open these Okay, so here is the body chen, and buddy kun set in grey great color version By, bandai let’s go ahead and start by opening the body, chun set So on the back of the box they Actually give you a brief explanation of the instructions you pose your figurine and then take a photo of it and then use that photo to trace over and get a reference and Then you can Use that to make the rest of your art simple no look at all these epic poses That’s just great and then in this corner it kind of shows you essentially what it comes with so this is the basic Assembly information it tells you how, to put everything together and then these are Some more complex instructions in japanese the pictures are very useful though i think that the gray Figurine, actually just comes with more stuff, and that might be why it’s more expensive than the other ones because it looks like The pink only comes with the hands and not the stand or any of the props it also comes with This sheet of lined grid paper when i was watching reviews for this i saw a bunch of people, who didn’t completely know What this, was for and it’s actually just so that you can See the space this is supposed to make it easier for a drawing area around your Figurines if you plan on drawing furniture or anything Around your character this will give you a solid idea of how to draw those foundation lines now i actually did open This one box when i first got it because i was just too curious and i had a look at all of the props So the set actually came with a samurai sword a tablet a handgun a Cell phone a flip phone a pencil and a laptop, also the laptop is actually flexible which is really cool First thing we’ve got to do, is get this all out of the plastic It looks like, if i’m reading this correctly the samurai sword should be able to fit Across, these little slits here and then these should all just fit in these little compartments i Don’t understand okay i initially had it backwards but i figured it out although i’m pretty sure i put the tablet in the wrong compartment That that is okay move that cellphone there? Awesome put all of that stuff over here sweet Based on the instructions i think i was able to assemble it correctly so that everything fits within the stand which is extra cool Okay, so now let’s have a look at the actual stand So this is the main stand and this connects to this Base plate through this tiny hole that’s right there and then this is what you’ll be attaching the figurine to, if i’m gonna Be honest this is the part that took, me a solid second to figure out the main purpose of this piece is so that your Figurine has something to rest on if you need to hold it up in the air however it also comes with This replacement piece so these two little arms that are meant to wrap around the figurines waist can be attached to either one of these frames you can just press these arms into place and then you’ll have a different grip to hold, your figurine with i Also, want to point out with this stand you Don’t actually have to use this grip at all because the model can actually be attached directly to the holder Which is really cool, according to these instructions you can, also pop out These little parts here and move this arm to other parts around, this little platform it’s very stable Okay, so now let’s have a look at the body kun Whew this one looks a bit more sturdy It looks, like this one also comes with a set of instructions but for a slightly different method This, is what the props initially look, like, before they’ve been removed, from the casing i actually got all, these pieces out By just lightly, twisting them they actually came, away from the plastic casing fairly easily So the laptop actually does come in two parts and has to be assembled There, we go it looks like This one is much more flexible than the other one which i think is just down to like machining differences this one opens and closes much farther i Think, with this One i’m actually gonna take a second and i’m gonna try and replace the hand Do i just pull it i’m so afraid to just pull this off oh that was scary what hand do i want to try yes this is the right hand lets just try this open palm ahh im worried im gonna bend it, oh my god guys im struggling I just really, don’t want to break it this does not feel natural oh Sh** There it goes there we go did it Oh, that, was terrifying one thing about these Is that the plastic is extremely soft so when i’m trying to do anything forceful with it i’m a Little bit afraid, that i’m gonna break it It’s there, no left-handed peace sign left-handed. Prejudice i Can do this strong independent woman you got this girl Okay, there we go all right after a little bit of practice it does get easier the sheer volume of flexibility on these is amazing I have pretty small womanly hands and these things fit perfectly in the palm of my Hand which for me, is kind of nice because it? Means they, won’t take up that much desk space this could just be the manufacturing but I feel, like the male model is a bit more stiff and rigid Whereas the female model is pretty loose and wobbly that could, also just be because this model is a bit Smaller one of the most impressive things in my, eyes about, these models is the range at Which they can, bend their knees ball Jointed dolls are fantastic at doing this one of my favorite features about the masculine figurine Is that his arms can, actually go forward and back this is a really cool Range of movement that i’ve never seen in another figurine let, me be excited about, my stuff doo doo doo, doo Doo, yeah he’s holding himself up right now that’s so cool, one thing that i was kind of disappointed about Was the fact that the female figurine cannot lift her arm straight up in the air whereas the Figuring, can’ this could just be a defect of these specific models but given the way that the feminine shoulders are put together i feel Like, that just might be a limited range of motion for this model i feel like, overall the masculine figurine has a bit wider Range of motion it also feels a bit more sturdy, also every now And then i see tiny little plastic, defects like the legs aren’t exactly the same this one sticks out A little bit on this side the feminine figures shoulders aren’t completely even there’s tons of little things About these models that aren’t perfect, but They, are much better than some of the other resources i have access to i’m Also really enjoying the feet on these models the flexible toes are great they’re perfect For modeling walking so from here we’re. Gonna pose them take a couple pictures and see what, we can sketch so i took a couple pictures and then i found One that i liked and i pulled it into photoshop just to see if i could get kind of like, some basic Line art i mainly, wanted to see how. Easily These photos, would transfer into like, actual workable lines i really, wasn’t like investing My heart or soul into this drawing i was just kind of scribbling when i was drawing this i was also working with My wacom intuos drawing tablet Which is not in an on-screen drawing tablet so it’s not Necessarily the best for a line art i mainly use this for coloring i feel like These figurines have a lot of potential but i also feel like i need to make a bit more artwork with Them before i can, decide if they’re Actually a very good tool so i may come, back to these in the future So cool, i love it i love it so much i think, overall i’m very happy with This purchase especially given that i was able to find some slightly cheaper ones they’re not Perfect i can, admit that but, they are way Better than the really common wooden ones that you see all the time so my audience and i have been working on making a bunch Of original characters and i plan on putting them into comics at, some point and i feel like these are Going to be extremely helpful as references when i make those comics overall i’m happy, with, it i’m excited to see, where this Adventure goes and i’ll keep you guys updated They are a tiny bit more rigid than i would have expected But i think i can work around that i think i’m going to get a Fair amount of use out of these here are, some really cool fan art By really cool, people i love that i have a community of artists it’s great i’m gonna give you 300 all Some points for watching me unbox my brand-new Fancy toys and i think that’s everything for now so hopefully i will see you guys later bye Fuck you and your 5 percent juice ah


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