Tutorial ∗ Heart brooch ∗ Брошь -сердце ∗ Мастер-класс

Hi, my dear friends! Glad to meet you on 123 clay channel! In this tutirial I’ll show you how to make this heart brooch You will need: polymer clay, liquid gel, roller and pasta machine, blade, craft knife, modelling tool, extruder, clay for metal, bruches, black sand, varnish, 100-200 grit sandpaper brooch fastener, black acrylic paint, gloves and wet wipes. Prepare white, yellow and black clay And roll out it on the #4 of pasta machine Cut off a strip from the white seam Mix acrylic paint with a little water It should not be too stiff or liquid Fold a wet wipe And impregnate it with paint Cut out a long triangle from the white strip Use blade’s back side to make pattern Lay a paper on the workplace Make blots on the yellow clay by black acrylic paint Before that you could practice with that on a paper After that remove clay from the paper You need to wait until paint is completely dried. Pour sand on black clay And roll up with a roller Cut a stencil from paper Using the stencil cut a heart from the white clay layer Grease the surface with liquid gel Glue the triangle in the middle Cut off unnecessary pieces When paint is dried cut off the clay by bending blade Glue the layer on the white base Also cut off and glue the layer with sand Turn it and cut off on the edges Squeeze thin thread through the extruder Make the petals of the segments of different lengths For the core of the flower fold one of the sections into a spiral Put the elements on top of the brooch Form the petals by stack to make them more dynamic Press the flower through paper Then bake the brooch for 15 minutes Sand the brooch edges and backside Cover the edges with black acrylic paint Glue the fastener to the brooch Put little liquid gel on top And glue a small piece of clay After that bake the brooch again for 20 minutes Varnish it Enjoy the results! Thanks for viewing! Put like if you liked the video Happy claying! See you!

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