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Hello my dear friends! Welcome to 123-Clay! channel In the previous tutorial I showed how to make a crumpled vase of polymer clay It this tutorial I’ll show how to make small folds on polymer clay surface Happy viewing! These tools and materials you’ll need for this class: polymer clay liquid gel a blade modelling tools brushes small beads copper beads earring hooks copper wire 20-Ga. and 32-Ga. copper paint semi gloss varnish dry pastel jewelry tools Mix white and blue polymer clay Soften polymer clay with liquid gel Clay should be very soft Put it into the container Add about 1 teaspoon of liquid gel to the container and mix it Place softened clay onto the work surface Shape it into desired form The layer should be about 1mm thick Sprinkle the surface with dry pastel powder Pastel and clay should be in the same color gamma You can also use dry pigments or mika powder instead of pastel Press pastel powder to clay surface Distribute powder over the surface by the soft brush Shift the top layer of clay by the brush Small folds are obtained Shift the top layer from the edges to the center Sprinkle the edges with dry pastel powder again And distribute it by the brush Shift clay again modelling it into desired form Remove the rest of clay and pastel powder by the blade Put pastel powder into the earring centers And make holes there Bake the earrings for 15 minutes on the work surface Baked details cut off from the work surface Remove the rest of pigments from the baked details Mix copper and black clay Coat the back sides with liquid gel Spread clay on the back sides Make holes too Wrap the dot tool with wipe and make a texture Tint the back sides with black pastel And bake it for 30 minutes again Tint the earring surface with copper paint Varnish the details Attach thick wire to the detail by thin wire Decorate one of the turns with beads Thoroughly fasten the ends of wire Make a wrapped loop Then string the beads And make a wrapped loop again Fasten the earring hooks That’s all You can make such folds in any color you like The base of light clay is needed for light pastel These folds can also be made on a convex surface Please ask your questions in comments In the next tutorial I’ll show a very easy way to make this folded bracelet Thanks for watching! See you later!


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