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(spooky organ music) – Hi guys, welcome back to — – [Family] That YouTub3 Family. – Today we’re gonna be doing
a full face of tattoos. – Oh no. – I’m nervous because
we have school tomorrow. So what if this does not come off? – Yeah I’m scared it’ll stain our face. – I’m not gonna do on my face. – [Mom] Yes, you are. Everybody’s picking a face one. So here’s our choices. Okay so, everybody pick
one and start applying. – [Audrey] I don’t know what to choose. I kinda want this one. – [Mom] You gonna put one on each cheek? – But I also like the Minnie Mouse one. Okay, I’m gonna try it. I’m nervous for it because I’m worried that I’ll look creepy with it. I probably will. – Does this look creepy? – [Mom] Is that supposed
to go over your eyes? – Here, do you wanna do this, Mom? I’ll do this one then. I’ll be the voodoo doll. I got black lipstick, man. It’s getting real. – Same. – Can someone help me? – What is this, white cream makeup? Oh, I put it on my whole face. – [Mom] What one are you doing? – The voodoo doll.
– [Ty] No. – I’m doing the witch.
I’m gonna be creepy. – Oh, I gotta be a witch. – So let me see it off here. – [Jordan] I am excited ’cause
these kits are pretty cool. – [Father] Press head to (mumbles) — – I have to put this around my face. I’ll look pale. – [Mom] Before you tattoo? – I don’t know ’cause look — – [Mom] I’d think you’d
tattoo and then put it. – Well, look at the picture. – [Father] Press down and make sure it’s on there for 30 seconds. – [Ty] Oh yes. – [Mom] I like how it does
not tell you what to do. – I know. – [Mom] I would probably
tattoo and then apply it because it won’t stick otherwise. – Okay. – [Mom] Which you probably
don’t want it to stick, but you better. (laughs) – The reason why Dad has
a band-aid on his head because he had surgery. – I don’t have a band-aid
on my head, where? – Right here. – Don’t touch it. – [Mom] Dad got stitches,
and you don’t want to see it. – I had 20 stitches in my forehead. – [Ty] I’m all ready. – But don’t worry, he’s okay. Ow, this is so poking into my eyeball. (father and son cross talk) – [Mom] Whoa, Jordan. Transformation. – It’s poking into my eyeball. – [Mom] That’s creepy. Ty’s going to get his Illuminati. – Illuminati, the third eye? – [Mom] Right above his, on his forehead? – The all-seeing eye? – [Mom] Oh no, no, no, naughty. It’s gonna go right up into his hair. – [Jake] Maybe you should
do it on his cheek. – [Mom] Well, he wants it right there. So now you have to hold this until it feels like it’s gonna just — – 30 seconds. – [Mom] Okay so just hold that
Ty until it slips right off. – [Ty] My eyes. – [Mom] All right, Ty’s
getting Illuminati’ed. – I’ve got my creepy eyeballs on. – [Mom] Jordan’s is so freaky. – I can’t like look anywhere. It’s like poking my eyeball. – Guys, this is how I look. I could look like this. – [Mom] Yup. Audrey’s doing something freaky. – [Audrey] I guess mine’s stickers, too. – [Mom] Hey, there you go. Stickers in a V. That works. You guys won’t have to go
to school being embarrassed. – [Jordan] Maybe we still will. There’s still more parts. – [Mom] Jake’s going to be a skeleton. – [Ty] Guys, look. Has it been 30 seconds? – [Mom] Oh, this is crazy. I don’t know. Let’s just wait a little bit longer. – I feel like a new person. – [Mom] You look like
a new person, Jordan. – I feel like I can’t talk at all. – [Mom] I think you should
go to school like that. That would be creepy. Okay peel off the paper. (creepy humming) Get a mirror. Ty’s tattoo’s clear up to his hair. (Father laughs) – [Mom] He’s got a third eye. – [Father] Tyler’s the all-seeing eye. – [Mom] Whoa, Ty. – Hello. – [Mom] So how do you
feel about going to school like that tomorrow? – Don’t know. I’m gonna wash it off. – [Mom] You are? But it’ll look good. Ty, turn around. Show Audrey. – [Jake] Oh, it’s in his hair.
– It’s in his hair! – I doubt it. – [Mom] Ty! Okay Ty, what else you putting on? – Nothing else. – [Mom] Nothing else?
– I’m done. – [Mom] I think you should
put something else on. – Another Illuminati. – [Mom] Another Illuminati? – [Jordan] Two Illuminatis. – [Mom] Where would you put the other? Should we put some the eyelashes on? Should we put these on, the Joker’s? Do you want some skeleton stuff? – Okay, is that stickers? – [Mom] This is tattoo. – Okay, I’m done. – So I actually put on fake eyelashes. – [Jake] Yeah? – [Mom] Let’s see. – Is that actually like okay? – [Mom] Hey, that’s looking pretty good. Yeah, it looks good. – That was really, really hard to put on. – [Mom] Oh Jake, you’re looking different. – [Father] He’s supposed to be a skull. His teeth kind of got
moved around a little bit. – [Mom] Aww, that looks crazy. – I can’t open. (Mom laughs) – [Mom] All right Dad. Are you going to be this crazy
guy or this little boy clown? What one? – I’ll be … I’ll do this. – [Ty] Is that a tattoo? – [Mom] Tattoo face paint. – Should I be the evil clown? – [Mom] Do it. – [Ty] Wait with the dark eyes. – [Jordan] Rock the evil clown look. – I’m gonna rock the evil clown look. – Dad, with the dark eyes. – That’s not a tattoo. – [Mom] Does Jake have to
put those on those dark eyes? – [Father] No, it’s just … – [Mom] Oh, it’s just part of the plastic? Hey Audrey’s looking pretty good. – I’m putting eyeliner as an eyeshadow. – [Mom] That’s cool. – [Ty] The pins already sticking in you. – [Mom] Is that what it says to do? – Well, I’m trying to copy her. – [Mom] Yeah so, pretty much then. ‘Cause this is not tattoo? – No, it’s just paper. – [Jordan] It looked like
a tattoo in the store. – [Mom] It did look like a tattoo. – Oh, this one looks so bad. I can’t fix it. I can’t move my eye. – [Mom] It’s not so bad. – I can’t really like move my eyes at all. I’m like (groans). – [Mom] Could you imagine
wearing that all night? – [Jordan And Audrey] No.
– [Mom] Like to a party? – [Jake] Ready, guys? – [Mom] Careful, it might not stick again. Oh, you got eyelash glue? – Yeah. – [Jordan] Oh no. I’ve got an itch on my
nose, and I can’t itch it! – [Mom] Oh no! – [Ty] I’ve got an itch on my nose too. I can’t. – [Jake] I want to go tch tch tch. – Okay, so I’m going to do one of the Day of the Dead
glitter face tattoos. One of these. I think I will do the blue one because blue is my favorite color. So, I’m going to go with this one. It’s always promising when
your package says apply with water, but you need to remove with baby oil or rubbing alcohol. So that tells me my face
is going to be scrubbed raw and red after this. This is a good kit, though. This came, wait, this came with two. – [Jordan] What? Really? Hey, that’s a really nice kit. – So if you messed up, you
would get a second one. Or if you were going out to like the party and then trick or treating, you’d get two. That’s awesome. I was not expecting this to
have two in it so that’s bonus. – [Ty] Bonus Jonus!
– That’s cool. – All right so, I have
eyeshadow to do next. So I gotta go downstairs
and get brushes to do it. – Yours didn’t come with any? – No, so I will just — – [Audrey] Yeah, it does. It’s just does right there. – Where? – [Audrey] Your eyeshadow. – It has eyeshadow but no brushes. – [Audrey] Oh. – Okay so I’m gonna go grab
them, and I’ll be right back. – So, I got my flowers
on the top of my head. They’re pretty good, not totally straight. But I think it’s cool. It feels a little weird. – [Ty] That’s just one part. – That’s one part. Now for my eye. Okay, so I’m getting the one eye done. And I think I’m ready to peel it off. I’m not sure. I’m going to go for it. I hope it’s coming. – [Ty] Nope. Put it back on, put it
back on, put it back on. – No, I don’t want to. – [Jake] Fail. – Is it fail? Oh, the top half did
not stick to my eyebrow. I think it was down too low. Fail. Okay, we’ll try the other. Let’s see how Audrey’s is. – Hello, guys. I hate the white powder on my face though. This white cream ’cause it
just like it doesn’t even work. It just makes my skin look so nasty. It does not make me look
flawless like this girl. – [Ty] Actually on camera,
your whole face is white. – It is? – [Ty] Basically. At least your arms aren’t hurting. (family laughs) – [Mom] Ty likes being the camera man. – [Ty] It hurts. – [Mom] You have to hold very still. You’re doing good, Ty. – [Ty] This is my third
time holding the camera. My foot is numb. (Mom laughs) – [Mom] It’s only been 30 seconds. He’s like I’m dying. – This eyelash glue is
actually like awesome. Keep this eyelash glue. – [Ty] Oh my foot feels like — – Hello. – [Ty] My foot is going numb. My foot is way numb. – My eyelashes are like whoa. – [Ty] Oh, keep it there. No go a little. Your face is all white. – La la la la la. – [Ty] There’s this one second
that your face was all white. Everything was white. – [Jake] All right, it
looks just like the picture. – Do you want to play? – [Mom] That would be scary. – [Ty] Without looking in the cam, you just have like crusties. – Do you want to play Barbies? – [Mom] Oh, stop. – [Ty] I’ll rip off the Barbie head. – I like playing Barbies. Mom, you look like you have an eye patch. Look at Mom. (Ty hums) – [Ty] Wow. – I don’t know if this one’s
going to turn out any better. – [Jake] What? – Should I peel it off? – [Jake] No! – Yeah, I don’t think it’s sticking. – [Ty] I’ll tell you if you’re fail. – I think it’s failing. – [Jake] No, it’s working. – I don’t think so. It’s like … maybe. – [Ty] Dad. – These eye ones I don’t really like. – [Ty] Okay, you’ve got part
of half and almost all of half. – It’s just crumbling. – Hi. I’m almost done with my look. I just gotta do the lipstick and my nails, and then I should be all done. It’s really hard to do
the eyeshadow though. And I probably missed a lot,
but you know, I don’t know. – [Ty] I was the first one done. Hey Dad. – Okay, so far, what are you
guys thinking of the tattoos? – [Ty] Mine is good. Mine’s good. – I don’t like mine. This is kind of a pain. But maybe if I was more patient
and did each little flower by itself, maybe it would turn out better. I don’t know. – [Dad] Here Ty, let’s see. Does it look like my picture? – [Ty] Okay. It looks scarier than you. Well, it’s close. So if you have bloodier mouth. You have a bloodier mouth. – I just got done eating dinner. – [Ty] So how is Aud doing? – Painting my nails black. – [Jake] She stole it from my kit. – Yeah, I did. – My kit’s a fail. That’s why they give you two is ’cause they know you’ll mess up. – [Ty] Twice. – [Dad] You’d probably need 10. – It’s cause mine did not work. – [Jake] Same. – [Ty] Oh my. Yours is so messed up. (Mom laughs) Look in the mirror. – I know it did not go. Okay, mine is breaking. So I think it’s time to come off. And I’m not very helpful. – [Ty] Ha ha.
– [Dad] Wah wah wahhh. – [Ty] Hey, you got two bits.
– Wow. – That was like a mess. – [Audrey] Look how long
my eyelashes though. – [Mom] I think they’re kinda cool. – They’re like so long. They’re like right out here. They’re like Logan’s eyelashes. His eyelashes are like these long. These long, these long. – [Mom] Would you want to
wear those every single day? – I mean that’s very bold. – [Mom] It is, but there’s a lot of people that do wear those. – [Ty] Wait, every
single day of your life? – [Mom] Yeah, some people
like their eyelashes going up to their eyebrows. – I think they look spikier. Do you feel it? I don’t know. I guess when you’re not used
to it, it would bug you — (family cross talks) – [Mom] Probably eventually
get used to it but. – I want to itch my head. – I don’t like fake eyelashes
’cause they’re like — – But when you take them off,
it’ll be a disappointment because then you’re like oh,
they’re short and stubby. (Mom laughs) – Jordan’s got some bling
bling in her eyelashes. – [Mom] Let’s see her bling bling. – I’ve got bling bling on the lashes. – [Mom] Oh, I like the bling bling. – Yeah! – [Mom] I’d like you to go
to school like that so bad. – [Audrey] Really? – It comes with nail polish in this kit. I’m so surprised. – [Mom] That’s kind of cool. That’s a good kit. – [Father] Tell her you
should go to school like that, and tell everybody to say I see you. – [Mom] Or say Illuminati confirm. Okay, who would wear their
tattoo to school or work? – [Ty] Daddy would. – [Jordan] Not to school – I’ll wear it to work! – [Mom] ‘Cause Dad works from home. Who else would wear theirs? (family cross talks) – The stickers are annoying. – [Mom] Would you wear
that look to school though? – No. – [Jake] Probably see
what they would do but no. – [Mom] I could not stand
to wear this even like around the house because my face itches. – I know. I’ve got an itch right here,
but I know if I touch it I’m gonna get paint all over. – And I gotta itch right
in the middle of the eye. – [Mom] In the middle of the eye? You’re scratching his eyeball, don’t. – Ready, kiss test. – [Mom] Whoa! Do it. – [Dad] What test? – Kiss test. – [Mom] Oh that’s actually,
you can totally see your lips and everything. – [Dad] But your lips
are still really black. – [Mom] Yeah. – [Jake] Can I see? – Who wants a kissy on their cheek? – [Mom] Who wants a lipstick tattoo? – [Dad] Here, right here. – I’m gonna get white on me. – [Mom] Ty, what happened? What happened? – [Jake] Oh no. – [Audrey] Are you
showing us all, for all? – [Mom] Ah, I see your eye. Okay, let’s see what Jake’s got. – I got a skeleton. – [Mom] Ty got a kiss on the
neck, and he won’t show it. All righty. (girls scream) You got another one, and one right there. Aww, kisses from Sissy. Okay, so there’s Ty’s. Jake’s, how did yours turn out? – Mine were pthh. – [Father] It’s supposed to be a skull. – [Mom] It’s supposed to be a skull. It turned out kinda cool, but
I don’t think you’d realize that it was a skull. – [Ty] I think we did this last year. – [Mom] Okay, what about Dad’s? Dad’s turned out pretty good. Pretty much like the picture. Maybe a little bit more
bloodier on the lips, but it just makes it look scarier. Okay, and Jordan’s? So creepy. – This is her pose in the picture. – [Mom] I think yours turned out spot on. I think it was very good. – It’s hard to blink but — – [Mom] That’s creepy. – It gets, the lipstick gets on your teeth really easily, but I
think it’s a cool kit. It creates a cool look. And there are spiders. – [Mom] Okay and Audrey’s. – Do you want to play? – [Mom] Yours turned out so good, too. – [Father] What’d you say? – Do you want to play? – [Jordan] No! No more creepy. – [Mom] I know creepy doll. – I’m a voodoo doll that
likes to give kisses. And then there’s Mom. – [Mom] Yours turned out really good. Mine was a flop, and it itches. I want to go like this so bad. Actually I’m going to ’cause … (screams) Itches. – Put up in the polls who
you think is the best. – Thanks for watching. – Remember to like. – Subscribe. – And share. – [All] Bye. (creepy organ music)

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