Tiffer Wright’s 35 Hour Master Canvas | Ink Master: Grudge Match (Season 11)

(intense music) – How you doin’?
– What’s goin’ on? – I’m Ryan, I’m going to
be your master canvas. – Nice to meet you,
Ryan I’m Tiffer. I’m gonna show you what we got. It’s a representation
of the battle that I went through
in the competition and the one thing that really
got me through the competition was the voice of my dad
just kept telling me, if you’re gonna be a bear,
be a fucking grizzly. You know, it’s a
strong powerful image. I’m a super big fan of
bold lines and solid colors and so neo-traditional
is kinda my specialty. And given the freedom
to do whatever I want, I wanted to show a big strong
neo-traditional tattoo. I think it’s gonna be
something that nobody has seen in the competition yet, a giant neo-traditional
back piece is really gonna say a lot. I don’t think
anybody’s expecting it and I think we’re
gonna wow everybody. These 35 hours are gonna be
pretty tough, I’m not gonna lie, but we’re gonna get
through it together. The time frame is not
so much of a worry if you’re as on board as I am. – I actually cannot wait
to get that tattooed on me. – That’s what I wanna hear.
– I cannot wait at all. (intense music) – [Tiffer] I’m ’bout
to have you lay down and I’ll draw on you. I just wanna make sure one
more thing before I do. – [Ryan] It’s only
about 30 minutes. Just stencil and
draw, that’s not bad. – You better get comfy
and quite fidgeting ’cause I will duct
tape you to the table. – [Ryan] Alright, I’m gonna
have to lose this pillow. – Go for it, you don’t not
have to have that pillow man, you get as comfortable
as you want. – Alright.
– Is that better? – Yeah.
– Cool. Alright, Ryan, you ready bud? (tattoo gun buzzes) One of the best
things you can do is just concentrate on
your breathing, okay? That’ll help a lot. All the different
competitors come and go I’ve watched them go through all of the stuff that
I just went though. I never woulda thought that
I woulda been in their shoes. And here we are. You know, I think about
what it probably felt like, watching some of these
guys go through the finale. Being on that stage
and wondering, man, I wonder what that’s
gotta be a crazy feeling. And I can’t believe
that that’s gonna be me. I just never woulda thought, this is where I
would of ended up. Especially, all quitting
tattooing for a year, to go to school, almost left this whole
career and industry behind. That was only four years ago. Just remember if I cost me a
$100,000 I’ll live with that, if you cost me $100,000. – You can kill me.
– I’ll fuck you up. (upbeat music) Now we’re gonna
sit you up, okay? However you wanna
situate these pillows, you wanna roll that up and like. As long as your leaning
forward like that, that’s all I need. – Okay?
– Okay. – That better or worse? At this point it
just all kinda sucks. – [Ryan] Yep. – [Tiffer] We’re a team right
now, I can’t win without you so hang in there. – [Ryan] Oh, shit. – [Tiffer] Just think
about this, man, we’re gonna get
through all this today next time we won’t have to
do any outlining or anything. Which is usually the worst. You know what I mean? – [Ryan] I wish we coulda
finished a lot more. – That’s okay, I mean, it’s
gonna be such a minor amount of line work we have to finish,
I mean I at least got ’em in there but I’m just
gonna need to bold ’em out. But it’s literally half of this
sleeve, half of this sleeve and this little ring right here,
this outer line of the ring it’s a very very
small amount of work. So even if we did that,
and it took 30 minutes we could put some
bactine on there and then just keep it wrapped
up and just let it chill out and just work on the bottom, start shading from
the bottom and stuff. It will be a quick
easy start next time and we’ll go right into shading. You wanna step up and
checkout what we got done? We got the start of the freakin’ burley ass bear back
piece right there. Dude, you’re the man, I
know that shit’s not easy. I mean, it wasn’t easy
for either one of us but take it from me, it was
probably a lot harder for you. (laughs) I’ll see ya next time. (intense music) – Tiffer.
– How you doin’ today? – [Ryan] Good how are you? – Good, I’m anxious to see
how everything healed up. So let me check it out. Oh, right on, dude. Lines look great,
everything looks awesome. We’re just gonna start
shading stuff, sound good? Whenever you’re ready. Round two. I’m not on a team anymore,
right now we’re a team. Alright, Ryan, I’m
gonna walk you down. I think that’s it
for the day, okay? – [Ryan] Alright. – [Tiffer] Much better
than last time, eh? – [Ryan] Oh, much better. – So I was able to get all
the black and gray done. Which means next time
we can start on color and hopefully if we have another
session like we did today we can the color done in two and still have that
last one to go in and button anything
up that we need to. Today was a good session. (upbeat music) Ryan, what’s up dude? Let’s see how
everything healed up. Well, better than I
hoped it would be. I was a little worried. Well today I’m going to
knock out as much color as I can possibly knock out. It’s gonna be a long day, okay? Do you want that hole opened up? There you go. – No worries. – Already about to tap out?
– Huh? – I said, already
about to tap out? I’m gonna put some
more bactine on it. And wrap it back up
again while I work. Because I am going to go
to the top at some point and I don’t want it to kill you. No matter what I do today,
we’re gonna be behind schedule. (intense music) Last call. Okay. Relax. Don’t get up, just
relax and breathe, okay? That last little bit we were
buzzing though pretty hard and I know you were strainin’
so I wanna give you time to catch your breath and
relax for a second, okay. I don’t want you just to
jump up and get light headed or anything so I just
want you to chill here for a few minutes. – Yeah.
– Okay. I’ll tell you right now that
we’re goin’ into this last session a little
behind schedule, it’s
just the way it is. We’re both gonna have
to bring it next time if we wanna knock
this out, okay? Today’s the day, man
– Today’s the day. – All the work that we’ve done, today is the last day to
try to knock this out. We got a lot riding on this. We gotta a little
bit of touch up to do and a little bit of
finishing up on that frame and then some textures
and some details and we’re gonna blow them out
of the water with this one. I told ’em before
I even got there that I will be the
next Ink Master and there’s no doubt
in my mind that I will. Breath, I’m done with
that frame, okay. Now I just need to do like
a once over everything and just make sure
it’s all tightened up. I knew I was gonna be
stressed out this last session but I didn’t expect it
to be this stressful. Alright, dude, hop up
and check it out, okay? – [Ryan] Holy shit, Tiffer,
this is fuckin’ awesome. – If you’re gonna be a
bear, be a fuckin’ grizzly. Like I’m stoked that we
were able to get this done. I’m stoked that it
looks the way it does. But now it’s a waiting game. There’s still two other
strong competitors that are putting together
amazing back pieces. And I couldn’t have done
it without you, Ryan. And this coulda gone
so many different ways and I coulda had a
canvas that couldn’t sit or made my life hell and you didn’t and I
think we made a great team and I’m super pumped to
show this off to the world. Next time I see you
will be in Vegas, showing this thing off. Let’s wrap it up. (intense music)


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