Thrikkaipetta – Songs and Crafts on Bamboo | Kerala Handicraft Village

Somewhere far, far away in Wayanad, is a small village labelled as the ‘Bamboo Village’ for its penchant for creating
unique handicrafts using bamboo . This is the village of Thrikkaipetta a silent hamlet noted for its gifted artisans whose exemplary craftsmanship is
reflected in the many bamboo products they create . The sight of the bamboo craftsmen crafting away with extreme ingenuity on huge bamboo poles and even
on tiny little pieces may leave one speechless. Their sheer brilliance sets them apart among the artisans of Kerala An extensive array of bamboo products are crafted by these artisans Apart from watching these master craftsmen carve exquisite pieces of artwork Travelers have the unique opportunity of
purchasing authentic bamboo articles Thrikkaipetta is also the seat of Uravu an NGO engaged in community development of bamboo artisans and
tribal folks engaged in tribal arts and crafts. A visit to Thrikkaippetta
refreshes one’s mind, body and soul this is an experience travelers to Kerala
mustn’t give a miss A unique opportunity to save a tribal life and crafts A visit to Thrikkaippetta may be clubbed with other tourist attractions
such as Kuruva Dweep Chembra Peak Tholpetty Wildlife Sanctuary Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary and Lakkidi Thrikkaippetta is around 100 kms from Calicut International Airport

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