Three Artists Try Drawing Pokémon from Memory

CollegeHumor Presents: Poorly Drawn Digimon So the way this is gonna work. Jake will give us all a Pokemon and we’re gonna have to do our best and try to draw it from our memory. Uhhh… Or if you can’t even remember it, just our best to draw what we think it could even be I have a great start ’cause I don’t have the ability to remember anything ’cause I never started (laughing). Wow. Memory versus imagination; it’s the ultimate drawing battle (laughing) Alright. Caldwell kicking us off for the initial Pokemon challenge, I want you to draw….. Fearow ok ok that’s a classic gin 100 is is
definitely a bird that’s it that’s a baccano character so
Julia I’m actually curious so you did grow up in the prime of the pokemon
yugioh collectible Japanese franchise height that was the early two thousands
absolutely thats related I played pokemon red and blue when it
was out and then things got too complicated and I never looked back honestly on the team that plays pokemon
for me and keeps me updated so many adults that wish they had done
the same thing so you’re already i call those making
some basic mistake yes he is sick I get it yeah I got it gyro is is a bird
is on I think you’re mispronouncing a jig and
it gets fire oh it’s alright you’re 0 the dragon 15 years and it’s a bird
that’s on fire right I get back to that flute it’s just a bird just like nitrous yeah
you know it’s not mulch as it’s a pyro its fire oh but if you think about it
it’s a fire sparrow uh-huh that’s that’s about as good as
any other Pokemon name yeah ultra school and impressive because
he wants to be on fire yeah enviro does not like being fired
and he cries for his pre rotisserie flesh in the playground universe shrink up to this fact yeah oh my god cooked ready to eat but still
alive meet well I don’t you if if you don’t mind
I’ll let me let me finish up here already we’re all Donald’s let me go
ahead and draw a kairos evolution because I i remember my memories on .
today so i actually remember what what my room looks like when he evolved haha look at that delicious butter ball uh-huh there is anything that is
actually it’s the only evolution where all of the stats go down if you have to
have that so what’s the what’s the evolved form of
fire Oh called they evolved from a fire yet is a base toys yeah i’m looking up with we’re not gonna
be able to top that hat all right ah yeah okay I remember spero on wire
his interest here oh good so you drew ok oh I feel like I remember a little
better yet you okay bureau with long with long just I
craziest beak in the whole yeah they just they just took their just like what
if what if but long you know yeah that the character designer just
walked by the desk was like you stretch that bird right out for us how do i evolved it uh did you try
making the hair bigger yeah we did that a on the the last one ok just stretch it
just put cannons growing out of its spine like no you can only do that once
all right yeah now now i really want to i want to draw
one I was pretty close with spirit to be honest but I guess I wasn’t close at all
because that’s not who I was drawing but the maury the designer of pokemon would
be ashamed of you it’s true now Nathan yes mistake going
into this this challenge was I believe repeatedly
boasting about how much you know about pokemon uh did I do that I thought I thought I said I just puffed
suspender up licking with your thumb I did wear my I didn’t wear my pokemon
suspenders today that’s true were Fanning yourself with a I’m a pack of
oil charges on this I i remember that impromptu poker rap
you dropped during lunch yeah you ran out of breath so quickly
yeah so Nathan your first pokemon is
miraculous no no they’re back there must be some
mistake number of 556 miraculous no you don’t understand i’m i’m a
Pokemon master want to over 700 of these idiots so ok miraculous you are no rank what
generation is that I think fifth and Jay can you use it in a sentence you use the
place what what’s the country of origin japan ok so an actual question that
makes sense miraculous all right that’s not that
Jesus Christ set the game player I forgot miraculous even existed yeah so
it’s a cactus i’m assuming definitely a candidate but
it’s like a miraculous cactus it away so it’s like it’s like it’s like a
cactus wizard I did say I was going to say like a
spiny Jesus with that boy like that to look at first of all having these band
are technically Jesus is thorny so let’s not Oh what that’s not controverted oh yeah
good reference and I’m just mad because it’s kind of a cliché pole you get that so here we got a you get a state we got
cactus got cactus wizard going still already just deeply wrong yeah uh that I looked at it but yeah
that could be a Pokemon – yeah well I do like I do like the Jesus angle because I
ok Jesus was kind of a wizard raises the world’s first wizard yeah that’s why uh that’s why the they
get so angry about harry potter because they’re afraid there will be a wizard
more popular than Jesus hmm do you think that at Hogwarts like
the kids because they don’t they probably don’t talk about a leg in class
but you know at lunch there like so Jesus right he’s better than everyone else is like
yeah right you can can you give me can you give me the the type what type
of pokemon practices I mean I believe it is the grass ok I don’t make me without bulbapedia
yeah Tom and then you have to just sort of
give it like a dinosaur yet portion yeah be a pokemon that’s a good tip um and yet he’s just he’s just like how
cast some spells is AP or grass well this one this one’s got some like
magical energy so maybe this is like some grass energy coming off a bit rats
energy and I think he’s got like a little bit of an over buddy ok you’ll probably according to boba p
do you probably recognize it best from the episode of the anime team plasma’s
pokemon power plot alright so this is this is more practice
and I’m actually i’m standing next to it this is this is to scale msu being proud of ya I’m your pilot I’m
so proud of how I’m like I knew this one that you give me a hard one next time I got it it’s like trainer nathan wants
to fight but nobody wants to fight you tooth and no idea what they wanted that
is yeah ya did it hey kid five feet fighting in my real
pokemon i definitely real my name on this is not my friend dead already and wants to fight o Mara I was imagining mirror I think if
Ludicolo needed a love interest in his like crappy solo movie that would be
more active well there you go that well now the moment of truth Julia the one we
who really really really already really well here’s the thing you’ve already
seen what we’ve done so like at least you were honest from the beginning
Caldwell and I were posturing all day and night is true I day and I i did you know how like arya
stark says all the peoples names that she wants to kill I go to bed and I just like trying to
remember as many pokemon dick and if that you do you wrap it do I do never had ever actually get to
sleep because yes if you justjust you don’t I in bed you
lie in bed baby public amount in there yet on arises yeah it’s called pokemon time travel and
it’s how I you know live my life julia is also drawing her trainer
portrait oh it’s updated updated for her new haircut yeah yeah yeah you guys you guys both do
look like you would fit in and in the Pokemon universe as your rights SuperCoach be who you I’d mullet fan
julia wants to fight good that’s I’m ashamed about how much I
already look like one of those like weird old biker guys oh yeah back for sure how your weekend
going out in real life you get a you could well you could go to like a comic
convention dressed as hiker and and I guess clean up I don’t know like it I guess get people to take pictures of
you does that sound appeasing i mean i can i can definitely get my way into
like a weird sex party in a hotel room with other sure be people which had a
goal of every , can IC arms , when you said a clean up I imagine he just got a job as a janitor
there with that but he’s dressed just like hey don’t do it for your soda
bottles on the ground please janitor Jake wants to fight me or hold a
conversation or didn’t have any human contact all right oh yes please get me where I
Julia I your first Pokemon I’m tossing you a real soft ball with
this one feel feel that she can see the face i
just gave you yeah it’s it’s pretty close to the one you’re making in your
dry good that’s a real thats a m3 right I think it’s I think it’s jen one even
know seals general oh yes the lease and
original medial and dugong feel they had to wait a generation in between just be
like hey we’re just going to do it again ok you interesting already already
wearing the clean geometric linework julia is known for ya when did this turn into iron chef I
don’t know what does that mean yeah kelis on iron pokemon julia is using her
classic geometrical designs and claims that she doesn’t even know anything
about pokemon and hands work ok and then like this Pokemon has hands yeah we’re off to a great start and
maybe hit back after this is just a this is just a minute oh you’re drawing your
drawing the the artist seal no it should have a artist seal used
kiss from a rule this is that it’s super catchy oh ok ok Caldwell from a cross-country I’m asking
you this question I bring in a lyric baby I compare you to
a kiss from a rose finish what it was the rest that line on a grave right no wet really yeah I could’ve sworn it was super morbid
what is it what is the leg actually it’s actually on the gray which is just
terrible and weird and bad kiss from a rose on the gray literally you’re a pure
a bright Pete you’re like a bright piece of color and and life in an otherwise
great environment are not sure he’s not referring to the Liam Neeson movie I yeah is in their way is not only in
mesa movie we’re gonna have a great yeah it’s a
it’s taken but with Wolves yeah so I think what seal-like eliminate
any rap genius this a little bit i think what seals referring to is that he’s got
like a perfect date night planned oh he’s got a single rose a kiss really already great down laughing at
the monster she has created she zoomed out and looked at what she has drawn and
she’s a long break down crying I like that you you had like you could have given it
your best like we all drop some pretty heavy clues
the name itself is kind of a giveaway be really like what you’ve gone with that
and i love this i love this so much though as artists have you ever been
moved to tears by your own crib you know like this weird lump man gorilla I heard feel and thought it was
like a skeevy feel up oh oh I’m sorry ok but he said so I
repeat every single word you and think about broke down the word and this is
what i came up with hey hey guys it’s me to feel this is a
this is feels secret evolution back so feel why did you drop Phil Collins
with the with a bathroom I could but I do love this like if this pose i’m actually crying by the way guys I hippopotami now yeah so excited to be going hey pokemon because it’s not this I feel
like this might be a you you monster though exactly yeah that’s feel really is just
a little bit unsettling you have to get all the all the rows
cards go blue eyes weird man thing you know you probably need to mature at car
for an hour but i just want to leave me back up against Dominator having the
ground this is an MMA now you can’t get out of it this easy i don’t i’m actually
gonna take a track-by-track me your millennium whatever I don’t care yeah yeah I just need to believe it take
me away Exodia I’m really I can’t keep looking at this what’s the matter baby do you want to do you do my doing a
little where did you get lotion for parts are
consumable item here yeah you always he hold it I cell phone yeah yeah it’s a little he’s got a
little stop on its a clip clip ons on yeah it does step on my BP you use a PP
up on him it was a completely different thing no it’s a real Titanic and not that
create the seals either will need to call you mine who as a job working at a
kiosk in the mall that’s is a kiosk type can’t wait he’s
got a he’s got a belt phone and a bluetooth monster oh that’s is a good let’s hold item this
is a year that in the new funky minor inventing they’re doing a smoked a ball good i’m sure that it good I was just going to say in the new
pokemon there they’re introducing a new pokeball that just is just a rock and
you just put you put this thing out of its misery that’s good ya whenever all right no Julia and I think after
some point that was cryin yeah through the tears Julia put like very
good i guess you’re drawing ok so I man i really want these guys to
go now let’s get can we get for channel like make us a rom hackers polka mine
hungry man . i need to teach you that oh yeah wait should we show Julie with
spiel and yeah sure yeah actually looks like i have a feeling it looks like a
seal it’s a seal that is also 0 it’s a spiritual seal yeah it’s all
there it’s all there it’s all there this is
your kaiser so sick that that that that that that I hate this I like before we move on I just want to
say I like that you’re hideous pokemon friend is like mimicking you in arms to
lobby what you have created need to go home

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