Hey there tiktakers! Ready for a new Scary Tuesday? Today, we are making it a bit hard for you
to get scared, as we are sending a challenge your way – the startling Stairs Game. It’s a sinister ritual that has been on
forums for some time, and we hadnt told you yet about how dangerous it is. But lots of you have insisted, so here it
is. HOWEVER, we definitely do nOT recommend you
to put it into practise, and if you do, please, be very careful. For this game, you only need a couple of simple
requirements. You can do it any time of the day, but for
it to work better, it’s best if you do it at night or with a lot of light. We can’t take with us any object or weapon
to protect us, only a cloth or blindfold to cover our eyes so we can’t see anything
at all – that will keep us safe. And last but not least, obviously, we will
need a flight of steps – it doesn’t really matter how many. To start the ritual, we have to stand in front
of the lowest step, and say these words aloud: “I come before you today, Lucifer. Open the gates of your Kingdom for me”. You gotta say those words 6 times to be blessed
and be able to trespass the threshold of the game. Then, you have to breath deeply to gather
all your strength, and then cover your eyes with a blindfold that keeps you from seeing
anything at all around you. And then finally, we step forward and we start
going upstairs. We’ll count one by one the steps we take,
until we reach the end. This part is very important, we have to remember
the number we’ve got. Then, we’ll turn around and go back downstairs,
all the steps, again counting one by one, until we reach the end. And it’s now that we are in a point of no
return. If the number of steps we counted on our way
down was the same as on our way up, we’ve done it wrong, and we’ll have to try again,
starting over from the first step. However, if we have counted one more step,
we gotta get ready, because our trip to the Underworld is actually starting. We’ll go upstairs again, and it’ll be
the same number of steps we counted in the beginning, but then on our way down, we’ll
see the number of steps has increased again, and so it will keep increasing in the next
descents. The chilling reality is that with every step,
we are getting closer and closer to the Underworld. We have to walk firmly, and never look through
the blindfold, whatever happens. We might also hear noise around, like the
cracking of walls, far whispers, or objects falling down, but still, we have to be calm
and we mustn’t feel fear. The duration of the trip will depend on the
kind of person we are and how many sins we’ve committed. Depending on the evil in our souls, it will
be easier or harder for us to reach the Underworld. The descent will get longer and longer, and
we’ll start feeling it’s hot around us, as well as a strange and a very unpleasant
smell. We have to pay no attention to this, and keep
walking down. When we reach the bottom, suddenly, we’ll
hear a deep voice that’ll ask us: “What is it that you want?”. A mysterious entity will appear in front of
us to offer or to make anything we desire come true. In that precise moment, we have to stay calm,
breath deeply and ask, with no fear, what we want. Once this is done, we’ll have to turn back
and go upstairs until there’s no more left, until we leave the Underworld. Only then and not earlier, we will take the
blindfold off and we’ll breath, calm, because the game is over. If you’ve done it right, whatever you’ve
asked for will become true. But remember, you have to follow to the letter
all these instructions and dont let yourself panic. If you dont do it right, if you fall or if
you interrupt the ritual in the middle of it, you run the risk of getting trapped in
the Underworld forever.


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