The Secret Technique for 3D Drawings! – How to Draw an Anamorphic Rose in 3D

Hello my friends and welcome
to another Tuesday of tutorial! I am Leonardo Pereznieto
and today I will show you the secret to do a drawing in 3D. An anamorphic drawing. To achieve this, you need
two templates: one with regular squares and one in perspective. To start we sketch a drawing in the template that is in perspective, we do it normally as if we were drawing in a blank piece of paper. Only be careful of not going out of the template. In this case I will do a rose on a vase. Next we copy the other template
the one that is straight on a piece of paper. You may copy it to the same size
or you may measure the squares and draw them to the double
or quadruple or ten times. For this example I did them
2.5 times bigger than the original. Now, aided by the letters
and numbers of each line, we copy our original sketch
to this template. But as the squares are different
you will notice that the top of your drawing is going to become bigger
and generally longer. This is pretty fun to do. If we look at it from above it will appear distorted but if we view it from the correct viewpoint, it should look correct or even in 3D. When we have the form of our drawing, we can erase all the lines and start coloring or shading. In this case, I am using watercolor pencils. The complete list of materials
is in the information bellow the video. For now, I am using them dry. I will correct some leaves which I didn´t like how they looked in the position they were in. That´s better. I use two tones of green to do the lights and shadows. For the petals I will use mainly two tones of red, one is practically an orange
and the other one is a dark deep red. This time I will use them with water. When they are wet they are more intense and they mix better. By the way, you can download the templates for free in my blog at my website the direct link is in the information bellow the video. For the darkest shadows you can use a purple. You may also mix with a wet brush. I will give it some lights with yellow. Let´s draw the shadow with a projected spot of light. It´s nearly ready. A trick to make it looked even more in 3D is to cut the border of the paper
making your drawing go over it. In this case I will also cut
the other sides just because my drawing is a little bit small
for this paper. And it is ready! By the way to see the 3D effect,
you need to look through the camera or if you are not using a camera
then close one eye, and to make sure you get a good result,
keep the other open! [laughs]. I hope this was helpful. If you enjoyed it please
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