The Newer Model – A Cyanide & Happiness Sketch

– I’m such a weirdo I’m good – Dave!
-Huh? – That short… with the butt… and the guy was like… *weird noises* And he was like… *weird noises* – That was great man!
– Oh man, where do I come up with these ideas? – Butt. Classic. *laughs* – BUTT!
– Butt. – You shouldn’t make fun of butts – Hey, Dave! The new short. Have you seen the comments? Oh my God, they’re great. Everybody loves the guy that sniffs the butt. Is that about you? What? ME? *laughs* Of course not! – Because if it is, that’s fucked up.
– who would do.. that’s so absolutely… …ridiculous. *weird noises* Ah, I really am a weirdo *kiss*


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