Thankful Turkey Craft Video [Thanksgiving Day Crafts] DIY Crafts by EconoCrafts

Hi, guys. This is Jenny with EconoCrafts and today we’re
gonna learn how to make this thankful turkey craft. So first, take your brown felt and your marker
and you’re going to draw a bowling pin-like shape on your brown felt. This will become our turkey’s body. And then cut out your turkey’s body. And it should look just like that. Now place the body aside and you’re going
to take your orange, red and yellow construction paper. You’re going to trace your hand on each piece
of the construction paper. Once you trace all your hands, you’re gonna
cut them out. And these will become our turkey’s feathers. So now hot glue your feathers onto your wooden
board. And then hot glue your turkey’s body on top
of his feathers. And now we have our turkey’s body and feathers
and we’re going to place it to the side. Cut two small pieces of orange and red construction
paper and you’re going to create the turkey’s beak. And then you’re gonna cut it out. So now we’re gonna hot glue on our turkey’s
googly eyes, our turkey’s beak. And now we have our turkey. With your marker you’re going to write on
each of the turkey’s feathers what you’re thankful for this year. And now you have your thankful turkey craft. Share with everyone what you’re thankful for
this year. You can find all the supplies you’ll need
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