TBS Episode 4 – Keep Calm and Craft On

In this place, ambition, initiative, and high motivation are required… …to be the first winner in The Big Start Indonesia Welcome to The Big Start Indonesia After Joycia was eliminated from the last week challenge We are now left with 14 enthusiastic starters from the two groups Let’s see the leaders in this episode My name is Dhamar Perbangkara, I’m the founder of Gauri Art Division I named my startup after my first son’s name, Gauri My name is Meinadia and my brand is Leon Paperworks I dedicate my startup for my dog Craft is a piece of work which is usually associated with a form of goods… …and mostly appear as a handcraft There’s a lot of things that we can make through craft Today, Dhamar from Gauri Art and Meinadia from Leon Paperworks… …are required to make new craft goods which the concept is still inline with their products This challenge is not made simple The main material for both teams is wood To increase the difficulty level of this challenge, we only fund them Rp 300.000… …which has to be spent to buy another supporting materials for their craft goods They have to make two craft goods in two hours This challenge will become another big start for them I’m going to split us into two teams… …and we’re going to make household goods such as plate, drinking glass, spoon Yes ashtray is good Trash bin is good as well We’re not going to make it big in terms of size… …but yet it will be highly functional We don’t know what the other group is making But I believe that our product will be a hit We want to evoke the Indonesia spirit of Leon Paperworks Blue team, yo! Red team, woah! We’re now are doing the art and craft challenge I splited the team into two groups The first group is handling our base materials which will going to be used as the skeleton And the second group is formed to handle the finishing process I separated the work system for both groups We are making coasters And as the coasters require a packaging, we’re also making it using paper materials Today’s challenge is something that I do in daily basis I do this often in Bali, I design and I do blueprints to produce my goods The problem I encountered was… I initially wanted to make a packaging for my product so I asked one of the team members to buy some hinges… …too bad we couldn’t find it so I changed the plan and I made a tray instead We are short of materials because the nearest store we ran into only has limited stock with them I’m having a hard time cutting the woods with a cutter This is very complex because we need more tools to work on something like this… …but it’s fun When we started the challenge, Nadia asked about who’s from the team that has drawing skill And I just volunteered myself right away as I do have the ability I was requested to draw some islands of Indonesia and visualise the trademark of each island It was tiring I had to cut the woods with a hand saw I had to run here and there This is the most tiring challenge compared to what we had before These are coasters drawn with the visuals of Indonesia’s islands and the icons of each island on top of them We added a frame for it We make it so colourful as it represents the diversity of ethnicity, race and religion we have in Indonesia… …but we actually one as a nation And that’s why we put the coasters in one frame, symbolising Indonesia in unity Good morning contestants of The Big Start Indonesia! We’re having a special guest judge this morning, Ario Pratomo Ario Pratomo is an entrepreneur and a YouTuber Shall we start the judging process today, Mr. Henry? Team leaders, please join us I must say that the goods Bli Damar made are good But that doesn’t make my product less great than his I believe I can win this round What Nadia made is very unique because it’s customisable My biggest concern is the Indonesia theme she brought into the product Nadia, could you please explain to us the concept of your craft goods? Ok, we name this as a Indonesia series coasters The visuals you see here are the islands of Indonesia, showing the icons of each island The idea came from me What we’re trying to emphasise here is that we don’t only sell the functionality of the product… …we also want to educate the consumers about Indonesia Our target market are domestic and international tourists We chose and made coasters as the product we want to sell… …because we believe that we can tap on new market share Bli Dhamar from the red team, please explain your product Our craft goods is a sushi toolkit which is made of recycled woods This is my idea combined with some ideas from my team members Through this product, I’m campaigning the use of recycled woods and the concept of recycle, reuse and reduce I believe the biggest demand for this product will come from America, Australia, and Japan markets Why you didn’t make something that is more Indonesia related? We actually had the idea to combine this sushi toolkit with the art of Balinese wood carving Unfortunately, we couldn’t make it as the process would be too complex… …and we didn’t have the carving tools nor a machine to produce it Let say this product will actually be launched into the market How do you think you’ll produce it? For every project I handle, I usually divide my team into two groups First group it production team which takes care of the modelling, cutting, and assembling… …and the other group takes care of the finishing process Nadia, the same question goes to you I have partnered with several artists in Yogyakarta I will delegate the manufacturing duty to PKK community members as they are very meticulous… …and the artistic part will be taken care of ISI team (Indonesia Art Institution) Will you just delegate it to them? Nope, I will delegate to them with a template How are you going to control the quality? I usually oversee the finishing quality For the retail value, how much are you guys going to sell your products? Rp 150.000 to Rp 175.000 per set This one? Rp 150.000 to Rp 175.000 ? And you? I will sell it for Rp 200.000 to Rp 300.000 as it’s a handmade product If we, the judges, only have Rp 300.000 with us… …how are you going to offer the product to us? We can only buy one product This product is made of natural and recycled woods This coasters are made by our local talents… …and by purchasing the product you have supported the housewives from PKK community So this one is Rp 175.000 and this one ranges from Rp 250.000 to Rp 300.000 Where did the pricing strategy come from? Design is never cheap I, myself, do the work in this field so I believe I can sell it at that range of price My pricing strategy… If we talk about craft goods, the material is actually affordable Especially when the material is recycled like what I use for my product The reason why I’ll be selling it in high price is because I know that sushi set is not a cheap thing Australia and Japan have a high standard… …so Rp 175.000 will be worth it for them Could you explain on how did you get your ideas? I had the idea already in the first place and I discussed it with my team members and I got inputs from them Did you get any objection from the team members? No I didn’t, but some of them gave different ideas besides the idea that I already had I made a model first, a sketch and I showed it to my teammates, and then I made a blueprint What I got from my teammates were additional ideas for final touch or finishing Who came up with sushi set idea? It was me but along the way of making this product, I got a lot of inputs from the team members No one objected the idea? No, we were on the same page Okay, Nadia… You’ve caught my attention since the beginning… …from the first pitching I learned that you have a good concept about Indonesian book series You also have a CSR program you’ve thought about for your brand From your presentation earlier, I can see that you’ve been so consistent in applying Indonesian value to every product you create Personally, I like Dhamar’s products better Both of them are functional which is good What shocked me was the Rp 300.000 price you set for your coasters Personally, even if the price is set to Rp 70.000, I still don’t want to buy it At the end, we have to choose only one of you Thanks to you and your team for giving so much effort to accomplish the challenge Bli Dhamar… My thought was all over the place I could only think about my children and my wife at home I gave all my best for the competition I have to win because people put their hopes on me to get my way to win this competition… …and pass this round I wasn’t thinking about whether I could pass this round or not What’s important to me is that I’ve given my best Bli Dhamar… Congratulations You’re through to the next round Thank you Nadia, this is not your big start For all contestants, either for those who had been eliminated or ones who are still competing To be here and to compete in this competition is an incredible thing… …as we got to defeat so many participants This might be taken as an elimination for those who were gone… …but for me, that’s really a big start for them I believe Leon Paperworks will succeed The saddest part of being eliminated is to leave my friends behind My next plan is to roll out the projects I’ve been having in my mind I want to make them real Next, on The Big Start Indonesia

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