Taylor’s Principle of Gauge Design.

in this videoing to i am going to tell you about Taylors principle at the same time this is thread plug gauge on this thread plug gauge length of this side is more than other side reason behind this i am going to tell ok please see the video till end . hello friends I vaibhav welcomes yo in horizon academy. in last video we have seen principle of gauging in this video study Taylor’s principle Taylor’s principle & principle of gauging both are interrelated so same diagram of principle of gauging continue so only one diagram added before starting this video basic concept of maximum material condition already cove for taylors principle this is important for hole what is max material condition and minimum material condition at the same time what is max & min material condition for shaft so lets see see hole is there and there lower and upper limit of hole for hole max material condition is lower limit and here minimum material condition at the same time for shaft minimum material condition at lower limit and maximum material condition at upper limit so this is the basic concept. gauges are having Go and No-Go end are designed according to Taylor’s principle. In exam while writing answer 1.Go limit gauges Go limit is designed according to maximum material condition for hole maximum material condition for hole is lower limit and for shaft max material condition upper limit at the same time no go gauge is designed according to minimum material condition. In exam write Go limit for shaft lower limit and for hole upper limit next point you have to write here i have drawn one diagram one square block is there inside this there is hole actually this hole will be straight actually this hole will be straight but its drilled in curvature now here i have made one plug gauge length of plug gauge is short this plug gauge is used for checking this will Go side enter inside job and No -Go will not enter. and I feel that job is OK But this part is NOT OK reason is that hole straightness is NOT OK. and your measurement is wrong to avoid such wrong measurement Go size of gauges should check full length of your job consider for this job i have designed such gauge which length is extended and enter into job so what will happen, gauge wont enter into job and inside job it will stuck due to this I came to know that this hole is not straight.


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