Hey guys, what’s up? It’s Ricky and happy oh and Romeo and Happy New Year I’m ready to tackle this year. Are you do it? Yes new year New me new year new me new tattoos And so I think I’ve started a tradition with myself to kick off every year with a dramatic Video about my appearance last year I shaved my head on camera to start the year off whoa I would never do that so this year instead of shaving my head, but you know I’m gonna new new tattoo I have to both done by the incredible romeo himself What if you saw my last tattoo video we rolled dice to get a random tattoo and placement on the body? So we’re going to kind of branch off that but do even more crazy romeo have the show called tattoo roulette yes It’s my youtube series unless you realize oh we have this wheel which you have over here? It’s the wheel force of mule so what we’re gonna do is spin the wheel there’s 12 designs and whatever it lands on I’m gonna get on my arm I want one right right around here in my forearm so I picked out six myself that I would that I like and He I let him pick out six for me, and you haven’t seen them I haven’t seen them yet, so I’m about to react to them right now. Do you have like 40 million? That’s true? We’d be like or whatever another new new day new tattoo. You knew your tattoo. That’s true Okay There’s twelve slots on the wheel six are for me sticks are designs for you, and you haven’t seen these designs no And I really want to music tattoo for all of mine are music related I was in band for ten years and played trumpet and loved it I loved performing as you all know I’ve made a lot of music myself. You don’t play the trumpet poser I’m gonna have a card fly out with my left from the playing video go watch it. Y’all. I’m good okay Yeah, obviously. I love singing. I love making music, I love writing music, I love performing music. Music is a big part of my life and I’m a fan of music So I just have to like, you know I like meaningful tattoos. The ones I have gotten so far I mean a lot of small sticks, or music related So yeah, they’re music related So I’ll show them all. a trumpet tattoo, the music staff with some notes on it, a more basic one of just a treble clef It’d be kind of cool I think. A more like artsy one of the treble clef with like notes flying everywhere. It’s pretty cool Just a basic note But more like sketchy, this looks pretty cool. It’s like a heartbeat, but like a rock one, I like this one. But also by the way, whatever one we pick. He’s gonna do his own reprise I mean we just printed off quick basic ones. There’s something close to want you want. Yeah! He’s gonna dry it draw his own version, and he’s a good artist. exactly I am. this is full of art, so no matter what we pick. He’s gonna do his own original drawing These are just like basic. so alright so my six are sushi You like sushi right? I’m vegan It’s a vegan sushi It’s avocado inside I do love an avocado roll. Exactly, I love an avocado roll, I’m vegan too. I love avocado rolls. So You like sushi. I know you like sushi. If it lands on that, we’re gonna fight. It might land on it. You’re gonna like this one I think. I better! this one’s a dog. This one’s more artsy I picked some that I actually thought you would like, they’re not all funny. A light bulb because I think you have bright ideas. What was that look for. oh my god? I think okay I WHAT!? Thought you would like this one. Honestly it’d be kind of cool. You have bright ideas! yeah. Do you she would have had better not about you? I do eventually want to poke my tattoo I think it’s my favorite thing you actually do want to put one that you want every one day today I liked it for 20 years a day might be your day a camera that looks similar to the camera you use in your videos again, I also one day want of camera tattoo. sketchy artsy so yeah, okay, okay? A weight, I do love I’m working out, I love working out so that one’s a little weird though and then That would be written on it? No. Yes! I’m not getting your name tattooed I’ll take the pokeball cool, but like . Well it was worth a shot. I thought I could at least try to sneak it in there and concede. Do you have henna ink or how does that work? Henna tattoos? I would do that in a henna tattoo Love yeah, like this would be real, but the Romeo will be henna. I actually really do have I think Okay that I’ll get this real, and then I’ll get henna, how long does that last? It lasts, I think two weeks. But wait what but what if I didn’t tell you and I did this one real ink and I told you it was henna I’d sue You’d sue? Okay, alright cool. You or six This is ridiculous. Out of all the ones I picked this is the most ridiculous one? Sushi!? Look if it lands on that one, I have to do henna I can’t okay Alright, so let’s go to the wheel, let’s place them on the wheel and then see which one you land on all right, yeah Alright, we have this- Alright Ricky Dillon welcome to my tattoo game show tattoo roulette You are now about to Decide your fate right here are 12 tattoos six picked up by me, six picked out by you, and you’re going to have one spin And one speed only this one spin will give you and let you know which tattoo you will have forever Pretty dramatic, intense- how do you feel about that? HEY QUIET ON SET. Sorry, we have a family background I’m really nervous. Are you excited? Yeah. Are you ready to do this? yeah Let me touch it with good luck, okay, I want a music one You know I like to get, you know, I’m gonna touch the ones I want okay. It’s honestly like two that I just don’t want. And I’ll touch this- NO. YAY I LIKE THAT ONE!!! Dang it was so close to getting Romeo. Yo, three ticks away from the one that I wanted. I’m honestly pumped, I really wanted a music one. It’s still a good choice. Yeah Well it could’ve been a lot worse, do you feel better? I feel good, okay, I wanted, I wanted, I wanted a music one today. Alright, well I’ll draw something really cool. Okay, okay? Don’t mess up. I won’t! What? I’m nervous I’m nervous But I’m excited because I’m getting one that I wanted and I have wanted a tattoo here for years now Have you ever messed up before? What do you do when you mess up?
Do they know? No. How many times have you messed up before? A lot, I’m shitting, I’m totally messing with you Are you ready I forgot how it feels oh? Oh! That bad? I can’t tell yet I’m sweating. Oh my god! Harry Potter tattoos! I’m gonna get some close ups. Okay Don’t mess up! I’ll try not to. Wow I’m so glad I have you. I wouldn’t trust anybody else. right can you imagine going to someone random? I would never after Kian and JC got like 50. I was like alright, I guess I can trust this guy. Oh I wonder if my friends are gonna like this so mom and dad if you don’t like this, I’m sorry I love it. At least it wasn’t the sushi! I still think a sushi was a great idea I mean Nope, looking good. Oh Everything on me like hurts extra. I should get a fun tattoo, just like FUN. Yeah, by the way y’all have i have new merch out, it’s fun merch, link below Have you messed up yet? I have, I’m not telling you where, so you’ll have to figure it out later. cool fun It looks so cool! Glad you like it. Yeah, I really do I’m gonna do a little bit of shading in like 30 seconds. You know that Kris Jenner meme where she’s like You’re doing amazing sweetie, and she’s holding the camera up. That’s what I feel like right now. You’re doing amazing sweetie. I haven’t been screaming enough for the video. AHH, Ouch stop it stop it. You don’t really feel like that bad Every now and then there is like a pinch but like overall – not that bad – this hand that’s it. That’s it right there Whoa I like it a lot. I love how you scratch you feel what the artsy like scratch. No – it’s awesome Oh my god. I love it Oh my god That looks awesome whoa This is so cool. Oh, hey Ricky oh oh what’s that? It’s so cool I like it. You’re welcome glad you like it. Thank you. That’s it y’all If you like it if you don’t, thumbs up, if you don’t Then thumbs up anyway! exactly. boom! Romeo, I really like it Yeah, I can like flash it like oh hey boom Yeah, I really actually like it I love it a lot, I think it’s a great tattoo, that I’ve done. Thank you so much You’re welcome. I’ve got a little collection going now, but this is my favorite. I really like it. It’s my favourite too, I love it. Thanks! Y’all, please check Romeo out check out his YouTube Channel He makes for the cool videos like I said he has a really cool like high quality show called tattoo roulette and releasing this one out with Kian Lawley And he has more coming up soon with Gabby- Gabby- follow him on Instagram. He posts really cool stuff of his like the arts he does, the tattoos. Happy New Year you guys. I’m so excited for this year. I have a lot of cool things planned I want to make bigger and better videos so if you guys enjoy this please give it a thumbs up comment below If you were to get a tattoo or if you already have tattoos and want a new one, what would you get? Comment below what you would get. BYE Ok guys see ya later


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