Sutton Tennis Academy & Canvas – Supporting Flexible Learning From Court to Course

Jessica Weeks: Hi, my name is Jessica Weeks.
I’m director here at the Sutton Tennis Academy and High Performance Center, being named No.
5 in the world. We have produced over 55 players that have participated in Wimbledon and produced
over 200 to 300 players that have been on the tour. Stephen Gibbons: I’m at Sutton to become the best tennis player I can possibly be. Julian Lewis: My goal is to become a professional tennis player. I know that will be quite hard, but I want to get top 10. Jessica Weeks: My particular role is supporting
student athletes. Canvas has been a great part of the package because it allows our
players to be able to do their studying abroad, and if a player is off touring for maybe three
months or more or even just a few weeks, it allows both the parents and us and any tutors
to check in. And it allows us to help support them. So
if there is a particular assignments they’re struggling with, we’re able to access Canvas
and have a look. Stephen Gibbons: Canvas helps me to progress
in my education. I can find out things I need to work on, what my next task will be. Julian Lewis: All together this whole thing is great. I love tennis, I love learning, and Canvas just makes it even better and it makes it easier to do it all. Jessica Weeks: For us, Canvas gives us the best option and it’s well suited for our needs. Canvas gives us a platform to better strengthen our tennis and education programs.

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