SUPER SECRET tip for INSTANTLY improving your drawings – people sketching – episode 6

[Intro music] Hey everyone! Will Terrell here. Welcome to
another video. So the last sketching video I did, I tried this new camera set up where
I had the two cameras and it seemed to get a really good response and the video got a
really good response even though it was like 45 minutes long. I’m surprised anybody finished
watching it. But I’m glad you guys did and thank you for all the wonderful comments on
it. It means a lot to me. In this video, I’m doing a quick sketch
of a little old lady feeding the birds. You might have seen the speed sketch video of
it. I really like how it turned out. It’s one of my favorite videos. It makes me laugh
still. In this video, I’m doing – I’m not actually sketching. See, look, my hands
– my hand is not drawing it this exact moment. Look, how about this? I will pretend to sketch.
So this video, I’m sketching this little old lady and I have to say this is one of
my favorite sketches I’ve done in a while. I made this video of me sketching this little
old lady probably about two months ago and I have watched this video so many times before
I even posted it for anybody else to see. It cracks me up. Like, I don’t know. I just
like the way she looks. You will see at the beginning of this video, I actually – I
didn’t know what I wanted her to look like and if you ever get stuck on a drawing or
you’re like just not sure what to draw, just draw a blob and I do that. Sometimes
I will fill up a whole page of just random blobs and I will turn them into either a face
or a body or something and you will see me do that. Like with this one, I decided I wanted to
like change it and whatever. You get the idea. So if you’re ever stuck on a drawing, that’s
a good way to like break out of it. I wanted to talk about something in this video. I want
to talk about a secret technique you can use to instantly make your work 100 times more
enjoyable to your viewers, to your – whoever it is that sees your artwork, your appreciaters
or whoever. So this is my secret trick to instantly make
people like your work more without even having to get better at drawing. It will make your
work 100 times more likely to get people interested in your stuff than anything else you could
possibly do. It’s a secret and you’re going to like it. OK? And the secret is tell stories with your drawings.
Don’t just do a picture of somebody standing there or flexing or screaming or yeah, don’t
just do a picture of people posing. Have them doing something. Tell a story. It’s so much
more engaging when like you can look at something. It speaks to your audience and I will be honest.
I’m still learning this myself. Like, this drawing is a good example of me
deciding I’m going to do a sketch that tells a story. I’m not just going to sketch and
sometimes I forget that. I will draw boring sketches that look pretty but it’s – that’s
sort of like candy or fast food. People look at it and they’re like, “Oh, OK. Yeah.”
But they forget about it the moment they absorbed it. It just – it’s not satisfying. It’s
like – it just popped in their mouth and it’s gone. Where if you do a drawing that
tells a story, it sticks with people for a long time. Like this video is a good example
and if you look back at some of my older videos, some of the drawings were good drawings but
they didn’t tell a story and people just don’t respond to them the same way. But with this one, it’s funny. It makes
people laugh. So they will come back to it and comment on it or whatever. But I will
tell you where – I mean this whole last year for me has been really like absorbing
this lesson and what really, really hit home was I went to CTN Animation Expo with my friend
Brandon Green that I go to sketch with and his – one of his old mentors happens to
be a director, a feature film director at Disney Feature Animation and we had the amazing
privilege of getting to get a behind-the-scenes tour of Disney Feature Animation which blew
my mind. I was just excited to be in California again and excited to hang out with other artists.
But to tour Disney, ah! That was really loud, sorry. But Brandon is a really good artist. Like,
he should be working for Disney or somebody like that. He’s that good and I thought
that he was going to show his portfolio to his former mentor and the mentor is going
to be like, “This is perfect! You’re hired!” But what happened was he showed him his portfolio
and he like flipped through like 80 percent of it and really great drawings, really beautiful
rendered drawings, good designs even and the only ones that he stopped at and noticed were
the ones that told a story. I had the same experience all weekend with
my portfolio too. People just like glazed over 90 percent of what’s in there except
for the ones that told a story and they would stop and point that out instinctively. It’s
not something that like they’re trained to do necessarily. It’s a human reaction.
We react to things that speak to us. Everything else is just – it’s like a tree in the
background or the color of paint on the wall. It doesn’t tell a story. And that’s the problem that a lot of people
have when they do sketches and so I’m learning to do that. I’m trying to be more conscious
about it and all it does, it takes an extra minute or two of – before you start sketching
something, you say, “What is the story here?” You just take a second to like just think
it through and once you’ve got the story, you can knock it out real quick and it doesn’t
have to be a big story. It could be – if you’re drawing people in a café, just draw
two people interacting or one person interacting with something, something unique, especially
to that situation and you should be looking for that anyway in everyday life, things that
speak to you. There’s a reason why you’re drawn to – so to speak drawing a certain
personality type because it speaks to you. Well, you need to communicate that to your
audience. And to drive that point home, I used to do
characters at SeaWorld California in San Diego and Legoland California and even before that,
I used to do characters like the county fair here in Texas and the flea market and restaurants
and everywhere. I make really good money with it. It’s a pretty good income and I learned
a really important lesson when I was in California because with the character company, they will
hire people that barely know how to draw and they will just toss them out there. Like, oh, go learn. Really it’s the best
way to learn. That’s how I learned. People didn’t really want to buy my characters
when I first started but I learned a really important lesson because of all of that. When
people go – especially to a theme park, they’re not just going to buy a character.
They’re buying the experience. They’re buying the experience of you being – putting
them on center stage and they’re – like giving them all of your attention for five
to ten minutes and when I was in California I had a really good friend named Gabe who
is – he is like the best salesman I have ever met in my entire life. He’s just fantastic at telling stories and
upselling people and like everything he says is just hilarious and he broke so many park
records from sales records and whatever at all the parks. He’s just a fantastic salesman,
an entertainer more importantly. I learned a lot from watching him work because
he really knew. Like the drawing, a good drawing helps. It really helps with people not returning
it, not going to the next booth and say, “This drawing sucks. Can you redo it for me?”
You don’t want that. But the drawing only goes so far. Like, what
they’re really buying is the experience. So when you put them down at center stage,
you give them all your attention and you like are enthusiastic and entertaining and you’re
giving them an experience and then the character is just a souvenir they take away to remember
the experience. I really got that with – when I was doing
characters at restaurants. I would just work on tips and stuff and I was there not to do
a great drawing – I would attempt to do a great drawing but it really didn’t matter
what the drawing looked like. What mattered was the experience that I gave them and that’s
the story that they’re going to tell people down the road. They put it up on the wall. They’re like,
“Yeah, that guy was so crazy. I remember like he told us a crazy story about how the
shark ate his hand,” or something. Yeah, and same thing with being a painter or an
illustrator. Like, when I sell paintings or drawings in galleries and stuff, I’ve learned
– I learned a long time ago that people – they’re not necessarily buying your
paintings because I know some artists that are way better painters than I am, way better
illustrators than I am. But they don’t have a good story. Either they’re just too shy and they don’t
talk about themselves at all or they’re jerks and people don’t want to know more
about them. But when people go to buy a painting, they will pay $1000 for a painting. They won’t
even think about it. But they’re not just buying the painting. They’re buying you.
They’re buying your story. They want to be able to like go – they put it up on their
wall and it’s a conversation starter for anybody that comes into their house. Once you get that, you realize you don’t
have to be a great artist in order to succeed financially with being an artist. You do have
to be a great entertainer and a great storyteller in order to do that and I’m not talking
about being a storyboard artist or a comic book artist to be a storyteller. I’m talking
about just in everyday life. You can communicate what you want to say. So yeah, this little old lady. I say that
like in every video but I just really like little old ladies. They’re adorable. I don’t
know where I got the idea for this, this little old lady with the – feeding the rats and
stuff. But yeah, so from now on, what I’m trying to do is every sketch that I do is
to spend an extra minute or two thinking about what is the story here and putting that into
my sketches. Even if I’m sketching in a coffee shop, it goes a long way. So I hope you get the idea – telling a good
story with your artwork, whatever your artwork is, is very important to what you do. I hope
you take that away from this video, from this message because it – I know artists that
are very, very talented, more talented than me that find themselves very frustrated that
people with less talent have more success than them and a lot of times it’s because
of this. Their artwork just doesn’t communicate the way they think it does. They put a lot of effort into rendering and
rendering it really, really well and even in – you look like – look at it like a
Jackson Pollock painting or something where it’s just like paint splatter. Well, they’re
not just buying the paint splatter. They’re buying the story behind it. They’re buying
the story of the artist. He has got the gumption to like just splatter paint on a thing and
saying – calling it art. That’s a story right there. That starts a conversation and
people value that. So you got to let go of like the – it has
got to be – it has got to look perfect in order for people to want to buy it. Making
it look perfect, making it look great, that should be in there. It should be in the equation
somewhere but it shouldn’t be the top priority. The top priority should be communicating with
your audience. So yeah, and taking it even further. Like
sometimes, I think people realize – people get frustrated thinking they don’t understand
where their value comes from and I’m not talking about just art. I’m talking about
in life in general. They wonder like, “Why would anybody even like me?” Why would people
even love me? They worry about that sort of stuff. And you think about your favorite people
that you meet in your life, whether it’s like a cousin or just some person from across
the room that you see in school or that you’re – you always notice that like when you’re
around them, you just feel better. It’s not just because they look great. They
might look great but most of the time, it’s how they make people feel. It’s the experience
that they give people and just like with your artwork, it’s not the looks that make people
have value. It’s the way they make people feel. So if you’re frustrated with that
in your life, like whether you deserve people’s friendship or affection or if you feel like
you’re not getting enough of it, maybe that’s what’s lacking is that you’re not creating
enough value for other people. I’m not saying – people should be loved
no matter what. Like, even if they’re the meanest, grumpiest person out there, that
person still deserves love. Everybody deserves love even if they don’t want it, even if
they fight it. They still deserve to be loved. We all do. But they don’t necessarily – just
because you’re born doesn’t mean you have value. Value comes from creating value for other
people, making your self useful, whether that’s just being kind or smiling or just listening
or I don’t know. I mean everybody has their own gifts and just like with your artwork,
your life should be – your life should be creating value for other people and then you
get that in return. When you give first, you get it back in abundance,
like more than you could ever handle. That got really deep really fast, huh? So anyway,
I think I’m done with this little old lady sketch and I said – what I was hoping to
say which is tell a story and I guarantee like whether you think you’re a terrible
artist or not because I know people who draw in stick figures that tell great stories and
I give them money because I really – I value it. If you can entertain me with stick figures,
I will pay for it. If you can entertain me with really elaborate drawings, I will pay
for that too, like most people will. It’s not about how great it looks. It’s about
what you do with it. All right. I feel like I’m repeating myself
now. So thank you guys for watching and subscribing to these videos. Man, I am just overwhelmed,
especially that last video, the last people sketching video. I got so many comments from
people and emails. It’s humbling. I’m thankful that you get a lot out of this. I’m
thankful I can share this with ya’ll and I said “ya’ll”. That’s right. Anyway, thanks for watching. That’s for
subscribing and if you like this one, go ahead and share it with some people and keep smiling. [Outro music] This shirt is so green. I could like green
screen the video on to my shirt. All right. Anyway, let’s get serious. Cartooning, there’s
no room for jokes!

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