Stuffed Animal Face Painting

Hello there I’ve got a box. This video is an ad for Squishmallows from
Hexbug. I have done a campaign for them before, for their first version, but this is Squishmallows 2. This is like the new stuff. So here I have 12 new plushes. *woof* And they’re inside this box and *screams* okay ahh just saw a peek. I’m just ahh so excited! So let’s go! *singing* ready? *incoherent sounds* They’re so good! I don’t know where to start *makes noises* *beeps* Now the thing I love about these
is that they come with names and character traits. This is Maribel and she likes to travel and explore. They are adorable, they’re so adorable. *laughs* Next one! Ohhh you’ve got like texture sorry Now what I am going to
be doing with these is inspired makeup. They’re all so nice and squishy I just can’t
every time I look in the box it’s just too good Here we have a cow This is Connor
and he likes to ride bikes and race things I love cows look at his little tail! Oh!!! Oh wow!
Good! Francis! And he is a firefighter so good
look at your tail! He’s so fluffy
all over that’s not even like a half thing
they went the whole way Oh my god, I love him this is a bee it’s a bee awwww it’s so nice, they come big too This is Sunny and you can tell the weather
you can tell the weather oh hamster His name is Humphrey Humphrey hamster That’s a good name and Humphrey is a playwright This next one matches me! Yay!
You look like a flamingo This is cookie We do match quite well I think I’m definitely going to do a makeup
of Cookie And Cookie is a botanist So very good! Which a one? You’re like a dreamsicle This is Elton and he is Tinker Technically that’s what I classify my job as I say “artist” but really what I’m thinking is “tinker” That’s what I like to do I like to make things cute, he’s got a tail the material is so soft Guess what’s next? It is a pug Who doesn’t like a pug? My brother has a pug
pug a pug He’s name is Prince and
he likes to play Awww you’ve got little fins! *sounds* it’s got a fin tail I like that it’s got like a stripe across it’s head This is Ricky and Ricky is a comedian Le clown fish Next we have a panda I love pandas This is Stanley and he does karate They like their puns Lastly
we have a AWWW it’s an octopus look at him LOOK AT THIS ONE you’ve got eight! Look at that *noises* and it looks like they gave me a box, inside a box I’ll show you *laughs* Oh I was actually given the storefront box And here
here are the Squishmallows version 2 Oh my god Now I’m going to pick out a couple of these
guys to make into a make up I think I’m gonna go with Bee! Octopus cus I love him Dino Cow Flamingo Panda That’ll be enough, hopefully It’s gonna be a lot of makeup And, let’s get started! Thank you for watching I do hope you enjoyed the video! Again this was sponsored by Squishmallows from Hexbug In the comments please let me know which ones are you favourite
as well as if you already have one which one, which one you have new one each squishmallow does have
an official adoption certificate that you can access at if you collect them too,
welcome to squishmallows squad I’ve got so many now This new collection, version 2 has been available in the UK
since October 14th and I do love them
thank you , thank you this is my kind of brand deal
I got plush animals and I’m so happy Again I do have my golden pin giveaway should you like to win a pin
please leave a nice comment down below and I will pick a winner next week ahh yeah, but here are my squishmallows here is my collection
here are my friends Lion is so good,
if I had to recommend one I’d say this one
and the octopus octopus is great!
oh I’m just so happy you have no idea uh yeah! but thank you for watching and I will see you guys again
next time byes! byes byes byes byes Oh I love all you guys


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