Step into a Sketch – creating a 360 degree sketch for Ford Design

Step into the Sketch Creating a 360 degree sketch for Ford Design A sketch is a powerful tool It gives life to my ideas It allows me to explore
new thoughts and concepts … but a sketch can be so much more. Now we can sketch outside the borders of the page and look at new perspectives to visualize the big picture. It means I can step inside the sketch and create elements from within so if I want to look around I just naturally, turn. Using the tools available I began
sketching the interiors in 360 degrees. This allowed me to create everything at once with no frame. I’m immersing myself inside the sketch I’m creating. I can see how the dashboard,
the steering wheel, the doors, the seats all interact with each other. I put myself in the driver’s seat to experience this holistic view. Like a video game, I wanted to immerse myself be in the center of the action. This new perspective of
sketch gives you freedom to see a complete picture the
very moment you’re forming ideas. I put myself inside my
sketch and look around. Creating a 360 degree sketch isn’t just
about giving my ideas new perspectives. It gives others a chance to
experience my ideas the way I see them. it’s all about sharing my ideas with others.

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