Stealing Answers : SKETCH COMEDY // GEM Sisters

Hello Homework Helpline! I’m Ashley how can I help you today? You a… I think there’s a problem with your connection. I can’t…. I think you
should hang up and try to calling back. Gotcha! Ha Ha! Isn’t my Meegan just precious? Hi Megan. It’s Meegan! Sorry. Hi Meegan. What can I help you with today? I need all the answers for my math sheet. Nice try little lady. Her teacher said I had to stop doing her homework for her. You mom’s right Meegan. I can’t just give you the answers, but we can work together to solve each problem. ok study bug. I’ll be cleaning the toilet if you need me. I see you’re in Ms. Chow’s class and today you have a math worksheet with word problems. How do I know that you have the correct answers for my worksheet. Because I have the answer key. I don’t believe you. Only the teacher has the answer key. No this is the answer key. What’s going on here? I’m writing down the answers. want to give her a be a problem happen again hey you know let’s get
started and then eat cookies but also give to have a good about eating cookies
then you add the numbers to get the answer 17 you are cleared my angel her man I’ll be more clear question that i very quiet life so it
doesn’t work like that I write that down so you can’t just irate true need to
understand why it’s true why because you do why because you to solve the other
math problem that is fine let’s show the next 18 pencils and he’s still he gave
back and yeah ok the name is an important we can change the name and
they either booker’s ok let’s use your name again Sorry need has a pencil and 3 pen when you put
both happen let compel ok I know we know you are letting her
doll problem here all the parts you get a free but I need a degree through now and she’s way tomorrow then there’s
still been hit by a homework hotline may be getting listen median you’re not
getting this answer how did you feel if I called you stupid me right here the
agent who love fashion

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