Star Citizen: How I’d Design Ep 1 – Base Building –

hello everyone and welcome to a new
series that we’re gonna be doing the series is about different designs and
things we can come up with for star Star citizen a couple of little caveats this
is a very high basic level design thought of by me not in any way for
star… or not in any way by star citizen these are probably have never going to
be in the game just some nice thought experiments and kind of design
experiments for me and things that can come up with and how they integrate into
the game and of discussion we can do about star citizen and future mechanics
and features so that out of the way this first episode is going to be about base
building and so far we have base building by way of the pioneer ship and
how that works as designed by CIG is you get the resources you need to build
whatever base you’re going to do in the Pioneer before leaving whatever port you
are calling from you go out to where you want to build the base set the ship
down and unpack the ship and you design and build your base right there the
Pioneer also has the ability to rip apart bases so maybe some pirated
gameplay there but it cannot say build a base move let’s say one lot over and
build another base connected to it so it’s only a single build and then you
have to build another single build if that makes any sense hope that makes
sense so that is the first way we’re gonna talk about two others in this
video and the second way it can shipping in modules for your outpost so instead
of having the Pioneer and having that super expensive ship you’re going to buy
a module pre-built module it’s already done you might buy it with different
colors or something a different feature different modules whatever and then
you’ll have it shipped in with something say like a star fare and after that
you’ll have an on-site crane so you’d have to buy that to put it into place
and put it in the ground because the posts need to go into the ground a
little bit or lap it so that’s kind of way too so I don’t know really other
ships that would be suited for shipping kind of role because
the Starfire interesting is perfect they say aji has said that the Starfire
can drop its tanks for other sorts of modules stuff to put on the back of the
star fare but yeah so I just thought of the star fare for this also the crane
would have to be an item put into a game hopefully like the truck forklift trucks
that we see in the hangars now that should be drivable in the future for
bigger crates but we’ll see about that but kind of like that basically drivable
crane that also pile drives the things into the ground so the third way and
probably the most complicated way in the most interesting way at least to me
about building a base and this is actually inspired these this entire
episode or what inspired the entire episode was playing the new doctor map
from starving and if you look at it it looks like a bunch of outpost pieces
like wall sections doors and interior bits put together into a giant compound
so coming from games like Minecraft and Explorer games locks cape and the such
space engineers I thought how great would it be if we could build our own by
hand almost so what I mean and how I thought this was you would get an
assembler machine and this machine would be huge probably take up like the entire
Bay of a star fair or kind of at like the entire cargo bay that kind of size
because it needs to be able to construct single panels so whole sides of pieces a
entire roof or an entire floor in one go so big but not as big as the Pioneer
obviously so what you would do with this is you would one get the assembler to
this spot you want it to let’s say you have a crack in and you lower it down
and you have some way of getting it off the the lowered platform into your
workspace or on near your job site you then pump into it I don’t
know how I’m just like dumping I see you into it by hand I mean putting like
crates on a conveyor or something and then you would it would take it in and
then you would get out whatever piece of the outpost you wanted so let’s say you
put it in ton of iron and some electrical components or whatever it is
and you can get out a wall or a floor or windowed wall or a door or whatever you
want and I would open up the system to let you come more dynamically build this
base also it would give you the chance to build double high rooms or triple
high or skyscraper high it would let you build stuff like hangars malls space
ports so I don’t know if they plan to do an expanded building system but this is
kind of what I came up with so I’d love to hear everyone else’s thoughts on the
whole building process and do they think you guys think you should be expanded or
do you think we should just be able to build bases with a pioneer and take over
space stations they did say eventually will might be able to build on space
station so we’ll see what happens there so I’ve enjoyed this I hope you have too
if you did enjoy it make sure you leave a like and subscribe for more how died
design and I’ll see you guys the next one bye guys

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