Staircase and railing design with price / sidiyo ka design or rates

Hello Guys, Welcome to my channel “Marble Guruji Jitendra Sharma” in this video, I show you a staircase design. this railing is made of sagwan wood. this cream color marble’s name is “classic beach marble” and it is Italian marble. this red color marble is also an Italian marble. this railing is made of sagwan wood. yet the glasswork for this railing is not completed. approximate its cost is 2250 rupees per sq.feet this ‘classic beach’ marble’s price is between 250 to 300 rupees per sq.feet, for 14 to 15 mm thickness marble. for 20 mm marble, its price is 400 to 450 rupees per sq.feet this are the estimated cost for your idea. marble’s price depends on its quality and thickness. thanks guys for watching this video please like and subscribe to my channel.


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