Spray painting exterior stucco house step by step

In this video by ABN Painting we are working
on exterior of a stucco house and this is the look of the house before we started preparation
work. We pressure washed the house a day earlier
and the following day we strt our prep work by scraping any peeling paint by hand using a putty
knife. In some of the areas where the peeling of
the paint is excessive we are using 12 in masking paper that will catch most of the
loose paint chips and that will help us a lot during the clean up. After we done with scraping loose paint we
mask all the windows. Using elastomeric patch we fill any hairline
cracks in stucco and we apply it with a mini roller. To fill cracks in the wood trim we are using
a combination of different materials. We are using MH patch to fill any larger cracks. To fill any gaps between wood and stucco we
are using latex caulk and after we squeezed it out of the tube using caulking gun we use
brush to spread caulk evenly. And any remaining hairline cracks we are fixing
using elastomeric patch. There are a few pieces of wood on this house
that are impossible to fix and this is one of the pieces that we are going to replace. It takes effort as it is nailed to the wood
board that is behind stucco. After we removed the old piece we used pliers
to straighten out nails that were used to hold it and we are nailing down new piece
using the same nails. We are fixing wood pieces that were not in
a completely terrible shape and for larger cracks we are using MH patch and for smaller
cracks a combination of elastomeric patch and caulk. There are a few areas near the foundation
of the house that we are going to fix using cement mix. We apply the first coat of cement mix, than
use a wet sponge to make it smooth, then apply the second coat, and use a wet sponge again
to give cement desired look. On top of the house where the stucco meets
the roof there are a lot of cracks and we are going to fix those using a combination
of latex caulk and elastomeric patch. The stucco wall above the pool we fixed using
cement mix. And then we run 12 in masking paper to protect
the pool from over spray. Unpainted decorative brick on top we mask
using painter’s tape. There is another area of the wall that we
fixed using cement mix. Usually for stucco walls we use stucco mix
but on this house because of a very smooth finish cement mix works a little better because
of its finer finish. This is the same are after repairs. On the back of the house we masked the grill
area using paper and tape. On the back patio we used plastic to cover
the tile and we used tarps to cover remaining area. This is the front of the house. To fill any hairline cracks we used elastomeric
patch. For some areas near foundation that were damaged
we used cement mix. And for the wood trim we used combination
of MH patch, elastomeric patch and latex caulk. This pieces of decorative wood facing back
yard. We fixed any pieces that were fixable and
replaced pieces that were rotted. This is the front of the house. After all preparation work has been completed
now the house is ready for spray painting. And this is the look of the house and the
wall around just before we started spraying. We use the same color for the body of the
house and the wall that goes around the house. After we are done with the main color we are
using an accent color for any wood surfaces. Just before painting the doors we dust them
off to make sure they get a smooth finish. We start by spray painting all the edges. And then we go back and paint the remaining
area. And this is after we done with clean up and
touch ups.

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