SOUND DESIGN Tips & Tricks You have to KNOW

[Sound effects and ambience sounds] Jordy here for and we have
again an extra video on Sunday. And that’s because Premiumbeat
is sponsoring us today and they have asked us to bake an egg. But more importantly show you guys
how we’ve done the sound design. Premiumbeat is a huge library with music and
sound effects that you can use in your personal, but also commercial projects. What makes their library stand out
so much is their quality content. All sound effects are recorded
very clean and correctly. But we’ll dive a bit deeper into
this throughout this video. So, sound design is the process of adding
sounds to your edit in post production. These sounds could be recorded
by yourself on set, downloaded from a library
like Premiumbeat or completely self made
with a computer. There’re various reasons why
we should record the sound separate. And the first one is to get
a clear, crisp sound, which makes the entire scene
come more to life. Ideally you wanna put your
microphone close to an action, but that will get the microphone in the shot. And that’s why we first recorded
the video for the entire scene. We wrote down the shots we took
and the sounds we needed. After that we started recording
all those sounds. In Premiere Pro I then also first edited
the entire scene and then looked for the sound
recordings and synchronised it. Now, when recording sound on set, you need to
pay attention to the distance of the microphone. If you made a close up of an action you can place your microphone
very close to that object as well. But when you have a long
shot or something, you should have that microphone
a little further away as well. It wouldn’t be natural to hear an up close
sound when the camera is far away. We had several sounds that where
eventually recorded too close. So in Premiere Pro I opened up
the Essential Sounds panel. With the right clip selected,
I clicked on Sound Effect, then enabled Reverb and changed
the preset to Room Reverb. This added a little bit more space to the sound,
making it come from further away. While I was editing the video, I noticed
that I forgot to record several sounds. And this is the first use where I would
recommend to use a sound library. I could simply look up the
sounds that I needed, import them inside Premiere Pro and maybe adjust the reverb
to match it with my scene. And talking about matching the sounds,
one of the most important aspects here… is to pay attention to the volume
of the different sounds, in other words, the sound mix. Not all sounds have to be
at maximum volume. With the volume you can lay focus
on a certain action. We’ve done that throughout the entire scene,
but what stands out the most was probably… …when I sniffed the egg to smell
how delicious it was. My emotion had to be emphasised, so I lowered
the volume of the baking sound and had my sniff at a higher gain. Now having tons of these sound
effects is great, but you’ll notice that there are
many small gaps in between. Here it’s absolutely silent and you
always wanna have some sound. This is called the ambient, and ideally you wanna record the silence
of the room to fill in those gaps. This is also called room tone. Unfortunately we live near
a crowded street, so you’d be heaving cars
passing by the entire time. Not really the kind of ambient
I was looking for. So that’s why I went again to Premiumbeat
to find the right ambient sound for my edit. I just placed this underneath the entire edit
and adjusted the volume to my need. In one of the shots I needed
a certain power. Like in the beginning where I pulled
my hand out of the drawer. We could increase the volume of
my knuckles being pulled out, but that wouldn’t make it much more
powerful, just louder. I wanted to add more depth to it. So what I did was recording some sounds
of my clothes rubbing against each other. I used a small piece of that when
I pulled my hand out of it. This made it more powerful
and added a lot more dynamic… than if I would’ve just
pulled up that volume. Other issues that we where running into was
the splatter of the egg being a bit too sharp. Now, we could dive into the equaliser
and mess up the sound completely, or use this very simply trick, which
I actually use very often. From the toolbox I pick out
the Rate Stretch tool and simply stretch the clip out a little. And this will change its pitch making it
sound deeper or higher. The last tip that I wanna share
with you guys is that… …when you have specific sounds, like the
baking effect, it always starts right away, it kinda creates a clicking sound. And a very simple way to fix that is by adding
a gain transition to the beginning… …and the ending of those clips
for only one or two frames. And that will literally take the edge off
making it less sharp. We also got the music from Premiumbeat,
which was a nice addition to the scene. Definitely make sure
to check it all out, you can find links to everything I’ve talked
about in the description below. Now, Premiumbeat actually
has sound effect packs which are very interesting when you
are working on a specific project. It’s always better to purchase a pack,
as that will save you a ton. Plus you can use these sound effects unlimited
times on commercial projects. So you’ll just need to purchase
them one time. Thank you Premiumbeat,
thank you audience and thank you chickens
for the great eggs. But most importantly… …stay creative!


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