Sorolla: Behind every painting is a story

Behind every painting by Sorolla is a
story. We have amazing record of Sorolla’s thought processes and his practice
through letters that he sent his friends and family during his lifetime. We know
that he wrote to his wife Clotilde while he was travelling, sometimes even twice a
day. So we hear about moments and experiences that underpin his
works. We have landscapes that on first glance
might just seem like a plain old landscape, and yet there’s so much more
going on. For example, when he spent time in the
Alcázar in Seville, painting a royal portrait for the Queen of Spain, he
created over 16 paintings of the palace gardens. And we might just assume
that the artist liked to paint gardens but, as it transpires, the slightly busy
queen regularly cancelled her appointments with Sorolla, and so the
artist found himself wandering the gardens, creating these views.

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