Soft Glowing Skin to Rich Pigments From Fabulous Face Palettes

Hi there YouTube family Welcome into the video where I’m going to be showing you Seven different face palettes that I have been loving in 2018 You guys know that I am the palette Queen. I swear. I love palettes so much. I don’t know what it is about them If it’s the packaging that sucks me in or if it’s just that I really do love palettes this much I don’t know, but I get sucked in So I want to show you guys what I’m really liking. But first if you wouldn’t mind if you’re not subscribed to my channel Please hit the subscribe button and everybody if you wouldn’t mind, please giving me a thumbs up I would really appreciate that If you do that take a second and do that right now before we get started it would mean so much to me So let’s get right into what I think is great for face palettes in 2018 So this one is the least expensive one that I’m going to show you today And I’m going to kind of go from the least expensive to the most expensive and this is the makeup revolution HD Pro Contour palette and this is the light medium one and as you can see I have loved this thing to death This has the contour shades that are definitely on the cool tone side Which I absolutely love it also has a wonderful banana powder in here. These are super creamy and then these ones right across here I actually mix together quite often just to form a really super nice bronzing powder This is a great contour palette. This one is the Saharan blush volume 2 palette. These are so pigmented I know you guys have heard me talk about this blush palette before but oh my goodness They are just so pigmented and they just pack a wallop I’m telling you they are so beautiful and I have just found that Reaching for these I could go from really building this up maybe when I’ve got a little bit of a tan anywhere towards just shearing out really lightly by just you know, barely putting my brush in there and those on all day long With that pigmentation so really love those. The next one is my favorite highlighting palette of all time This is the give me more palette but these are so nice They don’t feel like they’re super buttery But when you get these on your cheeks you guys they’re like glass and they’re just they’re amazing when you get them on your cheeks and That’s part of what the appeal is for me is that they don’t have a lot of kick up They don’t have a lot of powder in them. So hopefully you guys can see there we go. It’s see the reflection on there What it does is it’s just going to show that reflection on your cheeks instead of showing any texture so this palette I think it was right around the 20 dollar price again this palette I would recommend over and over again and you would be Set for highlighters for however long this palette right here is from Morphe and I got this when they came into Ulta and I had never even thought about Morphe doing Blushes, I don’t know why it just stands to reason they do palettes Why wouldn’t they do a palette for blushes, but this is their cool tone one and I love this it’s so buttery and so nice and When I put my finger in here it just it feels high-end But look at the pigmentation there you guys it’s so good But the nice thing is that you have that variety and then these colors right here. I’ve even used for eyeshadows They’re just so pretty this color right here. I already showed it to you guys, but it’s one of my favorite colors It just looks so beautiful on the skin so that morphe palette is one that I love as well these next two palettes I think are around the same price point. The first one is the Cali contour palette This one I kind of just got on accident, when I say that, my husband saw it and he was with me and he’s it was on a day when my 20% coupon was just about to run out and he’s like why don’t you just get that and so I thought well ok I’ll try it and I grabbed it and I was like fell in love with it So this color right here has a huge divot in it from me using it This is my contour shade, but then all of a sudden I dipped into this blush right here, and I was like, oh, baby That’s so pretty It is the blush that goes with anything and you would if you think that it’s just completely unassuming and it really truly is But it’s this nude Color that just gives so much life to the skin and then the other two things in here that really impressed Me were these two shades right here with their along the lines of the essence pure nude highlighters Where they give you that highlight or blush stopper effect, and it’s just that subtle glow about your skin It’s so pretty and then the other color in here is this banana color right here? And then you get a really great bronzing color right here all buttery. All rich, feel really good The next one is from the Too Faced natural your natural face palette, okay I fought myself on this one. I have kind of sworn off of Too Faced really I just they put so much out so quick and so often but this was a part of their this is going to be a part of Their permanent line so you’re gonna be able to get it no matter what and this one I just felt like this was something that I could use every color except for this color right here Which comes across the camera is a little bit lighter than it really is It’s quite a stark pink color, but it’s when I got a home. I thought you know what that’s no more pink than anything I have in Juvia’s Place or my Morphe palette So why wouldn’t I just go ahead and try and use that these three colors right here? These colors are all matte this one and these two and this one These are shimmer this one right here with the shimmer in it is so pretty I I really like that and again the other two highlights in here they are ones that Hopefully you can see the highlight in it. Yep. You can see it really good Okay, the other two let me swatch one of those for you. Same thing about the highlight. It’s more along the subtle line Instead of being the BAM in-your-face hile. I keep looking over here because that’s her my monitor as I apologize But just very very subtle very pretty and those two highlighters have just a tiny bit of iridescence to them that they’re going to flip through a different color when you move your face just a very very tiny amount I know that this one is a little bit more expensive, but I would recommend it You’ve got a lot of product here. You got a great mirror You’ve got the great packaging and I just really enjoy have enjoyed using it. Okay, my last one This is the ambient edit palette number four. And this is one of those ones that they put out every year You have to blush colors. You have a bronzer color You have a highlighting color over here. And then you have two of their ambient lighting powders down here this pallet I have really loved using for its effective being so subtle It’s just that when you get it on your skin, it gives an ethereal look Instead of such a stark look and you can build them up see that is very unassuming on those blushes You can build these up But you’re not going to like dip your brush in there and get tons of blush across your face and I really do like that about it because It gives me a natural look without getting too much too fast and having to worry about blending it out But I’ll tell you what, I don’t like about it is the packaging. It’s it’s nice packaging. It feels heavy It’s got a nice mirror in it. Nothing like that but these packages they get fingerprints on them so fast and even though this is like You know the rose color and right up my alley and I do really think it’s pretty you just immediately because it’s that chrome color you immediately get those fingerprints on there and there gets just gonna have fingerprints from then on so That’s it, you’re just gonna have to deal with fingerprints But I do love all these palettes that I told you guys about Please let me know in the comment section below if you guys have any palettes that you are absolutely in love with for the face Those are my top ones for 2018 for the face. Like I said, I’m a palette nut My next video is going to be about eyeshadow palettes But I wanted to bring you the face palette so that you guys could see what my picks were Please give the video a thumbs up Don’t forget to subscribe before you go share it out on your social media platforms If you wouldn’t mind doing that for me, I love you guys so very much. Thank you for all of your support I know I say that in every video and I sound like a broken record But I really do mean it your support has made this channel what it is for me today, and I really do appreciate it so much so you all have wonderful week or weekends wherever this is hitting you and I will see you guys in my very next video take care of yourself, bye-bye


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