SMG4: Stupid Mario Paint

Glitchy Boy, SMG4 & Youtube presents to you….. (The Mushroom Kingdom, unspecified date cause we want it to be timeless) Toadsworth: Heh-heh-heh! Ahoy here! Mario: WAAAAAH! Hey stinky! *Italian gibberish* *grunting* Hmm? What the hell is this? Toadsworth: Whoo-hoo! Heh-heh-heh! *Chuckles* Oh ho here! *Laughing* *creaking* okeh. Mario: Wah-wah-wah! WAAAAAH! Old-man toad: Yes *Chuckles*
Merio: Mama F*cker! [DEM DANG FLESHBEHCC] Mr. Toad: Ho ho! Ahoy there! Jeeves: AAAAAAAAA…. (fast painting skills u got dere) *small gasp* *Chuckles* Some guy who quit his job of plumbing: Hey! I’m totally f*cking serious right now! This shit’s gonna get real bad! Mushroom: Yes? [gibberish] WAH HEY. Mario: *grunting* HORRRY SHEIHTO! AUGH SHIT! [shit going all over the place] WAAAAAAAAAAAHHAAAAAAAAAAAW! (ur screwed) I got it! Wa-ha! *grunts* *grunting* Wah x2 Hoo! Eureka! I won! I am so smart! I am so smart! I am– *record scratch* Oh shit! Toadsworth: GOD F*CKING DAMNIT! [?????] Oh hello there, stinky! *Italian gibberish* 🇮🇹 I got it! Toadsworth: *roaring* *thud* Oh no! Heh? Thank you so much for piece of shit! 🙂 Ohhhh noooo! Heh-he-heh?! Just f*cking relax, ay? Just… fuckin… relax… [eeeevil leughtarr] Mario: NODUDEDUDEDON’TDOITOHNO! OHJESUSCHRIST! Toadsworth: Just f*cking relax, ey? *crap* Ho ho! *toadsworth gibberish* Okay! Okay, I will! *gibberish* Ya jackass. You bitch! Let’s-a do this! Mario style! [a friggin mesterpiece] Mario: Tadaaaaa…. [best way to take care of a masterpiece] 1.Shoot it Oh god! 2.Pour it with gasoline 3.Burn it… inside the castle? 3.Burn it… inside the castle? [oh no..](Rip drawing) 4.Make the painting and a pack of dynamites best friends [boom.] AHAHAHAHA! Old mushroom: Have my daughter home at 10:01. If she ain’t home at 10:01, I’m in the car, okay? Locked, loaded and hunting your mothaf*cking ass down! Mario: OKAY FINE, Mamaf*ck! *Italian Gibberish* 🇮🇹 Lets try again! Luigi!!!!!!! *italian gibberish once again* 🇮🇹 Hipster Luigi: Hmmmmmmm… “looking at bombs” 💣 Mario: Luigi? Hipster Luigi: That’s reeeeely interesting… :/ *laughin luigi* *even more italian gibberish* 🇮🇹 Mario: Wot? ಠ_ಠ Luigi: Lets-a-go, Mario! MMMMMMMMM….. What the fuck! Mario: Mamma Mia! *WAY more italian gibberish* 🇮🇹 Sorry… *Random a** conversation* You gotta believe! what? I want to die Luigi: Oh yeah! *Laughter* Mario! Hey. You look pretty good! Mario: Mamaf*cker! AWOWOWOWO! Hurry up already! Mario! (X2) You gotta believe! Yah! Mario: HAHAHAHAHAAA! Cuckoo-crazy! Hipster Luigi: T h a t ‘s – a p r e t t y g o o d ! [please don’t tell me this is r*ping] Angry Toad: Noooo! *tackle* Toad: *screaming*
Luigi: Stupid piece of sh*t! F*ck! You’re not even that f*cking cool! [yep. It’s r*ping] YESYESYESYES OH YEAH!!!!! [Get out.] Mario: Luigi? Mama mia! [ACTUAL RAPE] ok Mario getting the fuck outta here! JESUS CHRIST! oOoOoh… hm? SMG4: YEAH! YEAH! TAKE THAT! MAKE YOU MY BITCH! *gibberish* Yo, man! What’s up? Ooh Hoohoohoo! (X2) Oh yea- [art masterpeece] Mario: The f*ck is that? [laughter… I guess?] It’s a fucking masterpiece! Mama mia! [86875% of dialogue is gibberish] O K . Expand Eyez Looks like a piece of S H I T E Y E S C R O N C H Still looks like a piece of shit NOOOOO! NO, NO, NO! *cries in the corner* Mario: Suck mah dick. (gibberish and other random shoit) Uh, hello? Mamma Mia! Hmm? Hey stinky! *gibberish* Bob: Oh hey, Mario! I’m glad you could come join and paint with me. Mario: Hello! *followed up with some gibberish* Bob: Okay, Shut your bitch-ass up now! Bob Ross is painting. Okay, first we’re gonna draw things, that makes us happy. and let’s begin with simple lines. Just do some light feathery strokes, like you’re threatening someone with a knife. What the fuck! Look at that! doesn’t that just give you a boner? [REALLY SMG-] Mamaf*cker! Now time to just quickly clean this Brush. Holy tits! This turns me on! Now, let’s just put the brush on the canvas and, let it dance around. Goddamn! I’m so high right now! And there we have It. Bob and his money. The way it should be. *gibberish * You keep talking, and this brush is going up the ass, bItCh Oh, what’s this? Looks like Bob’s bitches have flocked to this super hot painting. Isn’t that a Happy little accident? Just like my father called me… Mario: F*ck-a this! MMPH! Holy Shit! This painting is so hot! I want to smack it in the ASS! Oh! Noo… Hmm… O H S H I T What shall you do! Hipster Luigi: OOOOOOOOOOoooghhhhhhh… [Nope] SMG4: OHHH! OHMYGOD! It’s a masterpiece! [Nope] *rigorous brush “cleaning”* [Aaaand nope.] Toadsworth: NOW YOU F*CKED UP! Mario: NOOOOOOOOO! ???: *singing* Boopkins: Oh, drawing, drawing. So much fun! Mario: WOOAAH!!! Mario: I’m beat! (Grr. Arg.) I got it! Let’s-a go! Hello, you little shit. Fishee Boobkins: Oh, hey Mario. What’s up? I’m just here drawing with my crayons. Oh, do you like my OC? His name is Kirby the Hedgehog. Me: I though it was Sonic. (What is the definition of life) (Seriously.) OKAY… Spike: Oh, thank you so much, Mario! Do you like this one I made a while back? I uploaded it to DeviantArt before I showed it to Meggy. I uploaded it to DeviantArt before I showed it to Meggy.
Mario: AAAAAHHH! I uploaded it to DeviantArt before I showed it to Meggy.
Mario: Mamma Mia! She said she liked it! *gibberish showing that mario’s screwed* Uhh…The Mona Toadsworth? Aawwh…I don’t know if I’m capable of drawing that… Moon: YOU DONE F*CKED UP NOW! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! No! Uhhhh….. Okay, I’ll do it. But I’m gonna need… 私の超ウルトラクレヨン拡張パック!
[My Super Ultra Crayon Expansion pack!] Mario: OOOoooooohhh… READY… SET… Here we GOOOOOO! EH EH EH EH EH EH Take one of these, and one of those! EH OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO (Pokemon battles in a nutshell) ARGH! AOOOUGH! -and one of those, and some of these, A big spiraly thing right here… ????? EH….. EH…..EEEEEH- (rip boopkins) It is complete… Woah! Yahoo! *fire crackling*
Bopkinz: Hey, put me down… Wah-ha! Toadsworth: YA DEAD, SON! YOU MOTHERF*CKING… *crash* Hey bitch! *thud* *ding* *gasps* Woo-hoo! Woo-hoo! Woo-hoo! Woo-hoo! [oh god] Yeah! Ha-ha-ha! *You earned a spaghet!* Hellooooo…… No! Hey it’s okay. Oh boy! Finally! I’ma get to move on the ground! Let’s-a-go! Woo-hoo! (INFINITE) #ThisMushroomKingdomIsF***ed Can you feel the love tonight, bItches? Thanks for watching!
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