SKETCH vs BANDI – RB Battles Championship For 1 Million Robux! (Roblox Mad City)

– No! No way! – [Off-Screen Player] What happened?! – What are you afraid of, loser? You afraid you’re probably gonna die? Oh!
– [Sketch] Get out of there! (intense rock music) – [DJMonopoli] We rounded
up 16 of your favorite Roblox YouTubers to compete for the ultimate grand prize. One million Robux! This is the RB Battles Championship. (cheering) (game show music) – [RussoPlays] And now, your host! Sabrina Brite from TeraBrite Games! – [SabrinaBrite] We’re so honored to do this alongside Roblox! DJ Monopoli from TeraBrite Games. – [DJ Monopoli] I have
nothing to say this time, so you’re welcome. – [DJMonopoli] RussoPlays! – [RussoPlays] One, two, buckle my shoe, my eyes and hair are blue. – [SabrinaBrite] Psst, Russo, your line. – Oh, we’re live? I didn’t realize we were rolling! Episode six already? Time flies. Let’s find out if our competitors today have what it takes to
get the 1,000,000 Robux, a champion sword pack, and the RB Battle’s
championship tournament trophy. Look at these prizes! – Are you new to the series? Well you got a lot of catching up to do, click that playlist card
over there to get caught up cause there’s going to be
spoilers in this episode. And don’t forget you can keep up with the championship schedule on the official Roblox event page, link will be in the description. – [RussoPlays] There’s an official page? – [DJMonopoli] Let’s take a look at the current standings. – [RussoPlays] In the last
battle, Kreekcraft took Myusernamesthis straight to jail! Bringing Kreek that much closer to the grand prize. – And don’t forget,
every single one of you can get a limited Robolox battle cap and those of you who voted
for the person who wins the entire championship, will receive the shield of wisdom! – The stakes are freaking
high, the challenges are epic, and my hair is like awkwardly
coming out of my hat, but don’t judge me. So make sure you subscribe and
turn on the notification bell to never miss an episode
of this tournament series. Cause you don’t want to. – [SabrinaBrite] Here’s today’s face off. – [DJMonopoli] Bandi. – [RussoPlays] He has 650,000 subscribers, loves Mad City, and has a twin. His star code is Bandi. – Yeah! Hello everybody! How are you? I’m going to win this competition, hands down. With no limbs. Just my mouth will be used to succeed. Can I sit on your lap? Is that okay? – [DJMonopoli] Just go, go
over there, yeah there you go. – Sorry. (laughing) – [RussoPlays] He just leaves. – [DJMonopoli] Sketch. – [RussoPlays] He has
2.5 million subscribers, loves MadCity, and also has a twin! Weird, they both have twins. His star code is Sketch – Now? Do I go now? Yeah- – [RussoPlays] Yeah. – Okay! All right, hi everybody! Everything he said was
a lie, I’m going to win. He sucks, he’s trash,
more insults, thank you. (growling) – You’re going down son. – No, you’re going down. – You’re going down,
son. You’re going down. Gimme a kiss. (chuckles) – No! No I will not! – Come on! – No, my Robux. – [RussoPlays] Today’s battle is Mad City Face Off Race Off. – [SabrinaBrite] Here are the rules. – [RussoPlays] The players
will join a VIP server in Mad City and compete in
three rounds of challenges, getting a point for
each challenge they win. – [SabrinaBrite] The first
round is an epic car race, that also includes a volcano. – [DJMonopoli] The second
round is an intense hide and seek battle. – [RussoPlays] And the final round, is a ridiculous volcano showdown! Yeah, you heard that right! Ready, start. – [DJMonopoli] Round one. Using the same car, each
player will do three laps around a predetermined race track. And then after they finish the three laps, they have to race to
the top of the volcano, first one to get there gets
the point for the round. – Why’d you change you
license-plate to “Die”? – It’s been die, dude. – Why would you want me to die? – It’s been die. ‘Cause I
want you to die in this race, so I can win. Get off my car, dude. – Do you boys know what you’re doing and you know the racetrack? – Yes! – Very good. – [RussoPlays] There’s
only one rule to this race, and it’s that you cannot kill each other, during the race. – Dang it, dude!
– [Bandi] Aww. – No murdering! – Is that it?
– [Sketch] All right, fine. – [RussoPlays] Are you ready? – I’m ready! – Yes! – Three! Two! One! Go! (intense screaming) – [Bandi] Get out of my way! No! No way! – [Sketch] What happened?! – Terrible start! – Oh, what was that? Oh no! – It flipped! I’m on the ceiling! – [RussoPlays] Of to a good start, I’m an obstruction, Tony! Oh, and he flew by me. – Oh, no.
– What is happening? – [RussoPlays] Tony Zamboni
with the full on lead right now. – I messed up! I’m back, I’m back. – [Bandi] I just spotted the roadster. – Where is Bandi? – I was stuck upside-down. And I’ve started the race! – Up, up, up, coming through! – Victory is mine. You can’t win now, it’s over! Just give up. – [RussoPlays] Oh and there’s Bandi! – Russo, what are you doing?! (laughs maniacally) – Get out of the race! – [RussoPlays] And Tony’s
on his second lap right now! – You’re about to get lapped! You’re about to get lapped, son! – Oh, no! – Yes. – [RussoPlays] Wow, this
is an intense race folks. – I can bounce back. No! – Russo, you have to do everything you can to stop him. – [RussoPlays] Get on with him. – Okay, okay. – [SabrinaBrite] Oh my gosh. – [Sketch] I’m back in it, I’m back in it. – I love being an obstruction! – No, no, no! – Hit him, hit him! – [RussoPlays] I made Tony Zamboni crash. – Yes. – He’s playing mind games with me, he left me on read. (excited holler) – Yes, yes, yes, yes. – Third lap. – [RussoPlays] Bandi’s
zooming on his second lap. Tony is on the third! I’m calling him Tony. – Tony Zamboni baloney. (intense hollers) – [Sketch] Sorry! – [DJMonopoli] He dodged me too! – [SabrinaBrite] Wow, he’s good. – Wait, wait, wait, no, he’s about to win! – [RussoPlays] All right, Jeff Gordon. – Yeah!
– No! – Yeah I am. – [RussoPlays] Remember, this
is lap number three, Bandi- – [SabrinaBrite] Oh snap! – [RussoPlays] Bandi’s coming around, but Sketch just finished and-
– No! – [RussoPlays] He’s on to
way to the volcano triathlon. – That’s right!
– [SabrinaBrite] Oh my gosh! – That’s right! (mimics engine sounds) – [SabrinaBrite] You better hurry! – I got it, I’m out. – [SabrinaBrite] There’s
a lot on the line. – [RussoPlays] Oh no. – I’m trying. – [Bandi] Where is he? – [RussoPlays] There’s
so much on the line! – Come back here! – You ain’t got nothing. – [SabrinaBrite] The prize is too big. – You’re dead.
– [SabrinaBrite] Go, go, go! – [RussoPlays] There’s a
line filled with things! (explosion in the the distance) – Go, go, go, go, go! – [DJMonopoli] And they’re
going up the volcano! Where are they at right now? – Oh no, not lava, not now! – [DJMonopoli] Bandi’s getting
pretty close to the top! – [Bandi] Not now! – [DJMonopoli] Wait, Sketch… – No, no! (laughs) – [RussoPlays] We can’t
tell the difference! I’m almost there! – [DJMonopoli] They look the same. (laughing) – [SabrinaBrite] I can’t
even see, it’s so dark. – I can’t see either. – [SabrinaBrite] That’s
part of the challenge. – [RussoPlays] Who came up
with a night volcano round? – No! – [DJMonopoli] And we have a winner! – No!
(awed exclamations) – That was actually pretty close, that was pretty close. – [DJMonopoli] It looks like Sketch won! – [SabrinaBrite] Sketch gets the point! – [RussoPlays] Zamboni
Tony, with the victory-oni. Look at this man go.
– Victory-oni (tape rewind sound) – Put my in a graveyard. (tragic violin music) – [SabrinaBrite] Round two. Each player will take turns being it, in a game of hide and seek. Find the player to get the point. – Wait, who goes first? Is it me, am I going first? Am I like the hider or am I the seeker? – All right judges- (giggles) – Judges, what are we judging? – Make him go first so that I can find him!
– [RussoPlays] Judges, seven! Let me just talk to our RB battle staff. – Sketch gets to pick because
he got the first point. – Ha!
– [Bandi] (groans) – I’ve never had this much power before. (laughing)
– I choose to hide first. – Yeah! – [SabrinaBrite] All right,
so Bandi is it first! – I’m it! I will tag. – So we have 30 seconds on
the clock, find your spot! – Okay, okay, I’m going. – Get to it. – Are vehicles off-limits? (scats a jingle) – Can we get some of
that music going on here? – I’m there dude, I’m ready. – [RussoPlays] That should
be about 30 seconds. – [SabrinaBrite] Oh, he’s already hidden! – When do I get my hint? – [SabrinaBrite] He
sounds pretty confident. – [RussoPlays] So we’re
going to put five minutes on the clock, for you to find him. Three hints- Oh my gosh, Bandi’s already destroying things! All right, five minutes, go! – Wait, wait, wait, where’s the hints? Do I get the hints now or later? – [RussoPlays] You can ask him right away. – Where are you? Give me the first hint. – The hint? The first hint?
– [Bandi] Yeah. – Is… bank. That’s all you get for right now. – [SabrinaBrite] Oh, that’s a big hint. – I don’t believe, I think
you’re giving me hints that are made to throw me off. – No, no, no, no, no, no,
that’s not how this works. Okay, I signed an oath. – [RussoPlays] Second hint,
are your hints correct? – [Sketch] Yes, they’re- – No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no! That doesn’t count as my hint! – [Sketch] That’s you’re second hint. – Russo can’t ask for me! – [Sketch] Yes he can! – Judges, can I ask hints for them? – He can do whatever he wants, he’s Russo. Come on man, get your head in the game. Where am I? Go ahead, try and find
me, I bet you can’t do it. – I want my second hint, I
want my second real hint, right now. – Okay, in front.
(giggling) – In front of the bank?
In front of the bank? You’re somewhere in
here and I can smell it. – [RussoPlays] 3:52 on the clock. – Oh my god, this is hard! – Go! Come on man, you got this. Look, I’ll even start walking, I’ll even start moving around, that’s how confident I am. – [RussoPlays] Wow!
(giggling) – I’m walking. – I bet you he’s in a building. – I’m not! – Yeah. – I’m not! – He’s cheating. – I’m in plain sight!
I’m in front of the bank. I’m not in a building,
I’m outside of a building- – So he can’t hear us, tell
us, are you in a building? – [SabrinaBrite] He
just gave another hint! – Yeah, I’ll give you more hints! – Feel free to ask for your third hint! – I already got it, I
already got the hint. He’s not in a building, okay. – I’m in front of a blue building. – No, I’m looking! – Look harder, dude! – [RussoPlays] This is
your point to get a chance. You better do it. – I don’t how much, like dude,
I said in front of the bank. This is like, I’m looking
at the front of the bank, right now. – Yeah, Russo is on my team now! – I guess it’s not in front of the bank, I guess it’s maybe.. – Wait a second! Do we have a hint change
going on here? What’s this? – There’s no hint, what?! (judges and contestants clamoring) – It was like on one side of the bank, I saw glass windows, I thought it was the front of the bank, it’s kind of like- – What?! – It’s kind of like, off to
the side a little bit, maybe… – Feel free to ask for another hint Bandi. – All right, give me one last hint. – [RussoPlays] Dude, two minutes left. – Give me something here! – [DJMonopoli] Oh my gosh! (everyone clamoring) – [Sketch] I’m near the parking garage. – I found him! I found him! – [SabrinaBrite] He found him! – Yes! – [SabrinaBrite] Oh my gosh! He got a point!
– [RussoPlays] Yeah, now beat him to death! Wait, no, you got to beat him to death. – [DJMonopoli] We’ll
just give you the point, we’ll give you the point. Please don’t beat our contestant, we need him for the next challenge! – Yeah! – I’m victorious. – There’s no beating of
contestants on RB battles. – [Sketch] Congrats. – Sketch till gets a chance to be it. If Sketch doesn’t find
you in five minutes, you secure yourself a
point for this challenge. – This is some crazy, Mad City action. – Wait, who said that? – Meg? – Sorry, the studio door was open. This game looks fun! – That is true, Meg! If you think this game looks fun, you too can click the link in the description and visit Mad City and play for yourself! – That city I pretty mad, almost as mad as that like button. (chuckles) – Almost as mad as
whoever loses this match and doesn’t get a chance to
move on to the semi-finals and face off against Kreek! – If Sketch finds Bandi
then he takes the lead. So, if he wants a point,
the timer he must heed. – All right, Shakespeare. – Okay. – I’m going to start the timer. For 30 seconds. – I’m going to go hide now. – 30 seconds, go! Oh wait, that’s five
minutes and 30 seconds. Can we get a new timer? – One…two… Three… Four… – [RussoPlays] That’s good. – Six… seven… – You got to say Mississippi in between. – [RussoPlays] Ten seconds to hide. – Okay, okay, okay. – Okay. Oh, no. Butt holes. – I literally hear you running-
Oh wait, that’s not you. – No you don’t. (laughing) – That’s Russo! – We’re here to confuse you! (laughing) – All right, all right. All right, I’m hiding. – [RussoPlays] All right, he’s hiding. – I’ve made my decision. – I don’t even need your hints. I’m going to find you without any hints. – [RussoPlays] He’s doing a hint-less run! – Hint-less run! – [RussoPlays] Oh, we’ve never seen it! – [SabrinaBrite] He
has so much confidence. – That’s right, I know this whole city! – Oh! Our timer is up. No, I’m just kidding. (laughing) – Who broke my timer! Hang on, guys. Who broke my timer? – Okay… No, I’m not going to use a hint. I was going to ask for a
hint, then I thought about it, not going to do it. ‘Cause I don’t need it. – [SabrinaBrite] Wow, he’s risky. – Very predictable human. You’re probably over here
in the crates, aren’t you? – No. – [DJMonopoli] Man’s hint-less. – [RussoPlays] Four minutes 20 seconds, you got to do this! – Okay, all right, all right, all right, so, you’re on the boat right? – Are you asking for a hint? I’m sorry, what was that? – I’m just trying to have,
like, casual conversation. I don’t need your hints. I just like… – I mean, if you’re asking
if I’m around water, then no, I’m not. I’m not around any water. – No, that definitely wasn’t
a hint I was asking for, but thank you for that. I’m going to take that, as a bonus hint. Not as one of my three hints. (laughing) – Between me and you kind of thing. – [Bandi] I just feel bad, so. – Oh yeah, you feel bad, oh, okay. Yeah, I feel bad too, for you, after I find you, because
you’re going to lose this competition.
– Yeah, right. Real quick. You’re probably in
Cluckdonald’s, aren’t you? – I’m not, I’m not answering
anymore of your questions. No more bonus hints! – Okay! Okay! Do give me one hint though. One. – [DJMonopoli] Do give him. – Three minutes 20 seconds left! – I will say house. – House? Bro, okay, you’re in the suburbs. – Okay, okay, okay, suburb. Suburb house. Openable house, there you go. – Okay, okay, all right,
all right, hold on. Wait, can I use vehicles to find him? Or do I have to run around? – Judges?
– [Bandi] I used a helicopter. – You can use any means- – I can use anything?!
– [SabrinaBrite] Yeah! – Oh my god! (laughing) – [RussoPlays] Two minutes 58 seconds! – [SabrinaBrite] Oh my gosh! He pulled out a plane! – Don’t follow me! (laughing) – [RussoPlays] How did he
spawn a plane with his phone? Technology is advanced. – It’s an app. – [DJMonopoli] Oh, he
gets sunlight for this! – [SabrinaBrite] Oh, wow. – Oh, god. Oh god, I’m crashing! – Judges, sunlight disqualification? – What?! (laughing) – The world’s sun?! – [DJMonopoli] Oh god,
I don’t think I can- – How did you even get in
a house if you’re a hero? What- Oh wait. You can lock pick. – [RussoPlays] Two
minutes, 20 seconds left. Can he find him? – [Sketch] Oh god! (grunts) – Wait, the door would
already be open, right? If you pick locked it? If you- Oh my god, no! – I don’t know. – No! (giggling) – There’s only two suburb
areas, so you’re done bro. – [DJMonopoli] Where is he?! – Also, he broke the rules! – No I didn’t. – Yeah you did! Stay within the boundaries of the city! – Okay, I forgot. – Suburbs aren’t the city at all. – The whole things a city,
it’s a Mad City, okay? (laughing) – [RussoPlays] It’s a Mad
City, the city’s so mad! – I’m going to be mad if I don’t find you. This has to, you have to be in this house. It has to be this one. Wait, wait, are you in the house? Is there another hint? – [RussoPlays] One
minute, 40 seconds left. – Oh! Oh, I got him! – No, dang it. – [DJMonopoli] The final round. Players will engage in a best of three gun fight, atop the volcano. The player that wins, gets the point. – So now we’re moving
into the third challenge, which is murder. – [Bandi] Oh, you got it. – [DJMonopoli] It’s a one
v. One gunfight, all right? Don’t do that in real life,
only do it in Mad City. – [RussoPlays] Bring
whichever weapon you want to the Mad City.
– Okay. – [RussoPlays] To the city. – I could be a prisoner
though, because we won’t be able to hurt each
other, I will be prisoner. Here I am, a new man. – All right, I’m ready. – Okay, I have my weapon of choice. – I have my weapon, of choice. – Oh, okay. – They have their
weapons, that they chose. – They’re weapons, with bullets. That come out of the end piece. (building intense synth tone) Go. – Okay!
– [SabrinaBrite] Go! (laughing) – [DJMonopoli] Round three.
– Oh my god, here we go! – [RussoPlays] Murder time! Murder o’clock. – So what’s your tactic? Do you guys have any strategy? – No!
– Bob and weave. – Bob and weave?
(laughing) – Oh! Oh god, you scared me, bro! – [DJMonopoli] That’s what I’m here for. – Step into this Sketch. – [RussoPlays] There he is! (rapid gunshots) (Screaming)
– Oh no! – G-G. (cheers) – Why would you do that to your brother? Why would you do that,
wasn’t part of the challenge? – You told me to do it, Russo. Don’t act like you didn’t. – [DJMonopoli] He’s
like punching the rock. – I’m going to stop at
the gun store and then we can get round two on the
move, what do you say? – All right, can you
stop at 7-11 on the way? I’m kind of thirsty. – Yeah, what you want? You want some sour patch? You want some slurpee? – Oh, I love sour patch! – He said he’s thirsty dude, what? – I don’t know. Maybe they make sour patch slurpees, bro. You don’t know. – [RussoPlays] Ooh, judges? – Sounds pretty good- judges (chuckles) – [SabrinaBrite] I agree. (laughing) – Can we get a pass on that? – I’m ready, I’m ready for round two. – [DJMonopoli] Round two, fight! (running battle cry) – [Sketch] I’m speeding on over. – [RussoPlays] Nicely though. Fight nicely. – I got him!
– [RussoPlays] That’s me! – I got him! – [RussoPlays] He’s shooting at the judge! – Nope, I got him! – Disqualification! – Don’t worry, I know. – [SabrinaBrite] Negative points. – I know what I need and I
need to destroy Russo Games. – Count all the bullets he
hit me with and minus it from his- – Woah! – [SabrinaBrite] Oh my gosh,
he’s coming up behind him! – Zamboni! – [SabrinaBrite] Oh gosh. – I’m tossing. I’m tossing ‘nades! – What, you have ‘nades?! Dude, I didn’t know you could have ‘nades. – [SabrinaBrite] Oh my gosh! – [Sketch] Why didn’t
I think of that, dude? I’m at a clear disadvantage. – [Bandi] You should’ve already said that. – [DJMonopoli] And he’s
at a clear disadvantage. (battle yells) (grunting) – [Sketch] Come on,
come on, Where are you?! – [RussoPlays] Can we disqualify grenades? – [SabrinaBrite] Oh gosh. – [Sketch] Stop, stop
running around in circles! Making it very difficult. – Oh! No, no! – [SabrinaBrite] Oh my gosh! – No! – Yes! – [SabrinaBrite] And he’s down! – No! – It’s the H-P. – [RussoPlays] Mr. Zamboni just collapsed, and his limbs with it. (kissing noises) – Did I win the challenge? – Yeah, so it’s tied up, right? – I’m pro-gamer! – [DJMonopoli] So that means
a sudden death, right now! – We’re tied. – [DJMonopoli] Whoever dies next loses. – It’s a tie! – Where is he, where is he?! – Okay, all right. I’m definitely not at the
prison with no weapons. – I’m going! I’m going to the prison! – Stop stressing me out! Ah! (everyone screams) – No! What?! Bro! You can’t!
– What? What do you mean I can’t use what? – [Sketch] You can’t use that, bro, that’s cheats- mcgee. He has a plan! Wait, wait, wait, don’t shoot me! Don’t shoot. Just take me to the guns. Please! (gunshots)
– No, not in cold blood! – I can’t even do it ’cause
you’re not escaped yet. – Them let me out, let me get a gun first, then we can fight. – All right, all right. Come over here, I won’t hurt you. I promise. – [Sketch] Let me, let me… – I swear. – Let me in! – What do you mean let you in? I’m a hero, what do you want? – I want you to get a key card, let me in! – [RussoPlays] “I’m a
hero, what do you want” That’s the most justifying hero ever. (screaming) – Okay, there we go, perfect. Now come face me. Coward. Stop running. What are you afraid of, loser? You afraid that you’re
probably going to die? Oh! My god! What the heck did I just get shot with? I just lost like half my health! Did you shoot a missile? – [SabrinaBrite] Oh my gosh.
– Yes. Where are you, where are you? – Bad, 360! No scope! (gunshots) (intense screaming) – I can’t see him! He’s blinded me! (giggling) – I did it, I win. – Peanut butter on my glasses. – No, no, no- – [DJMonopoli] They’re still fighting! – Ah, no! I’m so slow! Yes!
– [Sketch] No! – Yeah! – [SabrinaBrite] Oh! We got a winner! – I choked, I choked! (cheers)
– I choked it! (deep bass synth) – The winner of the
Mad City twin battle is Bandi! (cheers and applause) – I can’t believe it! – [DJMonopoli] Congratulations, you win 30 thousand Robux for winning
this match and you advance in the tournament. – Oh my god, I didn’t actually
know I was going to get anything for winning. – [DJMonopoli] Yeah,
it’s kind of a big deal. – This is so much! – Congrats!
(laughing) – Congrats! So how do you think you pulled this off? Was it your competitor,
is he stupid, or what? What happened? – Yeah, no I think it’s a
little bit of both, Russo. I’m going to be completely
honest with you. I think it’s my raw skill! – Want to know why I lost? Because this whole show is rigged. (laughing) – I’m walking out of here- – [RussoPlays] And
we’re out of time folks, thank you so much for watching. Congrats to Bandi for winning! (clapping) – Bandi, what’re you going to do? What’re you going to do
with that reward money? – I’m going to go to Disney Land! Yeah! (laughing) – For winning that match,
Bandi gets 30 thousand Robux and moves on to the semi-finals
to face off with Kreek! Who’s going to win that match? You’ll just have to stay
tuned to tomorrow’s episode to find out. – Hit the subscribe button
to never miss an episode and click up there to watch
the next championship battle between Ant and Hyper when it premiers. Don’t forget to show Bandi
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