Sketch Tour Portugal – Porto and the North

It’s important to connect art
with cities and with tourism, To elevate tourism in another way. Benedetta, who’s coming from from Rome, with all its Italian tradition, looks at Portugal
in a different way that I do. So, in the end, there’s this curiosity,
of sharing and seeing each other’s work… it’s very gratifying. Portugal is a perfect country to sketch,
because you have everything You have big cities, small cities,
you have the ocean, you have nature People are very nice,
so I think that you must come to Portugal. Showing the country in a very special way,
through sketches… This selective look
that sketching always implies… … of slowly building what we are seeing,
it allows us to show a different country. That’s what the sketcher most wants. Almost if we asked:
How do I find new things to draw? Where can I see the things
I haven’t seen yet?

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